Slow Cooker Rosemary Garlic Beef Stew

$14.08 recipe / $1.41 per cup
Rosemary Garlic Beef Stew -

Woah. Just, WOAH. I’ve never smelled anything as lovely and drool inducing as the scent in my house the day I made this stew. It was absolutely incredible. It had me checking the clock every 15 minutes to see if it had been four hours yet. I couldn’t wait to lift the lid and take a quick taste. … [Read More]

How to Start a Food Blog

Start a Food Blog -

Five years ago a simple question floated into my head. "Should I start a blog?" That one question changed everything. Food blogging has become the most enriching and fulfilling experience of my life. I get a lot of emails about blogging and whether or not someone should start a blog, but I wanted to make this post for all of you who are ... [Read More]

Bacon and Spinach Pasta with Parmesan

$4.65 recipe / $1.16 serving
Bacon and Spinach Pasta with Parmesan -

Ever since I discovered how delicious pasta is when cooked in broth instead of water, I've been experimenting with all sorts of different ways to play up this simple trick. By simply changing up the add-ins, you can have an endless number of quick one pot or one skillet dinners for busy week nights. This Bacon Spinach Pasta with Parmesan ... [Read More]

Slow Cooker Apple Pumpkin Pudding

$8.03 recipe / $1.00 serving
Slow Cooker Apple Pumpkin Pudding -

I was sitting at the laundromat this morning (my washer and dryer are on back order for a whole month) and started browsing "easy fall desserts". That's a dangerous thing to Google, BTW. I came across this recipe for Nutty Pumpkin-Pie Pudding from Better Homes and Gardens and loved the simplicity of it. I stopped at the grocery store on ... [Read More]

Parsley Salad with Almonds and Apricots

$4.28 recipe / $1.07 per cup
Parsley Salad with Almonds and Apricots -

I made some delicious chicken and rice for this week's meal, but I definitely needed something green to balance it all out. So, I crafted up this amazing Parsley Salad with Almonds and Apricots. I love using parsley as a salad green because it's inexpensive, flavorful, and quite healthy. It might take a minute to get past that garnish ... [Read More]

Slow Cooker 5 Spice Chicken

$9.39 recipe / $0.94 per piece
Slow Cooker 5 Spice Chicken

Ooooh wow, my house smells like a spice market! While working on a freelance project this week, I came across this Five Spice Chicken cooked in a rice cooker, and it looked so good that I decided that I had to try it out myself, except in a slow cooker because I don't yet own a rice cooker. ... [Read More]

SNAP Challenge: Final Thoughts


I want to do a final wrap up of my experience with the SNAP Challenge to record my overall thoughts and impressions. I learned so much, not only from doing the challenge myself, but from reading the comments, thoughts, and experiences that all of you have shared along the way. I want to thank all of you for your kindness and support ... [Read More]

Pumpkin Spice Granola

$4.50 recipe / $0.64 serving
Pumpkin Spice Granola -

Pumpkin season! YAYAYAY! (October is my favorite month.) Now that the SNAP Challenge is over and I'm all settled in my new place, I couldn't wait to start cooking in my new kitchen. While packing I noticed that I had a couple cans of solid pack pumpkin purée hiding in the back of my pantry, so I decided to use some of that up ... [Read More]

SNAP Challenge: Week 4 Summary

SNAP Challenge Week 4 Receipts

Last week was one of the most chaotic/stressful/exciting/exhausting weeks of my life and it was also the final week of my SNAP challenge. Going into the week I really wasn't sure I'd be able to manage grocery shopping and cooking while trying to execute my move into the new house. I wanted so badly to say, "Screw it!" and eat take out all ... [Read More]

How To: Slow Cooker Chicken Broth

Chicken Broth Ingredients in Slow Cooker

For the entire month of September, I’ll be participating in the SNAP Challenge and attempting to eat on $4.50 per day. Read more here. For week 4 of the SNAP Challenge, I purchased a rotisserie chicken from which I planned to make a few different meals. Rotisserie chickens are probably one of the most awesome "convenience" items ... [Read More]

SNAP Challenge: Creamy Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas

$8.62 recipe / $1.08 per enchilada
Creamy Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas -

For the entire month of September, I’ll be participating in the SNAP Challenge and attempting to eat on $4.50 per day. Read more here. **UPDATE: Well, I overlooked the fact that you can't buy rotisserie chicken with SNAP benefits! You can, however, buy a fresh chicken and roast a home if you have time. There are links throughout the ... [Read More]

SNAP Challenge: Week 3 Summary

SNAP Challenge Week 3 Receipts

It's funny how three days into this challenge I couldn't wait for it to be over, but now that I've completed three weeks I feel totally in the groove and like I could possibly do this long term... well... I could do this long term with a couple of liberties. Week three felt like I was just going through the motions of the challenge, ... [Read More]