lemon butter green beans

$2.02 recipe / $0.34 serving

It always amazes me how a recipe so simple can be so bursting with flavor. The fresh, lively flavor of these beans along with their quick preparation makes this a "go to" side dish for week night meals. Try this once and you'll never eat the canned kind again! I served these beans with my Balsamic Glazed Pork Chops. Total ... [Read More]

balsamic pork chops

$8.91 recipe / $1.78 serving

I was craving pork chops and after tooling around the web I decided to try out this recipe from Epicurious. The recipe is simple, fairly quick and looks pretty fancy! Because this is Budget Bytes, I chose to substitute red onions for the shallots... either way, when you caramelize them down in balsamic vinegar, they are to die ... [Read More]

italian eggplant bake

$4.98 recipe / $0.62 serving

If you've ever had eggplant cooked correctly, you know that it is incredibly creamy and satisfying (not to mention full of fiber!). IMHO, you can't go wrong anytime you cook *anything* with tomatoes, onions, garlic and Italian herbs. So, when I realized that I needed to add more vegetables to my diet, this was an obvious choice (why is it ... [Read More]

homemade calzones

$13.69 recipe / $1.71 each

I wanted to try to make calzones because they seemed like the perfect little portion controlled item to grab and go for lunch. The cool thing about calzones is that you can pack just about any ingredient in there that you want. Make it meaty, vegetarian or even vegan if you'd like! I've been trying to add a few more veggies back into my ... [Read More]

neon rainbow cupcakes

$4.18 recipe / $0.35 each

I've seen so many pictures of rainbow cupcakes on the web that I just had to give it a shot. Turns out, the bright colors actually *do* make them more fun to eat. Who would have guessed? Anyway, I decided to make the version described by Omnomicon because it takes nothing more than a box of cake mix and some diet soda. That's my kind of ... [Read More]

grilled pesto chicken

$9.53 recipe / $1.19 serving

This is something I learned from Chef Jamie (Jamie if you're out there, hey!!). Of course, we used expensive sun dried tomatoes and fresh made pesto but I had to improvise. The dish is still DELICIOUS and so much less expensive than I expected! Yay! Grilled Pesto Chicken Total Recipe cost: $9.53 Servings Per Recipe: 8 ... [Read More]

lemon parsley pasta

$4.09 recipe / $0.68 serving

I found this recipe on Recipe Zaar and it looked like the perfect side dish to the pesto chicken I wanted to make. Actually, it looked like it would be the perfect side dish to A LOT of dishes that I want to make. Ah, and thanks to this recipe, I learned a new food related word: gremolata. Lemon Parsley Pasta Total Recipe ... [Read More]

picnic potato salad

$5.93 recipe / $0.74 serving

This recipe is a hybrid recipe from both Whole Foods Market and Epicurious. I like this version of potato salad because it tastes much lighter due to the use of sour cream in the dressing. Don't get me wrong, I love a spicy mustard/mayo potato salad (and I will, without doubt, post a recipe for one some day) but this time I was in the ... [Read More]

turkey apple panini

$7.20 recipe / $2.41 serving

There is nothing that I love more than a good sandwich but I'd be broke in a heart beat if I ran to the local deli every time I got the urge. Therefore, I have decided to experiment with gourmet sandwiches to see if I could have it just as good at home without shelling out 7 or 8 bucks per sandwich. I think the first one was a success so ... [Read More]

pesto pasta salad

$11.69 recipe / $0.97 serving

This wonderful pesto pasta salad makes a great summertime side dish or vegetarian main dish. My local Whole Foods Market makes a pasta salad called Tortellini Rustica which inspired this dish. Finding a 10 oz. jar of pesto for only $2.24 made this pasta dish not only affordable but a down right STEAL. Pesto Pasta Salad Total ... [Read More]

tomato chevre scramble

$1.14 serving

I still had some of that great goat cheese (chevre) that I got on sale and have been putting it in *everything* ever since. Today I made a delicious egg scramble with a roma tomato, basil from the garden and lots of that wonderfully light and creamy chevre! Tomato Chevre Scramble Total Recipe cost: $1.14 Servings Per ... [Read More]

spaghetti with meat sauce

$8.12 recipe / $1.16 serving

NEVER under estimate the power of pasta. This recipe is another one of my "emergency meals" because it is so insanely satisfying, under $10 and I can eat off of it for almost a week! Now, all of my foodie friends always get on my back for buying marinara in a jar but sometimes you need a quick fix, okay? I have made marinara from scratch ... [Read More]