Mini Black Bean Turkey Burgers

$9.81 recipe / $1.96 serving
Turkey Burger Patties

One of my favorite techniques for stretching my food budget is substituting half of the meat in my meals with beans. So, when I got an email from one of my readers, Lori, with a link to this Black Bean Turkey Burger recipe on, I had to go check it out. It looked super simple and tasty, but I wanted to make my own version. I took a cue from Lori, who said she liked to add her own spices, like cumin and sriracha, and decided to throw a southwest spin on the black bean and turkey combo. … [Read More]

Vegetarian Mustard Greens

$4.21 recipe / $0.70 serving
Vegetarian Mustard Greens -

Let's talk about greens for a minute. Hearty greens, like mustard greens, collard greens, turnip greens, and sure, kale too. These are some of the few vegetables that actually benefit from what would normally be considered over cooking. Simmering these vegetables low and slow makes them become soft, drab green, and honestly pretty ugly. ... [Read More]

Creole White Beans with Chicken

$11.75 recipe / $0.98 per cup
Creole White Beans with Chicken above

Hello! I just got back from an extremely restful, yet indulgent, beach vacation. The sea was beautiful, but the food and drinks were even better. I have to admit, my friends are far better cooks than I am, and they went all out on our vacation. After a week of eating and drinking with abandon, I was ready to cook some simple and good for ... [Read More]

“Oatmeal Cookie” Baked Oatmeal

$4.15 recipe / $0.69 serving
"Oatmeal Cookie" Baked Oatmeal -

I get a lot of recipe requests and ideas from readers and, although I can't try them all, I absolutely love hearing them. They're so inspirational! Not too long ago, Sarah dropped me a line on Facebook asking if I had ever thought about making an oatmeal cookie flavored baked oatmeal. Well, that got the wheels in my head turning. What ... [Read More]

Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Frittata

$5.75 recipe / $1.44 serving
Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Frittata -

I purchased three rather expensive ingredients this week: roasted red peppers, feta, and a large bag of fresh spinach. I was really intent on not letting any of that go to waste, so after I made my Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Wraps, I grabbed up the leftovers and tossed them into a frittata. Frittatas are great because you can throw just ... [Read More]

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Wraps

$11.69 recipe / $1.94 each
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus -

Today I had this insane craving for cold and crunchy vegetables all wrapped up inside a fluffy pita, so I threw together this super simple Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Wrap, using homemade hummus and some of the leftover feta from my Lemon Pepper Chicken with Orzo. Since I'm always getting requests for "cold lunch" ideas, I thought I'd ... [Read More]

Lemon Pepper Chicken Meal

$8.39 total / $2.10 serving
Lemon Pepper Chicken Meal -

Once again it's time to do a recap of last week's meal. Why do I do these meal recaps? Well, for two reasons: 1) to build a bank of "meal ideas" for people to browse through (deciding what recipes to pair together is one of the hardest parts of meal planning) and 2) to show how my usual method of recipe costing (listing the prices for ... [Read More]

Apple Pie Scones

$2.53 recipe / $0.32 each
Apple Pie Scones -

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Because our heat indices were in the 110's this weekend, I played it safe and stayed inside (read: "was lazy"). I topped off my lazy Sunday by making a batch of these Apple Pie Scones. Coffee + fresh scones + movie = best Sunday afternoon ever! I love scones because they're only ever so ... [Read More]

Simple Tomato Cucumber Salad

$3.05 recipe / $0.76 serving
Simple Tomato Cucumber Salad -

I'm a firm believer that side dishes should be kept simple. I like my main dish to be the star of the show, and who wants to make dinner more any more complicated? Keep it simple. So, when I was contemplating a side for my Lemon Pepper Chicken with Orzo this week, I knew I wanted something simple and fresh. This Simple Tomato Cucumber ... [Read More]

Lemon Pepper Chicken with Orzo

$5.34 recipe / $1.34 serving
Lemon Pepper Chicken with Orzo -

Welcome to another episode of "How can so few ingredients make such a delicious meal?!" Skillet meals, my friends. They're a miracle. For this skillet meal I combined chicken thighs seasoned with lemon pepper, orzo cooked in chicken broth, and a healthy dose of parsley and feta. It's so simple, yet so good. Add a quick little side ... [Read More]

Smoky Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower

$3.36 recipe / $0.84 serving
Smoky Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower -

You know you're on to something good when you're cooking vegetables, but it smells like there's a pizza in the oven. I guess it was something about the garlic, oregano, and Parmesan that made this Smoky Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower smell so much like pizza, but I don't care why. After smelling that for 30+ minutes I was ready to devour ... [Read More]

Garden Vegetable Lasagna Roll Ups

$11.70 recipe / $1.95 serving
Garden Vegetable Lasagna Roll Ups -

My freezer is lookin' a little bare these days, so it's time to start making some stuff that I can freeze portions of for nights when I just want to pop something in the microwave. These Garden Vegetable Lasagna Roll Ups are perfect for that. I can freeze two "roll ups" in individual containers and have a super hearty and delicious meal ... [Read More]