Buffalo Chicken Pizza

$5.04 recipe / $1.26 serving

I can’t even pretend this one is healthy, so I won’t. It’s just straight up delicious, and that’s all. A one trick pony. So, you know, eat it with a salad or something.

I do like to indulge on occasion and when I do, I prefer to make it myself. That way I don’t get hit in the stomach AND the wallet at the same time, you know? Why pay Papa Johns $20 for this when I can make it for $5?

This super tasty Buffalo Chicken Pizza starts with a homemade crust (you can use store bought if you’re in a pinch for time), then is topped with a really fast and easy garlic cream sauce, shredded chicken coated in spicy buffalo sauce, a little cheese for good measure, and some thinly sliced green onions. Between the garlic cream sauce and the green onions you almost have a ranch-esque flavor that plays so nicely against the spicy and tangy buffalo sauce. My taste buds really couldn’t get enough of this pizza. It’s DAN-GER-OUS (and well worth my splurge allowance).

I used pre-cooked and shredded chicken that I had in my freezer, but you could also use a store bought rotisserie chicken or just some pre-cooked chopped chicken instead. I literally bought the cheapest buffalo sauce at the store, but if you want to make your own I’m pretty sure it’s just hot sauce mixed with butter (see? no healthy-ness today!). And lastly, I wrote blue cheese into the recipe below and even bought some to put on my pizza, but totally forgot to add it, so you won’t see it in the pictures. ;)

Buffalo Chicken Pizza slice

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Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Total Cost: $5.04
Cost Per Serving: $1.26
Serves: 4 (two slice each)
  • 2 cups all purpose flour (plus a little for dusting) $0.28
  • 1 tsp salt $0.05
  • ¼ tsp instant or bread machine yeast $0.02
  • ¾ cup (approximately) water $0.00
  • 1 Tbsp butter $0.09
  • 1 clove garlic $0.08
  • 4 oz. cream cheese $1.00
  • ½ cup milk $0.31
  • ¼ tsp salt $0.02
  • 2 cups shredded chicken $0.93
  • ⅓ cup buffalo wing sauce $0.51
  • 1 cup shredded cheese (mozzarella or cheddar) $1.25
  • ¼ cup blue cheese crumbles $0.30
  • 3 green onions, sliced $0.20
  1. Prepare the dough the night before. In a large bowl combine the flour, salt, and yeast. Stir until well combined. Add just enough water to make the mixture come into a single ball of dough with no dry flour left in the bowl (about ¾ cup water - amount may vary). Loosely cover the dough and allow it to ferment at room temperature over night (12-18 hours).
  2. The next day, prepare the cream sauce. Combine the butter and minced garlic in a small sauce pot. Cook over medium-low heat for 1-2 minutes, or until the garlic is soft. Add the cream cheese, milk, and salt. Whisk and cook for a few minutes more, or until the cream cheese has melted and the sauce becomes smooth. Set the sauce aside.
  3. Combine the shredded chicken and buffalo sauce in a bowl and toss until the chicken is well coated.
  4. When you're ready to build the pizza, begin preheating the oven to 450 degrees. Dust the ball of dough generously with flour, then remove it from the bowl. The dough will be very loose and sticky. Using enough flour to keep your hands from sticking, stretch the dough out into a 14 to 16 inch circle. Place the dough on a pizza pan.
  5. Spread the cream sauce over the surface of the dough. Next add the buffalo chicken, the shredded cheese, and finally the blue cheese crumbles. Once the oven has fully preheated, bake the pizza for 15-20 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and bubbly, and the crust is golden brown.
  6. When the pizza comes out of the oven, top it with sliced green onions and serve.
I used shredded chicken that was purchased on sale, prepared in bulk, then stored in my freezer.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza sliced

Step by Step Photos

Dough StarterIf you want to make your own dough as I did here, you’ll need to start it the day before. I do have other pizza dough recipes that can be made the same day, but I find that this type with the over night fermentation tastes better, has a better texture, and it requires NO KNEADING! :D Anyway, to make this dough, stir together 2 cups of all-purpose flour, 1/2 tsp salt, and 1/4 tsp instant or bread machine yeast. Once they’re well combined, add about 3/4 cup water, or just enough to make it come together into a ball of dough with no dry flour left in the bowl. The dough should be very shaggy and sticky (not smooth like a pretty kneaded dough). Loosely cover the dough and let it ferment at room temperature over night (12-18 hours).

Melt Butter and GarlicThe next day, when you’re about ready to start making my pizza, make the garlic cream sauce. It’s super fast and easy! In a small sauce pot, combine 1 Tbsp butter and one clove of minced garlic. Cook this over medium-low heat for 1-2 minutes, or until the garlic is soft and fragrant.

Milk, Cream Cheese, and SaltNext add 1/2 cup milk, 4 oz. cream cheese, and 1/4 tsp salt. Hint: the block of cream cheese is usually marked with lines indicating 2, 4, 6, and 8 ounces, so just cut on the 4oz. mark. OR, just make sure you purchased an 8 oz. block and divide it in half.

Whisk till SmoothContinue to whisk and cook this mixture until the cheese has melted in and the sauce becomes smooth. It will look all chunky and not pretty at first, but the cream cheese will eventually melt in. Just don’t mistake the minced garlic for bits of unmelted cream cheese or you’ll be cooking it forever!

Wing SauceNext on the list: Make the buffalo chicken. I used pre-cooked and shredded chicken that I had made previously (about 2 cups), but you could also use a rotisserie chicken or any leftover cooked chicken. I used about 1/3 cup of this wing sauce. It was the least expensive one at the store :P You can also make your own buffalo wing sauce by combining butter and hot sauce. Anyway, just coat the chicken in the sauce. Easy.

Fermented DoughNow that it’s just about time to assemble the pizza, you’ll want to start preheating the oven to 450 degrees because it needs to be VERY hot. After 12+ hours of fermenting, the dough looks like this. It will be very soft and sticky, so toss a good handful of flour on there before you attempt to get it out of the bowl (or pot, in my case).

Prepared Buffalo PizzaUsing enough flour to keep the dough from sticking to your hands, stretch the dough into a 14 to 16 inch circle. The easiest way to do that is to first shape the dough into a ball, then press the ball into a flat, circular disc (about 8-10 inches across), then finally stretch it out into the pizza shape.  Place the dough on a pizza pan (I coated mine in non-stick spray just to be safe). Next, pour that delicious garlic cream sauce onto the dough and spread it around. Add the buffalo sauce coated chicken, then 1 cup of shredded cheese (I had some leftover cheddar and mozz, so I used a mix of both). Lastly, sprinkle on the blue cheese crumbles.

Blue CheeseI’m not a huge fan of blue cheese and I knew that if I bought a whole package, the rest would go to waste. So, I went to the salad bar at the grocery store and got just one scoop. And then I completely forgot to add it to my pizza. :P

Buffalo Chicken Pizza bakedOnce the pizza is topped with sauce, chicken, and cheese, bake it in the preheated oven (make sure it’s fully up to temp!) for 15-20 minutes, or until the cheese and sauce are all bubbly and the crust is golden brown. After it comes out of the oven, add the sliced green onions. YUM. The cream sauce and buffalo sauce get all mingled in the oven and it’s just SO. GOOD.

NOTE: See how “blonde” my crust is? That can happen if you leave the dough with too much flour on the surface when you bake it. The flour kind of prevents the nice browning action. Brushing a little oil onto the crust before baking will help make it nice and golden brown (or, you know, don’t use too much flour when shaping the dough).

Buffalo Chicken Pizza closeOM NOM NOM (don’t look at me while I’m stuffing my face…)


  1. College+food budget+pizza+this recipe= Heaven!
    I am so happy that I have found your blog. I keep finding recipes to make that are perfect and simple for a college student. I love buffalo chicken and pizza and putting the two together is perfect!! I cannot wait to make this for me and my friends for a group study night.

  2. Katie says:

    This crust was just excellent! Chewy, crispy and tender somehow all at the same time. I had ingredients for BBQ chicken pizza, so that’s what I made. It was phenomenal. The crust is so much better than a restaurants!

  3. Emilie says:

    Ooooh yum. Too bad I didn’t have flour or yeast I would have tried to make the crust. In the sauce, I put one clove of garlic but I should have put 2 or more. It didn’t taste like garlic enough for me.

    I used a 12 inches crust and I had more than half of the sauce left over and I’m not sure what to do with it, besides eating with a spoon (delicious!).

  4. Karen says:

    Ohhh…… This is so good! Thanks so much Beth, I make one of your delicious meals almost every night. There are so many yet to try too! Thanks again, and keep it up.

  5. Holy hell! Can I say that? Wow, eating this pizza right now and actually had to take a break between bites to immediately write a review. Thank you thank you thank you. I will also definitely be eating the garlic cream sauce on other things–pasta, veggies, cardboard, whatevs.

    Again, thank you. This pizza is a game changer.

  6. Anna says:

    OMG! This looks amazing! Can’t wait to try! Does anyone know if you can refrigerate the pizza dough after it has risen for about 12 hours?! Thanks so much :-)

    • I’ve frozen other pizza dough before rising, but I’ve never tried freezing this long ferment dough. One issue you might have is how “loose” it is. It’s very soft and floppy, so it might be difficult to wrap up and freeze.

    • megan says:

      You totally can, I do it all the time. Just use it fairly quickly once defrosted. I.e. same day.

  7. Lisa says:

    This was great!! I cooked chicken thighs in the wing sauce which I probably won’t do again as between the fattier content of the thighs and the sauce made it a bit too greasy for my liking (or maybe it was the wing sauce I used?) But that was my choice; everything else was a HUGE hit with the guys! Particularly the dough and the garlic cream sauce! I did read on the Frank’s site you could make your own sauce with 6 tbsp. of Franks hot sauce and 2 tbsp. melted butter which sounds pretty easy! Definitely will make this again and I LOVE your site, Beth!!! You inspire me to cook!

  8. Matt says:

    I just finished eating this after a long day dealing with plumbing problems. While I usually make my own dough, for sake of ease I used Boboli pizza bases. This was absolutely delicious! Thank you!

  9. janmaus says:

    A local restaurant in my town makes this delicious pizza with a liight scattering of finely diced celery after baking instead of your scallion garnish. Sounds weird, but since we are big fans of celery and buffalo wings we really liked it that way.

  10. Amber says:

    Anything Buffalo Sauce is my fave and my bf can live on pizza. I tried making pizza dough not to long ago and absolutely loved the outcome….can’t wait to try this out! I’m a sucker for non-tomato sauce pizza’s like pesto :)

  11. Katie says:

    You might actually get me off my butt and get me to make homemade pizza crust (rather than just buying premade), this pizza looks so good!!

  12. NOM NOM NOM waiting for the next cool-ish day to make this up here in Massachusetts :) battling serious humidity today yuck

    • I feel ya! I’m in New Orleans and it’s pretty much 100% humidity year round… but not even humidity can come between me and pizza! ;)

  13. Michelle says:

    I’m making this for my children tonight. I don’t have the time to make a crust, so I will just pick up a couple, but I have all the other ingredients. Thanks for this!

  14. Grace says:

    I love your site! I’ve always wanted to create a blog with a similar focus but you beat me to it. Anyway, my issue is the fresh ingredients. I understand how you can divide the shelf stable ingredients or kitchen staples(flour, salt, butter) to come up with an itty bitty price. But green onions? My grocery store certainly doesn’t sell these individually. If I wind up throwing away the leftovers, it’s going to cost me a lot more than $0.20. This goes for any fresh, short shelf-life ingredient. I would love to see tips for using or freezing the leftovers, links with other recipes using those ingredients, etc. Basically, ways to avoid throwing out the leftovers! I actually found a link with instructions on how to re-grow green onions.


    All in all, I love your site. Can’t wait to try this recipe…maybe on the grill!

    • I imagine that part of why she uses green onions in this recipe is that she uses them quite often as a garnish in many of her recipes. I had the same initial thought as you, but now I use them all the time over stir-fries, over both white and fried rice, in salads, so they get used up. My grocery store usually sells them in five or six stalk bundles and I’ve only ever had to throw maybe one or two away.

      Anyways, I’m making this tonight! Had a rotisserie chicken yesterday and figured the leftovers would work great, so I whipped up the dough before hitting the sack and I think I have all the needed ingredients just sitting around. Good stuff. :D

  15. Samantha Rogers says:

    Looks very tasty! I will definately be trying this soon. Bookmarking your site, i LOVE IT!!!

  16. Iris says:

    That looks heavenly Beth! (Especially that sauce)

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