Here are some of our most frequently asked questions… because checking here might be faster than waiting for an email response ;)

1. Do you have nutritional information for your recipes?

As of January 2020, we are beginning to add limited nutrition data to the recipes on BudgetBytes.com. This will be a long process and we are working from newest recipes to oldest, so please bear with us. To read more about how we calculate the nutrition data and its accuracy, please visit our Nutrition Discloser page.

2. Do you have a book?

Yes, why yes we do! Check out the page dedicated to the very first cookbook, Budget Bytes: Over 100 Easy, Delicious Recipes to Slash Your Grocery Bill in Half.

3. My recipe didn’t turn out, what did I do wrong?

Even we make mistakes and flub up recipes from time to time. So, first and foremost, don’t let it get you down! Always try again. Check out the blog post about 10 Tips for Recipe Success, which explains a lot of common error when following a recipe.

The first thing to check when troubleshooting a recipe are the ingredients and instructions. Reread through everything once more because it’s very easy to forget an ingredient, get the quantity wrong, or use the wrong ingredient all together (baking soda instead of baking powder happens A LOT). Also, it’s very easy to accidentally skip a step or overlook an important sentence in the instructions. Most of the time, you’ll find your answer simply by reading through again.

If you still can’t find the problem, feel free to ask. We’ll try our hardest to figure it out, but sometimes it’s just not possible without having watched your process. Be sure to provide me with a good description of your end product because that will give me the most clues!

4. What is the best way to get a hold of you to answer my question?

We are always happy to help with any question that you might have and no question is stupid, so don’t be afraid to ask! For questions pertaining to a particular recipe, the best method is to ask the question within the comments section of that recipe page. We have a team that answers comments on the blog on a regular basis. We also try to answer questions and comments on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) about once per day. If you have non-recipe related questions, feel free to email our team at support@budgetbytes.com.

5. Are your recipes diet friendly?

Yes, no, maybe so? Everyone had different dietary needs and the word “healthy” is extremely subjective. Beth has a background in nutrition (bachelors in Nutritional Science, LSU 2007), so we try to eat a well rounded and balanced diet. That being said, we are human and do like to indulge on occasion. So, you’ll probably find a little bit of everything here!

6. Didn’t you know that food/ingredient/item is unhealthy for you?!

Once again, the term “healthy” is very subjective. Everyone has different food convictions and we don’t intend to convince anyone to follow ours. We have a wide range of readers with very different dietary styles. We love it when people modify the recipes to meet their needs and we are more than happy when they share their methods and experiences with everyone else. What we don’t welcome is unsolicited dietary criticism. We respect your food beliefs, so please respect everyone else’s in return.

7. Can I use your recipe or photo?

Permission must be granted to use Budget Bytes recipes or photographs on other websites, social media accounts, or for print purposes. This is evaluated on a case by case basis, so please reach out to us at support@budgetbytes.com (commercial use will require the purchase of a license).

7. How do you get the pricing for the recipe costs?

See our tutorial on How to Calculate Recipe Costs for a detailed description of how it’s done.

7. How accurate is the pricing on the recipes?

Ingredient prices vary from location to location, store to store, and even day to day within one store, so there will never truly be a price breakdown that is accurate for everyone. The prices listed are what we paid at the time the blog post was published. While the prices may no longer be the same, it can still be helpful to see the prices and how one ingredient can impact the overall cost more than another. We encourage everyone to try doing their own price breakdown at least once because it can be so insightful. See our tutorial on How to Calculate Recipe Costs for a detailed description of how it’s done.