herb mustard pork loin

$14.01 recipe / $1.75 serving
Herb Mustard Pork Tenderloin

Hellooooooo new favorite recipe!! Not only is this one of the best things that I've ever tasted but it was also insanely simple to make. Super flavorful, tender, juicy, pretty to look at... what more do you want from a main dish? I really don't know. Oh, how about inexpensive? Yeah, it's that too. I used inexpensive mustard for this ... [Read More]

red wine cranberry sauce

$4.35 recipe / $0.73 serving
Red Wine Cranberry Sauce

Once again, I thought last year's cranberry sauce couldn't be topped and so I was just going to remake it again this year... until I remembered that I had some red wine stored in the freezer specifically for cooking purposes. So, here is the fantastically fresh, tangy, sweet cranberry sauce from last year but with an added depth ... [Read More]

holiday wild rice dressing

$8.20 recipe / $1.37 serving
Holiday Wild Rice Dressing

Last year for Thanksgiving I made an apple walnut stuffing that was *out of this world* good, despite using a boxed mix. I was so happy with that recipe that I really didn't plan on making something new... until I started seeing recipes for wild rice dressing. It started when I saw this recipe on the Bitten Word, then I did a search ... [Read More]

butternut squash pasta with blue cheese

$7.55 recipe / $1.26 serving
Butternut Squash Pasta

It really is amazing how creamy and rich a vegetable can taste without the help of any dairy products. I remember experiencing this phenomenon for the first time after tasting a heated box of frozen squash puree. There was nothing in there but pureed squash yet it tasted like it was soaked in butter. Amazing. ... [Read More]

veggie egg casserole

$7.28 recipe / $0.81 serving
Veggie Egg Casserole

Okay, I've been without my beloved egg sandwiches for TWO WEEKS now and I'm seriously craving some eggy goodness. So it's time for a compromise. I made a veggie packed egg casserole with only half the yolks, the expensive "less saturated fat + omega 3" eggs and low fat cheese. I physically had a very hard time throwing the yolks away ... [Read More]

kitchen gadgets

Hey everybody! I hope your week is going well... Mine is particularly hectic with final projects and exams so I have to change things up a little with the blog this week. I don't have a new recipe to post (I've been eating left overs out of the freezer) so I decided this would be the opportune time to start a discussion! Let's have a ... [Read More]

honey wheat sandwich bread

$1.34 recipe / $0.11 slice
Honey Wheat Sandwich Bread

After making the Honey Wheat Pizza Dough the other day and getting such great results, I was determined to make some wheat sandwich bread. As I searched for recipes, I found that most of them were basically the same as the pizza dough recipe. So, I made the dough again but changed the proportions just a tad to make enough to fill up a ... [Read More]

autumn fruit and nut oatmeal

$0.54 per bowl
Autumn Fruit & Nut Oatmeal

Breakfast for me is usually one of two things: some sort of oatmeal if I'm feeling like a sweet breakfast or some sort of egg sandwich if I'm in a savory mood. Since discovering my super duper high cholesterol last week, I decided that maybe it was time to kick my year long egg sandwich run switch back to good 'ol oatmeal. I've ... [Read More]