Fresh spinach is a nutritious and versatile ingredient, but it can be difficult to use before it goes bad. Here are 34 ways to make sure all of your leftover spinach gets used!

34 Ways to Use Leftover Spinach

Spinach is one of my favorite ingredients because not only is it nutritious, but it is extremely versatile. In fact, I keep frozen spinach on hand at all times. That being said, I do like to use fresh spinach from time to time because of its delicate texture, or if I plan on making salads for the week. Fresh spinach can be a bit pricy, though, so when I do buy it I try to use up every last leaf before it goes bad. As I worked my way through a large tub of fresh spinach this week, I thought about all the ways one could use their leftover spinach and decided to write up a post about it, so you’ll never be stuck tossing it in the garbage.

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