red beans & rice dinner

12.12 meal / serves 6+
Red Beans and Rice

I'm going through a bunch of the old recipes and trying to put together some meals with grocery lists to save y'all some time. This first one is a basic, soul-food style southern meal. This may not be up everybody's alley but don't worry, I have more "complete meal ideas" on the way! The complete meal ideas will usually include one ... [Read More]

meze lunchbox

$2.93 each
Meze Lunchbox

This is my first attempt at breaking the "turkey sandwich and carrot sticks" brown-bag lunch mold. I went on a Mediterranean food cooking spree this week so I thought it would be really easy to put it all together in a Meze lunchbox. Meze is basically just a collection of appetizers or small dishes... the Greek version of Tapas. It's ... [Read More]

jalapeno hummus breakfast sandwich

$0.70 each
Jalapeno Hummus Breakfast Sandwich

This one is for all of you out there who enjoy crazy egg sandwich concoctions like me (or maybe you don't know you do until you try Chili Garlic Breakfast Quesadillas or Egg Florentine Quesadillas). Either way, you won't find this at Burger King and I have to say, it's their loss. This really should be called the "Lauren Sandwich" but ... [Read More]

Hummus (four flavors)

$1.97 recipe / $0.39 serving

In case you haven't noticed, this is Mediterranean week here at Budget Bytes (not really, I just started with the yogurt and it snow-balled). Readers have been asking for hummus and I used to make it a lot but haven't in quite some time so I figured now was good. If you're unfamiliar with hummus, it is a spread/dip made from chickpeas ... [Read More]

dolmas (stuffed grape leaves)

$7.99 recipe / $0.80 serving

One of my favorite things to order when I go to Mediterranean restaurants is Stuffed Grape Leaves or Dolmas. I've always shied away from making them at home because they seemed like they would be complicated and a jar of grape leaves is pretty pricey. Since I have a nice week long break between semesters, I decided to challenge myself ... [Read More]

Tzatziki (Greek Yogurt Sauce)

$2.25 recipe / $0.38 serving

I have a whole menu of Mediterranean food planned for this week so I decided to start with the Tzatziki, since it goes with just about everything. Tzatziki is a delicious sauce made with a Greek Yogurt base, seasoned with garlic, cucumber and dill. This cool, creamy sauce is great for dipping vegetables, bread and dolmas or as a spread ... [Read More]

greek style yogurt

$2.39 recipe / $0.60 serving
Greek Yogurt

Just in case you haven't heard, I'll give you the scoop. Greek style yogurt is all the rage. What is Greek yogurt? Basically, it's just yogurt that has had some of the moisture drained off so that it has a thicker, creamier consistency. Some people also love it because it has more protein per ounce than traditional yogurt (everything ... [Read More]

apple cinnamon bread pudding

$4.22 recipe / $0.70 serving
Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding

Is it breakfast or is it dessert? I don't know, I suppose that's up to you but bread pudding (for those of you who don't know) is pretty much like french toast but in a casserole. It's pretty amazing. This bread pudding is based off of memories of the bread pudding that my mom would make when we were children. Because she is the original ... [Read More]

summer gazpacho

$5.14 recipe / $0.86 serving
Summer Gazpacho

I love the summer. The sun is warm and the vegetables are fresh (and cheap!). I've been waiting for the produce market to be flooded with all of the summer goods so that I could take a stab at making some gazpacho. This soup turned out so delicious and refreshing that I want to eat it for almost every meal. Not only that but gazpacho is ... [Read More]

Pesto Cheese Toast

$5.80 recipe / $0.48 serving
Pesto Cheese Toast

This is a quick little appetizer/snack/side dish that comes together in less than half an hour. You can eat it by its self or dip it in some marinara or a bowl of creamy tomato soup. The thick hearty bread gives it substance so it pairs well with a salad for a light lunch. Serve this with a plate of spaghetti and homemade meatballs and ... [Read More]

Cilantro Lime Rice

$1.99 recipe / $0.33 serving
Cilantro Lime Rice -

(Updated 7/17/15) I made this Cilantro Lime Rice as a side dish for the Shrimp Tacos that I made last weekend (my apologies for taking so long to post it). This rice is very simple and makes a great, filling side dish to any Mexican or Tex-mex meal. It's so delicious that I'm tempted to just put some in a bowl, melt some cheddar cheese ... [Read More]

super simple shrimp tacos

$11.94 recipe / $1.49 taco
Shrimp Tacos

Do you need to impress somebody? Say your friends, a date or maybe your in-laws? Well, these shrimp tacos will surely do the trick. They require next to no cooking (a quick 5 minute saute) and they are jammed packed with fresh, vibrant flavor. Serve them with some cilantro lime rice (recipe coming this week), some guacamole salad and ... [Read More]