chicken enchiladas

$9.67 recipe / $0.97 each
Chicken Enchiladas

Last week I tried to make something quick and easy but I got in way over my head. This week I made sure to choose something simple (and delicious, of course). This recipe uses more canned goods than I would usually use but everyone is allowed to take a short cut now and then, right? I sure think so. Anyway, these enchiladas are warm, ... [Read More]

eggplant parmesan

$7.83 recipe / $0.87 serving
Eggplant Parmesan

So, I'm about to pack up all of my things and move to a new apartment in a new city. I thought I'd just cook up something simple and classic this weekend to cut down on extra work amidst all of the moving chaos. Well, the eggplant parmesan ended up being a little bit more involved than I had bargained for but the end result was so ... [Read More]

lobster & cream cheese wontons

$7.57 recipe / $0.94 serving
Lobster & Cream Cheese Wontons

I've wanted to make these yummy little wontons since the success of my Pork & Ginger Potstickers. I saw a recipe on the inside of the wonton wraper package for cream cheese filled wontons and that set the wheels in my head into motion. IMHO, these wontons are tastier, WAY easier to make and don't smell as bad (no cabbage) as the Pork ... [Read More]

Vegetable (not) Fried Rice

$2.55 recipe / $0.43 serving
Vegetable Fried Rice

I'm calling this one Vegetable (not) Fried Rice because it's like fried rice but not (in case that wasn't obvious). I love fried rice but it is usually so insanely oily that I decided to lighten it up a bit. Since I reduced the oil to just a couple of tablespoons, the rice can't really put in a hot wok or skillet without it sticking like ... [Read More]

szechuan pork & green beans

$4.17 recipe / $1.04 serving
Szechuan Pork & Green Beans

I'm certainly not going to claim that this recipe is authentic Szechuan because I'm not a Szechuan expert but I will claim that it is a deliciously spicy stir fry with a Szechuan inspired sauce! This stir fry is super easy and packs a lot of flavor thanks to a quick sauce made with garlic chili paste, soy sauce, rice vinegar, brown ... [Read More]

cranberry almond biscotti

$3.64 recipe / $0.12 ea.
Cranberry Almond Biscotti

Why haven't I made these before? I have seriously been missing out on some extra enjoyable morning coffee time! I will, without a doubt, be making these on a regular basis. Here's a little background... A long time ago in a land far away (no joke), I earned my wages as a barista for a small coffee roasting company. Every few days we ... [Read More]

grilled vegetable pasta salad

$9.48 recipe / $0.79 serving
Grilled Vegetable Salad

This pasta salad is so colorful, full of vibrant flavor and it makes a TON. Basically, it's the perfect pasta for summer BBQs, potlucks or picnics. The medley of grilled vegetables and balsamic vinaigrette bring so much flavor to this seemingly simple salad. You can use any vegetables that are in season but I like to make sure I get a ... [Read More]

Raspberry Oat Bars

$2.00 recipe / $0.17 serving
Raspberry Oat Bars

It's time for a dessert again because I'm cravin' some sweets! This recipe is one of those quick classics that you can throw together in under 15 minutes, let bake for 30 minutes and then you've got a cure for your sweet tooth. The best part about this recipe is that all of the ingredients are staple items in my pantry or refrigerator. I ... [Read More]

greek chicken dinner

$13.55 meal / serves 5
Greek Chicken Dinner

Here is the complete meal that I made this past week with the Greek Chicken Stew (sorry about the delay). Although the chicken stew needs to simmer for a while, the meal as a whole is super simple and very inexpensive! This meal packs a ton of protein (chicken and chickpeas), vegetables (tomatoes, aromatics/onions/garlic, spinach), and ... [Read More]

creamed spinach (take 2)

$2.93 recipe / $0.73 serving
Creamed Spinach

I had been looking for a reason to make creamed spinach again and this week's Greek Chicken Stew gave me the opportunity. Creamed spinach is the perfect side dish to the chicken stew which already offers a protein, vegetables and starch (it's served over rice). The creamed spinach brings some ooey-gooey, creamy goodness to the plate plus ... [Read More]

greek chicken stew

$9.38 recipe / $1.88 serving
Greek Chicken Stew

I guess I have a little bit more of this Mediterranean-ness left in me, so bear with me! This stew is decidedly less Greek tasting than some of the other recipes this week so if you're not that into Greek food, you should still give it a try. Really the only reason that I'm calling it Greek is because it has some chickpeas and I topped it ... [Read More]

beef enchilada dinner

$17.21 meal / serves 6+
Beef Enchiladas

This meal is one of the easiest and most satisfying you'll ever make. The warm, gooey enchiladas are truly comforting, the cilantro lime rice adds substance and a ton of flavor while the guacamole salad offers a fresh, cool, bright contrast to the hot enchiladas. The three dishes go so well together that you can even use the guacamole ... [Read More]