wine on a budget

I love wine. I like to have a glass with dinner and I love the complexity that it brings to sauces and other dishes when you cook with it. The problem arises when you just like to have ONE glass with dinner and don't plan on having any guests. What do you do with the rest of the bottle? Even if it's an under $10 bottle, I HATE to ... [Read More]

pork & ginger pot stickers

$6.96 recipe / $0.54 serving
Pork & Ginger Potstickers

I wanted to make something to eat along side my sushi bowls this week so I decided to make some Pork and Ginger Pot Stickers. I remember attempting to make pot stickers a long time ago but... well... lets just say they stuck to the pan and just didn't work out. This time I did a lot of recipe research and tried a few different methods of ... [Read More]

sushi bowls

$7.17 recipe / $1.20 serving
Sushi Bowls

Ah, sushi. So insanely delicious but also so insanely expensive. Sushi has a right to be expensive, seeing as fresh, sushi grade fish can be anywhere in the neighborhood of $16-$20+ per pound. Plus, you have to add in the cost of the expert technique that is involved with the intricate cutting, slicing and rolling. So, when I do shell out ... [Read More]

Louisiana Red Beans & Rice

$8.48 recipe / $0.85 serving
Louisiana Red Beans & Rice

I've lived in southern Louisiana for nine years now so it's about time I try to make some Red Beans and Rice from scratch. Honestly, until now, I've been content with buying the Bluerunner canned "Creole Cream Style Red Beans", heating them up and tossing in some cooked sausage. But, I figure, at some point I need to learn to make them or ... [Read More]

southern style potato salad

$3.63 recipe / $0.61 serving
Southern Style Potato Salad

People take their potato salad very seriously here in the south, I learned that quickly. I was never a fan of potato salad in my youth but after living in south Louisiana for nine years, I now love it. And boy, was I craving some potato salad this week! I made a lighter fresher tasting version of potato salad for the blog last summer but ... [Read More]

Quick Ramen Bowl

$1.01 each
Quick Ramen Bowl

By noon today my throat had swollen up so big that I couldn't swallow and my head was pounding. The sickness was upon me. So, as soon as I got home I started searching for something warm and soothing to eat. A quick scan of my refrigerator showed one lonely egg, some left over spinach, mushrooms and green onions from the salads that I ... [Read More]

garlic bread

$1.77 recipe / $0.11 serving
Garlic Bread

Eating anything with marinara sauce is just so much better when you have a garlicky, chewy/crispy piece of bread to sop up the extra sauce. So, while I was planning my Pesto Stuffed Shells this week, I thought about grabbing a box of garlic bread from the freezer aisle... after all, it's very cheap, only about $2 a box. Then I started ... [Read More]

pesto stuffed shells

$8.51 recipe / $1.42 serving
Pesto Stuffed Shells

It should be obvious by now that I love to stuff things (Pepperoni Stuffed Chicken, Cranberry Walnut Stuffed Pork Loin, Stuffed Poblano Peppers). Well, here I go again, stuffing some more filling into what would otherwise be a very boring bit of food. Instead of doing the regular old cheese stuffed jumbo shell pasta, I decided to give it ... [Read More]

stuffed poblano peppers

$6.18 recipe / $1.03 serving
Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Whew, what a week... after having out of town visitors for the past four days, I am finally getting back into my routine (school, blog, sleep... school, blog, sleep... school, blog... well, you get the idea). Anyway, I needed something quick an easy to make today that would feed me for the rest of the week. Stuffed poblano peppers fit the ... [Read More]

parmesan kale pasta

$3.69 recipe / $0.62 serving
Kale Parmesan Pasta

I saw this recipe a few months back in Bon Apetit and it only briefly grabbed my attention. It wasn't until I saw it AGAIN on Mehan's Kitchen that I thought, "I have to make this immediately!" Maybe I was just craving greens or maybe Bon Apetit needs to hire Mehan to do their food photography... either way, I am glad I tried the recipe ... [Read More]

roast beef quesadillas

$9.37 recipe / $2.43 serving
Roast Beef Quesadillas

As promised, here is a great "second use" for your leftover beef pot roast. I hate to admit it, but I think that I actually like these quesadillas more than I liked the pot roast! The quesadillas came out a little pricey (well, pricier than my usual meals) due to a few expensive ingredients: beef, red bell peppers and cheese. Over all it ... [Read More]

mediterranean white bean salad

$5.90 recipe / $0.93 serving
Mediterranean White Bean Salad

After eating the cooked down, well melded flavors and textures of my pot roast all week, my palate desperately needed something fresh and bright. I wanted green, I wanted tang, I wanted fresh. I had a couple of cans of butter beans in my cabinet that I had bought with the intention of making a quick Italian garlic and parsley dish with ... [Read More]