pesto pasta salad

$11.69 recipe / $0.97 serving

This wonderful pesto pasta salad makes a great summertime side dish or vegetarian main dish. My local Whole Foods Market makes a pasta salad called Tortellini Rustica which inspired this dish. Finding a 10 oz. jar of pesto for only $2.24 made this pasta dish not only affordable but a down right STEAL. Pesto Pasta Salad Total ... [Read More]

tomato chevre scramble

$1.14 serving

I still had some of that great goat cheese (chevre) that I got on sale and have been putting it in *everything* ever since. Today I made a delicious egg scramble with a roma tomato, basil from the garden and lots of that wonderfully light and creamy chevre! Tomato Chevre Scramble Total Recipe cost: $1.14 Servings Per ... [Read More]

spaghetti with meat sauce

$8.12 recipe / $1.16 serving

NEVER under estimate the power of pasta. This recipe is another one of my "emergency meals" because it is so insanely satisfying, under $10 and I can eat off of it for almost a week! Now, all of my foodie friends always get on my back for buying marinara in a jar but sometimes you need a quick fix, okay? I have made marinara from scratch ... [Read More]

spinach and goat cheese pizza

$8.58 recipe / $2.15 serving

I'll tell you a secret: when I'm not making this blog, I make gourmet pizzas for 8 hours, 3 days a week! This is one that I make for myself because it is just so freakin good! As I mentioned earlier, I splurged this week on goat cheese because I found it on sale for $4.99/11 oz.! This is something I would love to make when getting ... [Read More]

balsamic peach sundae

$1.12 each

This fancy sundae is sure to wow guests at your next dinner party! I have seen recipes for topping ice cream with strawberries marinated in balsamic vinegar so when I made my Balsamic Glazed Peaches, I knew I had to try them on ice cream. Sure enough, this was the best ice cream dish I have EVER tasted. Don't be afraid. Just trust ... [Read More]

almond peach salad

$1.57 each

Fruit on a salad is not a new concept but the savory aspect of the balsamic peaches adds a bright flare. Creamy goat cheese and crunchy almonds round out this salad perfectly. I was lucky enough to find goat cheese on sale for $4.99/11 oz. this week and I HAD to take advantage of that steal. Goat cheese is one of my all time ... [Read More]

balsamic glazed peaches

$1.40 recipe / $0.23 serving

I guess I was over zealous last week when I found the peaches for $1/pound. I had way too many peaches to eat before they went bad. My solution: cook 'em up and eat them on everything! So, I caramelized the peaches in some butter and made a balsamic vinegar reduction sauce. This recipe is quick and goes with just about anything, savory OR ... [Read More]

summer squash saute

$2.63 recipe / $0.66 serving

It's mid-week, only $30 left till pay day and I'm having a serious craving for vegetables. What is a girl to do? Visit the produce market for a couple squash on the cheap and saute them up with a vibrant mix of herbs! This dish goes perfectly with just about any cut of meat or seafood and is so quick and tasty that it is sure to become ... [Read More]

yummy yogurt parfait

$0.67 / serving

It's peach season! This week I scored big when I found peaches on sale for $1/pound. My favorite breakfast/sweet tooth fix is a yogurt parfait! While this parfait can be made with a number of different fruits and crunchy bits, I'm definitely going to take advantage of peaches while they're around. The best part about this snack is that ... [Read More]

stock your kitchen

The excuse I hear most often as to why my friends do not cook for themselves or why they think it would too expensive to cook for themselves is because they don't have a properly stocked kitchen. I decided to put together a list of basics that I think every kitchen should have to get them through the most basic recipes. Sure, there will ... [Read More]

thai cucumber salad

$2.07 recipe / $0.26 serving
Cucumber Salad

Sweet, savory, spicy and totally fresh! This salad is a summer time favorite of mine. As soon as cucumbers come into season I'm all over this one! If you grow your own or know somebody who does then you've GOT to give it a try... it will be virtually free!! Thai Cucumber Salad 5.0 from 2 reviews thai cucumber salad   ... [Read More]

broccoli cheddar potatoes

$6.31 recipe / $0.79 serving

The idea of broccoli cheddar stuffed potatoes may not be new to you but this recipe serves as a reminder of how something so simple can be so satisfying and so cost effective! These puppies can take a while to cook but fear not, you can take care of other business while they slowly bake to perfection! Bangin' Broccoli Cheddar ... [Read More]