Slow Cooker White Bean Soup

$4.78 recipe / $0.80 serving

Whoever discovered beans gets a big fat medal of appreciation from yours truly. They’re just incredible. Incredible and cheap.

This soup is thick, warm, comforting, and flavorful… and was LESS THAN FIVE DOLLARS FOR THE WHOLE POT. That’s the magic of beans.

This awesome soup is also vegan. It uses fresh vegetables to make its own flavorful broth – no Better Than Bouillon soup base this time around, folks. It’s all au naturale! The best part? I chopped the veggies the night before and then just threw everything into the slow cooker before I left for work today. When I walked through the door this afternoon my apartment smelled absolutely divine. A few quick stirs, a little salt to taste, and I had an incredible, thick, delicious soup all ready to go. I dipped in a chunk of crusty French bread and life was good.

Don’t really care about the vegan part? Try adding a smoked ham hock or turkey leg to the slow cooker with the rest of the soup ingredients for an ultra smokey, rich soup. Or, save your bacon grease from breakfast and add a few tablespoons in place of the olive oil. You won’t regret it.

This makes a huge pot, so I highly suggest you freeze some single servings for later.

Please Note: Make sure to use navy beans, not cannellini beans, which are related to the kidney bean. Kidney beans and cannellini beans contain a high level of phytohemagglutinin, which is a strong, naturally occuring gastrointestinal toxin. The levels of this toxin can actually increase if the beans are not fully boiled for ten minutes. If you’re unsure about your beans, boil the beans on the stove top for at least ten minutes before adding to the slow cooker with the rest of the ingredients.

Slow Cooker White Bean Soup

Slow Cooker White Bean Soup

4.4 from 56 reviews
Slow Cooker White Bean Soup
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Total Cost: $4.78
Cost Per Serving: $0.80
Serves: 6-8 (makes 9 cups)
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil $0.32
  • 4 cloves garlic $0.32
  • 1 medium yellow onion $0.73
  • ½ lb. carrots $0.55
  • 4 stalks (1/2 sleeve) celery $0.80
  • 1 lb. dry navy beans* $1.69
  • 1 whole bay leaf $0.15
  • 1 tsp dried rosemary $0.10
  • ½ tsp dried thyme $0.05
  • ½ tsp smoked paprika $0.05
  • Freshly cracked pepper (15-20 cranks of a mill) $0.05
  • 1½ tsp (or more to taste) salt $0.05
  1. Mince the garlic, dice the onion, slice the celery, and slice the carrots into thin rounds. Add the olive oil, garlic, onion, celery, and carrots to a large (5qt or larger) slow cooker.
  2. Sort through the beans and remove any debris or stones. Give them a quick rinse and then add them to the slow cooker, along with the bay leaf, rosemary, thyme, paprika, and some freshly cracked pepper.
  3. Add SIX CUPS of water to the slow cooker and stir to combine the ingredients. Place the lid on the slow cooker and cook for 8 hours on low or on high for 4-5 hours.
  4. After 8 hours, stir the soup and mash the beans slightly. Starting with just a ½ tsp, add salt to your liking. I used about 2 tsp total, but keep tasting and adding more, ½ tsp at a time, until it reaches the level that you prefer.
*Make sure to get navy beans, not cannellini beans, which are related to the kidney bean. Kidney beans and cannellini beans contain a high level of phytohemagglutinin, which is a strong, naturally occurring gastrointestinal toxin. The levels of this toxin can actually increase if the beans are not fully boiled for ten minutes. If you're unsure about your beans, boil the beans on the stove top for at least ten minutes before adding to the slow cooker with the rest of the ingredients.


Slow Cooker White Bean Soup

Step by Step Photos

IngredientsYou pretty much just throw everything in the slow cooker. Okay, so maybe there’s a LITTLE prep involved… just mince the garlic, dice the onion, and slice the celery and carrots. Sort through and rinse the beans real quick, too. Then, just add the olive oil, garlic, onion, celery, carrots, beans, bay leaf, rosemary, thyme, smoked paprika, and some freshly cracked pepper to the the slow cooker. (I did not pre-soak the beans)

Add WaterNext, add SIX CUPS of water and stir everything together. Put the lid on top and set the slow cooker to low for 8 hours, or high for 4 hours (a better option if your cooker tends to run on the cool side).

Cooked SoupCome back 8 hours later and you’ll have this. Now, you may think, “OMG, I didn’t add enough water!” That’s what I thought anyway… until I stirred it.

Stir SoupStir the soup and you’ll notice that there is, in fact, enough water. It’s just that everything was floating on top. Now, keep stirring and mashing some of the beans up against the side of the pot so that the soup will thicken…

Thickened SoupAnd finally it becomes a thick, delicious soup. Okay, one last thing – you HAVE to add some salt. Salt really makes the flavors pop. You want to wait until the end to add salt because adding it early can make the beans tough and you generally need less salt if it’s added at the end as opposed to the beginning. So, start with 1/2 tsp and just keep tasting and adding more as needed. I liked it right around 2 teaspoons, but 1 1/2 tsp was pretty good, too.

Slow Cooker White Bean SoupSo thick and delicious… perfect for crusty bread!

Slow Cooker White Bean SoupBeans are good food.

Extra VeggiesOh one more thing… Many of my soup recipes call for 1/2 pound of carrots and a half bunch/sleeve of celery. I never let the other half of each go to waste. Go ahead and cut them up, put them in freezer bags, and save them for your next batch of soup. That way the next time you get to skip all of the chopping! (This photo is from an old recipe, BTW. That’s why it says 2011 :P )


  1. moonstone says:

    The soup was a success. I woke up this morning to a wonderful aroma filling up my apartment. My husband really enjoyed it, he liked it so much he took some for lunch and extra to share with a co worker. I did replace some of the water with chicken broth though, looking forward to making it again.

  2. Amanda says:

    I needed some more flavor and texture so I added boiled potatoes and mixed in some of my favorite salsa. So good!

    • diane says:

      I loved this soup. Used Great Northern White Beans, 6 cups water, 4 chicken bouillon cubes, one 8 ounce can of tomato sauce, all the veggies and spices listed in recipe. Used less salt due to bouillon. Half way thru I put in one bunch of chard leaves. V good. Great with cheese toast.

  3. Christopher says:

    Followed this recipe and it turned out amazing! So much food for very little money. Served it with crispy garlic bread and hot sauce. Glad I found this site.

    • karen says:

      I used Chia Seeds to thicken the soup instead of mashing the beans. The health benefits triple. Very good soup.

  4. Kristin says:

    This recipe is super easy and delicious. I use 4 cups veggie stock or broth to add and 2 cups of water, then omit the extra salt at the end. the broth adds a bit more flavor…but it’s also great with using water only.

  5. Love this recipe!! Do you have nutrition info for it somewhere? Thanks!

  6. Christina Kimble says:

    My Dad doesn’t like onions. He refuses to eat them. What’s a good substitute for onion to bring out the savory flavor that it adds to so many foods?

    • Leeks have a slightly oniony taste. Has he tried those? Otherwise, garlic has a similar effect, just stronger. Sometimes I do just garlic instead of garlic AND onion.

  7. Katie says:

    Hey Beth –

    Can I use canned navy beans (i.e. pre-cooked ones)?


    • Yes, but you need to reduce the liquid by a lot because they won’t absorb it like the dry beans will. Cut the liquid by about half.

  8. Brendon says:

    This turned out surprisingly well. I say “surprisingly” because I’ve been working to eat healthier and most of the recipes I’ve tried (from elsewhere) have been total duds.

    The soup itself came out tasting really good before putting salt in (about 3 hours on high for me is all it took in my Instant Pot). I’m working to eat the absolute least amount possible, so I started with 1/2 tsp and that did the trick. I’ll be adding some oyster crackers and Sriracha of course!

    Your site is very well done and I bought your book as well. I’m excited to try some of these other recipes.

    One question I have on this soup recipe – what does the oil do for it? I’m a cooking novice so I’m just curious.

    • It just adds a little bit of body to the soup. It’s hard to explain, but without it, the soup can be thin (tasting, not thin texture) or light.

      • Brendon says:

        Ah OK – that makes sense. I’ve made a few salt, oil, and sugar free recipes recently, and besides being completely bland of course, they were also missing something else I couldn’t quite figure out. Perhaps that bit of oil makes all the difference. I was surprised that so few ingredients came out tasting so good.

  9. James says:

    Gonna try this tomorrow for the Super Bowl. What do you think of dicing some potatoes in it? Will soaking the beans prior have negative effect?

    • I think potatoes would be awesome in this. If you presoak the beans, you may not need to add as much liquid to the soup because the beans will have already absorbed some.

      • Hadley says:

        If I wanted to use cannellini beans, is a 10 minute boil all I need to make sure they’re ok? Soak? Anything else?

  10. Miriam says:

    Hey Beth!!! I wanted to throw all this in the crockpot tomorrow morning but I don’t have enough navy beans….what about black turtle beans? Thanks!!! I love your blog!! :-)

    • Yes, they will work (and probably taste great) but just be aware that your soup will turn very dark black. :)

      • Miriam says:

        Thanks Beth! It turned out great. My eight year old daughter could not get enough! Thanks so much for your recipies, you are my go to blog.

  11. Courtney says:

    Made this tonight and it was pretty good! The reason I’m giving it four stars is because I made it with four cups chicken stock and two cups water. I think with only water it would have been bland. Looking forward to trying your a number of your other recipes, too!

    • CeLisa says:

      So it came out okay with the chicken stock? I was wondering about that, since there was the warning about adding salt too soon and toughening up the beans. I make a very similar recipe with a mix of thyme, garlic powder and lemon pepper as seasonings, and a bit of salt to taste as well, but I’m never a good judge as to when to add them. I just wait till the beans are almost soft.

      • Courtney says:


        Yep, it was just fine with the chicken stock. :) The beans were very soft, but I think they’re supposed to be with this recipe. If you like them a little sturdier, you could probably cook it for less time with the stock.

        Hope that helps!

  12. Jodi says:

    Hi Beth, so glad I came across your site. Love the easy directions and follow along photos. I made this recipe over the weekend and it was incredible. Came out exactly like you said it would. My husband raved and has already asked me to make it again.

  13. Rachel says:

    I’ve made this soup probably close to 10 times. I always use chicken broth. I’ve loved it every time. I’ve never been sick. I love making this for my lunches.

  14. Annds says:

    Made this soup tonight and it just tasted…blah. After a whole day in the crock pot the beans weren’t soft enough so I put everything in a Dutch oven and cooked them another half-hour or so. Tried adding all sorts of seasoning and still…totally blah. Guess we’ll avoid any gastro issues since the beans did get boiled at least 25 minutes, but I won’t be repeating this recipe again.

  15. DO NOT USE – Please remove or adjust this recipe. If followed exactly this is literally poison. We all got severe food poisonning last week from dry beans cooked in a slower cooker on low as this receipe suggests. Apparently many beans contain natural poison – insecticide that disintegrates at high temperatures (rapid boiling), and increases in concentration at low cooking temperatures, such as low setting in slow cooker. As it turns out, this info is all over medical sites – just google “bean poisonning”. Here is FDA guidance on that too. Nasty-nasty staff. Took 3 days to come back to life!!!!…/ucm071092.htm

    • Wrong says:

      If you google this, it’s for undercooked red beans. YOU didn’t cook whatever to the proper temperature.

  16. Thanks for sharing this recipe! This big batch should get me through a week of lunches. Here’s to being debt free in 2015!

  17. Jeannie says:

    Just made this today, SO delicious! I did the quick soak method with my navy beans, since I had time today to baby the soup on the stove instead of my crockpot. The beans were perfect! I didn’t have smoked paprika just regular paprika so when my daughter thought it was a bit bland (although delicious!) we just doctored it with a bit of rubbed sage, increased the thyme and a touch if Italian seasoning..really rounded out the flavor! Can’t wait to make this again with the smoked paprika tho’. My entire family enjoyed it, which is amazing since they differ on their opinions of beans. This one is now going to be in my rotation! Thank you!!

  18. Lindsey says:

    Made it tonight. Delicious! Great, hearty soup. Thanks!

  19. Rachael says:

    This soup was delicious.

  20. jamie says:

    Hi!! This looks great! Just to reiterate- you put the navy beans in dry?? No soaking?

    • Correct. Some people have had issues with them softening, but I think that’s due to the mineral content of their water. I had no problems. :)

  21. wheezer says:

    I used 4 cups veg broth,2 cups water…tasty!

  22. laurie says:

    Thanks for this! I actually did it in a pressure cooker in less than 1/2 hour! First, I did dried white northern beans for 15 mins to cook them, then I added the other stuff and pressure cooked for another 5 minutes. I think adding a few tbsps of vinegar and oregano and some veggie stock and tomato sauce makes it even nicer!

  23. maria says:

    Can you turn the slow cooker on high and half the cooking time? Or do the beans need 8 hours on low?

  24. Annemarie says:

    Hi Beth, I love your recipes. Would love to make this with canned beans. Which would you recommend and for how long? I tried to look at the older posts, but could not bring up. Thanks. Annemarie

    • I think I would use navy beans and you’ll need to reduce the amount of water (since they’re already cooked). Maybe use 1/3 the water and add more if needed. You’ll only need to simmer the soup until the vegetables are soft, so it should be fairly quick. :)

  25. This soup is in my regular meal rotation. It is tasty and super easy to make! I don’t like rosemary, so I leave that out and use great northern beans instead of navy. Thanks!

  26. April says:

    I have made this twice now in the last two weeks….love it! So easy and absolutely delicious! Well done!

  27. I wanted to come back and say thanks. It seemed odd to me, but all 5 of my children loved this. They are 11, 9, 7, 4 and 2 – and they all ate it. Never saw that coming! Thank you!

  28. Rachel says:

    We loved this recipe! Has a slightly similar flavor to that of the Greek giant beans my husband loves so much.

  29. Nelle says:

    I made this today, and I really would have substituted veggie or chicken broth for the water in this recipe. I felt that this soup was VERY bland, which was surprising because all the other recipes are so delicious!

  30. Mark says:

    I’ve tried this recipe for lunch yesterday, and as I rarely have success if I don’t soak them over night, I decided to soak the beans, and later added only 4 cups of water. It was delicious :) Thank you for the recipe!

  31. Can you use chicken broth or veggie broth instead of water? I plan to make this bean soup, but, have tried using dry beans before and they always seem undercooked. Any suggestions would be so helpful.

    • From what I understand, it’s a myth that salt makes the beans tough and it’s actually the pH of your water. If it’s too acidic or if you add ingredients that are too acidic, the beans won’t soften. So, it’s suggested that you add a little baking soda (not baking powder). Now, how much to add is another question. I’ve never tried it, so I’m really not sure. :P

      • Sunflower Hasan says:

        No its not a myth adding salt to the beans before they are fully cook will make the beans hard. And yes you can use a vegetable broth instead of water it will only increase the flavor of your soup.

        • Just to add my experience, I cook dried beans in salted water all the time and have never had a problem with them cooking through.

      • Mike Hardwick says:

        The chapter on bean cookery in The Science of Good Cooking will clear up the myth. America’s Test Kitchen has done the science. Salt added at the start of cooking doesn’t cause any significant problems. Baking soda speeds cooking and yields a creamier product. I use 1/8 tsp to 1/4 tsp depending on batch size. I slow-cook garbanzos for hummus for 4 hours on low with salt and baking soda, which produces the most flavorful beans I’ve ever tasted. They develop a buttery richness, probably because baking soda reduces the temperature necessary for the maillard reaction.

      • regit says:

        I am a chemist with experience in cooking various types of starches for commercial products. I assure you, at the level of salt to water being used, the salt has essentially no effect on the beans softening. (The softening occurs by water first permeating the outer shell of the bean and then permeating and swelling the starch granules within the beans.) The reply about pH is indeed the correct one. The starch granules of the beans have a very difficult time with water uptake if the water is acidic. However, if the water is basic, the starch granules will swell with water water more rapidly, and if at pH10 or higher, will soften and burst at a lower temperature than pH 8 or lower. (But you definitely would not want to eat something that is pH 10 or higher!) The pH of a saturated solution of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is about 8.4. Very dilute solutions are about pH 7.5-8. So, baking soda would be useful only if you have water with pH of about 6.5 or less. Note that U. S. EPA standards require public drinking water to be in the pH range of 6.5-8.5.

  32. Megan says:

    The soup smelled great cooking but was a little bland. I had added a couple slices of bacon when I started the crock pot but ended up adding a couple tablespoons of beef bouillon towards the end to add some more flavor. I also checked the beans after 7 hours and they were still extremely hard so I turned the heat up to high. In total the soup took about 10.5 hours to finish. I think I may try it again but will have to make some major changes.

    • Try adding a little baking soda to your water, too. Apparently if your water is too acidic it will prevent the beans from softening up.

  33. Erica says:

    Made this today. It made the house smell wonderful! Since thyme isn’t my favourite spice I just added a small pinch. The beans were well cooked after 8 hours. I added about 2 1/2 tsp of salt and used the immersion blender to blend it up a bit. Perfect comfort food dish!

  34. Lilian says:

    Hi, I only have black-eyed peas. Is it ok to use those as a substitute for the white beans?

  35. Karen in Massachusetts says:

    I follow your blog not becaus I want to save $$$ ( but I do ) but that your recipes are really good.

    This was a simple soup to make. It cooked up well and the beans got nice and soft . I thought it was a bit bland – but really bean soup is kind of bland. To counteract I drizzled with a bit of vinegar ( I used some Italian dressing at work ) and some hot pepper flakes. Sour cream mentioned below would also be good.

    The smoked paprika I bought just for this recipe and it was great. Tomorrow before I pack my lunch I think I will also add a bit on my soup.

    I also used herbes de provence – I find this to be great substitute for recipes that use rsemary and thyme – plus its one bottle.

    Thanks great recipe and a really nice blog. Oh yes – I did add a bit of baking soda and I used my immersion blender to blen up a bit

  36. Sarah says:

    Fantastic recipe. Because of our schedules, we have to cook recipes for 10 hours, not 8. Made this with 2 extra cups of water and 1/4 tsp of baking soda (we also have hard water and the standard ratio is 1/4 tsp per lb of beans).

  37. This has become one of my favorite recipes. It’s great because my toddler child will eat it, my vegetarian husband loves it, and my omnivore self also loves it. I’ve started to give people small jars of it when I make it and have been converting others to this. I love how easy it is, and the minimal dishes involved. I cook it on low for 8 hours.

  38. I made this today and it was absolutely amazing! Mine actually cooked to perfection, on low, for about 6 1/2 hours. So good with a piece of garlic bread for dunking :-)

  39. Genevieve says:

    I made this yesterday and had to give it an extra 3.5 hours for the beans to soften. I even soaked the beans the night before, so it was a bit perplexing, especially since I err on the side of shorter cooking times because my crockpot tends to cook on the high side (even at its lowest). I also halved the thyme and rosemary and still found it a bit too thyme-y…a tasty end result, regardless!

    • I’ve heard that the mineral content of your water can affect how/if the beans will soften. If you are having trouble, adding a little baking soda to the cooking water might help (read this, question #6).

  40. Emily M. says:

    I have learned by sad experience that I must always presoak my beans– my water is too hard. Here’s my question: if I presoak the beans, should I add less water , or still the 6 cups? Thanks!

  41. Eric says:

    Making a batch of the again, I this must be my 8 or 9th time ,, so easy to make & freeze. The only real change I made is adding 1/4 tsp of red pepper flakes & this batch I added a ham bone because I had one. Everyone enjoys this soup.

  42. Susan says:

    Made this today. It’s good, very filling, but if I make it again I will omit the rosemary and thyme. And maybe a little more liquid. I added a bit of sour cream and some bacon bits as garnish. Definitely a simple recipe.

  43. Brenna says:

    Hi I wanted to know if I use canned beans do I cut the time in half from 8 to 4 hours? Also do you think I could substitute chick peas?

    • I don’t think chickpeas would work in this because they don’t get super creamy like white beans do. Yes, you can use canned beans, but you’ll need to reduce the liquid considerably. Four hours should be plenty for canned beans, too.

  44. Pamela says:

    Made this over the weekend. It was delicious and the beans were perfectly cooked. Been eating it all week for lunch.

  45. Angie says:

    Add a pinch of baking soda to soften up the beans. :)

  46. Do you think it would work without the olive oil?

    • Yes, but having some type of fat in there really helps give the soup body and flavor balance. You can use a different type of oil if you want.

  47. Joanne says:

    I made this today…it was very good…but too much garlic. I will put much less next time.

  48. Denise DL says:

    Reading through the comments I see a lot of questions about mineral content in water; I came across this website and thought it might help. :)

  49. Michele says:

    Would liquid smoke be a good alternative to the ham hock? I’m not very experienced with using it. Has anyone tried this?

    • I’m not experienced with using liquid smoke, either, but from what I’ve heard it is a good substitute. I don’t think you need a lot, just a few drops and I’d add it at the end to taste.

      • I much prefer McCormick’s smoked pepper to liquid smoke. I use about 1/8 teaspoon for an entire crock pot.

  50. Marg says:

    I’ve cooked with dry beans before, soaked overnight, rinced, boiled for 2 hours, then added to a recipe, and they still come out semi-firm. I love this recipe but would probably use canned, and not add any salt.

    What have others’ experience with just popping the dry beans in the crock pot for 8 hours with this recipe? I’d love to hear. :)

    • I’ve made this recipe several times as written – with the dry beans – and it has always turned out wonderfully with a soft, cooked texture. This is a recipe I return to again and again.

  51. Cathy says:

    Your recipes are fab and I have been inspired to try loads of them, and would urge others to try them too – I haven’t had a disaster yet! Thanks for doing all the hard work for us.
    When you froze the left over carrots and celery, did you blanch them first? Being lazy, I like the idea of being able to just slice and freeze!

    • Nope, I don’t bother to blanch them, but you do want to make sure to use them up within a few months. They get kind of dried out and shriveled after that.

  52. Man, I wish food was that cheap where I’m from. Beans are cheap and plentiful in South Korea, so I’ve been looking for soup recipes, but celery is like four bucks a bunch. I’ll have to try and find a local substitute. Looks delicious, though!

  53. spaceranger says:

    Thank you for this recipe! I made this yesterday and the whole family (including two toddlers) loves it! It is so easy, and nutritious and delicious. I mostly followed your recipe, but added in a crumbled up vegan “sausage” that needed to be used, and I went light on the thyme (I like thyme–but only in *very* small quantities). I also added the salt at the beginning–the bean texture was perfect–not tough at all. (I’ve heard actually that is a common misconception that salt will prevent beans from cooking/softening properly–acidic stuff [like tomatoes] can cause those kinds of problems, but apparently salt does not). Oh–and it cooked for 10 hours because my crock pot does not have a timer and that’s how long I’m gone when I work. :) It was LOVELY to come home to delicious smelling, ready to eat, cooked food!

  54. Teresia says:

    What kind of fresh pepper do I use? (I have never cooked with pepper,so I’m a newbie)
    Is mini pepper to mild?

    Thank you!

    • That’s freshly cracked pepper, not an actual fresh pepper. :) Sorry for the confusion. It just means that you should use a pepper mill to grind the pepper instead of using a container of pre-ground pepper. It makes a huge difference in the flavor. Once I bought my first pepper mill, I’ve never looked back!

  55. Jenna says:

    I did an opps! I put the salt in the mixture before I started cooking it :S. I now know that salt water can slow the cooking of the beans and make them tough. Opps. So, I will eat it no matter the outcome but I really hope it turns out ok. If it makes 9 cups, that’s a lot of tough bean soup! lol

    • Alae says:

      Jenna, I just made this made the same salt mistake! (Fail on the reading skills).

      How did yours come out?

      Granted, mine may taste even worse. I accidentally added in 2 tablespoons of garlic rather than 2 teaspoons. Ugh. This is why I don’t cook.

      • Hillary says:

        I added salt first too!
        Is it going to ruin everything?! I’m scared now.

        • I’ve actually heard recently that the salt thing is a myth and it has more to do with the acidity of your water or added liquids… So here’s to hoping it will turn out fine!

  56. This is cooking in my slow cooker right now! I added leeks. Thinking of adding spinach near the end.

    • Sarah says:

      So I made this for dinner tonight and my beans are still hard so going to keep an eye on it this evening and see if they soften up. It has been in the crock pot for 9 hours.

  57. I am making my first homemade suoup ever because this sounds so easy and delicious .. is there a section I can find the nutritional value ? THANKS

  58. michelle says:

    loved this recipe! I added dried red pepper flakes and kale (stems too). post more crock pot recipes!

  59. Anne says:

    Just want to thank you for this recipe… since I found it a few months ago, its been my go-to recipe for work lunches… I just make a huge batch and freeze in serving size containers. Am looking forward to trying some of your other recipes.

  60. I’ve been eyeing this recipe for using up some cans of Cannellini beans. Do you think I need to lower the crock pot time if using canned beans?

    • Yep, the beans don’t really have to cook in your case, just warm through. Maybe cut the time in half so that the beans will still get soft enough to mash.

  61. Elizabeth Schneider says:

    I had to try this recipe just to see if would actually work and was delighted to see that it worked beautifully. For me the seasoning is a bit heavy. I used half the thyme and (next time) I will eliminate the rosemary. It would probably be nice to use fresh herbs, but the one of the great things about this recipe is that it’s made from ingredients that I usually have on hand. At the final step I used a potato masher in the crock pot to get that nice thick texture (and color since you end up mashing some carrot as well). I am interested in trying the same technique with other kinds of beans, maybe black beans or green peas. Thanks for the recipe. It’s a keeper.

  62. wondering if adding diced red potatoes would be a good idea? I was originally looking online for a potato soup recipe to use up red potatoes….but they all seemed so unhealthy. Then I stumbled on this which looks great, and much better for my hubby’s high cholesterol- but I’m still not using up my red potatoes.
    Think it would work? Or do you have another idea for the spuds?

    • Yes, I do think that would work. I would try using vegetable broth in place of the water, though, to add more oomph. Potatoes tend to absorb salt and flavor, so you’ll want to make up for that.

  63. If you’ve never tried adding the celery leaves to a soup I highly recommend it! I used to throw them away not realizing how much flavor they add until a Chinese woman told me about it.

  64. Freezing celery sounds like a bad idea. Just sayin’! Otherwise this recipe looks amazing. I’m making a variation of it right now and my house is a full of delicious bean soup aroma!

  65. Julia says:

    Has anyone added rice to this recipe? I am thinking of adding some saffron flavored rice at the end…

  66. Leslie says:

    Can you substitute black beans for the white beans?

  67. Erithan says:

    Hello I’ve been looking for a good recipe for a crock pot version of a navy bean soup recipe my mother likes to make with leftover ham.

    This recipe looks perfect! Though it would seem my crock pot is only 3-3 1/2 quarts. I was wondering if you thought cutting the amount of carrots and celery in half would be enough to allow the recipe to work in a 3-3 1/2 quart size crock pot, or if you have any suggestions in general.

    Thank you for your time,

    • It’s hard to say, but I think the beans and water are a majority of the volume. I’m not sure what size my slow cooker is (somewhere between 5-7 qts) and it was maybe just over half full. I think you might need to reduce the beans and water a bit as well.

      • Erithan says:

        Thank, I appreciate the reply and help. I’ve sifted through a few things and think I’ve figured out something, just may have to give in and do some extra dishes.

        Thanks again!

  68. Rachel says:

    I love this soup! I use chicken stock and take it for lunch. Great simple recipe.

  69. Did you soak your beans?

  70. Jennifer says:

    This soup was to die for. I followed the directions, using all organic ingredients. I did, however, forget to buy the raw beans so I know it can be even better. You really cannot compare canned beans to raw beans when making soup, so I will be making this again. Thanks for the great recipe.

  71. Rosie says:

    What is a good substitute for the Navy Beans? I can’t find them in a can where I live, and my beans turn out hard when I try using dry beans.

  72. Bethany says:

    I absolutely LOVE this recipe! I have taken it to school a few times and everyone marvels at the aromas that spread through the teacher’s lounge. I’m going to make a batch to take in so they can enjoy some, too! :)

    • Bethany says:

      Forgot to add… I used fresh rosemary from my plant. Not sure if that mattered or changed the original flavor. Fab regardless!

  73. Shayna says:

    Its rare that anything I make turns out well the first time.. I followed this recipe to a t with exact measurements and it turned out AMAZING! Thank you for this delicious, inexpensive recipe!

  74. Kristina says:

    Came across this on Pinterest and I’m SO excited to try it! What makes it even better is that I have all the ingredients in my pantry right now, so no extra money out of my budget, yet a whole extra meal! Thanks!

  75. I’m looking forward to making this and would like to add some kale. At what point do you think I should add it?

  76. Kacey says:

    I made this recipe and was concerned. When I got home from work, it was very thin. I took the lid off of the Crock Pot and did nothing, just let it cook for about 30 more minutes and it thickened on its own. It was the PERFECT consistency. Thanks for the great recipe!

  77. Lauren says:

    Just made this tonight! We LOVE it! Thanks for such a healthy, affordable, delicious recipe. I’ll definitely be making it again :)

  78. Helen says:

    Would replacing the beans with red or green lentils work?

    • Red lentils would probably work best because they break down a lot when cooked, kind of like the beans do. I’m not sure how the flavor would work out, though.

  79. Rachel says:

    Would a bag of 16 bean soup mix work? If so, would it cook in less time because some of the beans are so much smaller than white ones called for in this recipe?

    • I think it would work and I wouldn’t reduce the cooking time at all. The only thing you want to be careful of is if the bean mix includes kidney beans. They need to be cooked with a full boil for at least 10 minutes to break down one of their natural compounds that can make you sick if it’s not broken down. So, it might be a little risky.

  80. Dianna says:

    Thank you so much! I have spent the last 2 hours on your blog reading your recipes. I actually came here for the original Wonderpot recipe (which I made tonight and it ROCKS). I am so excited about the bean soup recipe! I love white beans but they are always cooked with ham or bacon. My son and I cannot eat pork so we miss out on some good food. This looks awesome and I can’t wait to try it. I especially like that it is in the crock pot. Thanks for all your amazing recipes! I am passing your website on to several friends and family who are either GF or vegetarians. I’m sure they will find lots of new recipes to try.

  81. carla says:

    I am so excited right now cause my kitchen smells amazing with this recipe cooking in my crockpot right now.. the only thing I did was added chopped ham that I had…. can’t wait to try this!!!

  82. Made soup according to recipie, only I added a ham hock to the mixture in the beginnning. Removed the bone at the end, keeping the meat, then used a hand blender to blend the soup and meat up until it was a thick consistancy but still with some texture. Will make again, possibly without the ham hock as it added alot of salt.

  83. DeeDee says:

    Just finished a bowl of this, watching the snow fall, and I couldn’t be happier. It is really good. I was going to cook this yesterday and had everything already in the crockpot when my electricity went out. With not enough time left to cook it that day, I just put the entire crock outside in my unheated porch and brought it back inside this morning, plugged it in and voila! So….the beans soaked overnight with everything else in there, and it could not be more tasty. Thanks for a keeper!

  84. Sandra says:

    One more question from this very old novice cooker. What is cracked pepper. I could not find it in my local grocery store.

    • I meant to say freshly cracked pepper, as in use a pepper mill. It’s WAY more flavorful than black pepper that you purchase already ground up. A lot of brands make small disposable pepper mills now and you can buy them in the spice aisle (usually $2-$3 and they last quite a while). I would highly suggest getting one – it changed my cooking forever! :)

      • Sandra says:

        Thank you, again, for the info. I did use regular pepper and it worked. Was not quite sure how much to use, but came out okay. I have never made bean soup before. This was quite easy and super delicious. So glad I found this web site. Thank you for such prompt responses.

  85. Sandra says:

    Hi quick question, which may be a dumb one, but I don’t cook from scratch much. Is the dried thyme the little leaves or the powder? Never made bean soup before, this looks easy enough.

  86. Just put this recipe on for tonight. Took me about 15 minutes including all of the chopping. What a breeze for a delish, savory and WARM veggie meal for my family. Thank you, Beth! Now which recipe to try out next… :-)

  87. mona says:

    This was great. Followed all your instructions but I added a little more water to make it slightly soupier. Delicious. Entire family loved it. And that says a lot.

  88. Benjamin says:

    My aunt gave me a hambone and the juices left over from cooking our Thanksgiving ham– would I just substitute the ham stock in for the equivalent amount of water in this recipe?

  89. Denise says:

    The first time we made this a few weeks ago, my husband mashed the beans too much and then instead of turning the crockpot off or to warm, he left it on high for three more hours. The result bean mash. It was good but not soup like at all. I made it again this week, lightly mashed the beans and put it on warm after 8 hours and it turned out much better. A nice hearty soup on a cold rainy day.

  90. Kelleigh says:

    Excellent soup! Didn’t soak the beans, just threw everything in for an economical, super easy, and tasty soup. Served with a nice cheesy bread for at least two nights of meals for the two of us. Thanks Beth!

  91. Felisia says:

    DELICIOUS! I tried this and ended up with the same problem as some where the beans didn’t break down…well, what I did to fix it was I actually started blending it, slightly to the consistency I wanted it, then I added it to stove top for about an hour ad the beans broke down to a mushy state and it was delicious.
    I personally liked your flavors but my kids weren’t a big fan so I added Cajun seasoning to it and they gobbled it up! I will be adding this to my recipe book!

  92. Michael says:

    I’m making this now. I soaked the beans overnight as a precaution and used filtered water (I’m in Utah with notoriously high mineral contents in the water), but with only a few hours left to go the beans are still pretty tough. I turned the slow cooker up to high and I’m hoping that will cook them down some more by dinner time. Still, I’m quite excited, because this smells fantastic.

  93. Rainie says:

    Yum! Put the Bean Soup together this morning & it was all done when I got home this afternoon. I doubled the Rosemary & the Thyme. I added a couple Tablespoons of tomato paste after cooking too. Sprinkled a tablespoon of crumbled bacon on top of my bowl of soup and enjoyed with cornbread. Very easy & delicious.

  94. The soup looks awesome but why do they list stuff so cheap I don’t know any store you can go buy 2 tsp Of olive oil 15 cracks of old mill pepper? if some one know please let me know should be called bug your neighbor soup

    • I calculate the portion of the ingredients used, not how much is purchase. The remaining portions are used in other recipes where the price is accounted for. It’s a little confusing at first, but this is how food service operations calculates their costs. Here is a tutorial on how I calculate the costs of the recipes and here is a write up about how the prices listed are just for example purposes. I hope that helps! :)

  95. Is it really 1 pound of dry beans?? I’ve only really ever used 1 cup of dry beans in soup recipes. But I guess this would be a thick soup.

  96. ugh…Hope you like rosemary because there was too much rosemary flavor in this. It might be good with HALF the rosemary and thyme in it. We followed the recipe exactly. Looked beautiful (exactly like the photo) but tasted awful!

  97. Melissa says:

    This is cooking right now!! I am wondering though- I used plain paprika since I don’t have smoked. Do you recommend adding anything else to get that smoked flavor or will it be ok without?

    • It will probably still be pretty good without it. The only thing I can think of to add the smokey flavor besides smoked paprika is liquid smoke.

  98. Chloe says:

    Made this and it was DELICIOUS! We used a ham hock and chopped up a piece of thick breakfast ham and added it about an hour before eating. Easy, excellent, and filling and tastes even better the next day.

  99. carol says:

    Hi….do you know if I can use cannelini beans? they’re white, I have a package and would love to make this soup.

  100. Gloria says:

    I boiled the beans for a few minutes the night before, just to be safe. I have had issues with beans in the past. Also, using at least some veggie or chicken broth really amps up the flavor!

  101. Gloria says:

    Wonderful recipe! I will definitely repeat it. The only thing that I did different was, instead of all that tiring mashing with the spoon, I just took a couple spoonfuls of beans to my food processor and then dumped them back in. Also I added meat…I had some pork leftover from a pig roast in my freezer, which added a lovely smokey flavor!

  102. Renessa says:

    I loooove your website!!! I made this soup this week but used half chicken stock and half water. I also added smoked turkey tails and subbed parsley root for the celery (not a celery fan). It was soooo good. I called home from work to ask my daughter how it was coming along and she was so excited about how great the house smelled when she got home from school! It was absolutely delicious. I added rice to my leftovers and it made a great second day meal!!!

  103. McKenna says:

    So yummy! I added a few slices of chopped bacon at the beginning and instead of salt at the end, opted for a couple of tsp. of better than bouillon. Turned out great – very satisfying.

  104. Jennifer says:

    I made this soup today and its been in the crockpot now for 8i/2 hours. The beans are falling apart but still tough. This is my second time making a bean soup recipe in the crockpot. The first time I cooked it for the recommended time and the beans came out still tough. I thought it maybe was due to not soaking the beans overnight, even though the recipe didn’t call for it.
    So, last night I soaked the white beans for this recipe, even though the recipe didn’t call for it. And, they are still to tough to eat! Help!!! What am I doing wrong? I did see in the recipe towards the end that I should not add the salt until the end of the cooking time.. Could adding the salt too soon be causing my problem?

    • I think it might have to do with the mineral content of your water. I’m not sure how to remedy it yet, though. If I find a solution, I’ll be sure to let everyone know!

      • Jennifer says:

        Thank you. After reading through more of the comments, I realized I wasn’t the only one with this problem. Going to try it again with bottled water. fingers crossed!

        • Candy says:

          If your beans are too old, they will never get soft. I had some pinto beans that were 20 years old and I tried cooking them for 24 hours. They never got soft. A fresh bag of bean from the store cooked down just fine.

  105. Emily says:

    This was incredibly bland. I’m not sure if I did something wrong or if the other commenters just really like bland soup?? I’m sure chicken broth or stock would help a lot. This tasted like mushy bean water.

    Other than that it was super easy to make!

    • Maybe try adding a little more salt. Mine was bland, too, until I added the right amount of salt at the end. It really made the flavors pop. OR you can just use broth, like you suggested. :)

    • McKenna says:


      I was wondering about using stock too! I added four slices of chopped bacon to the mix and at the end added a couple of bouillon cubes. It turned out great.

      • Ive got a double batch cooking on the stove as I write. IF youre adding bacon to the soup, be sure to fry it to a crisp before adding to the soup, otherwise it will be too slimy when eaten. I use half water and half chicken broth, which is how I make all my soups depending on the size of the recipe. Sometimes, Il use only broth because it adds so much flavor to an otherwise bland recipe, and just kicks the whole flavor up a couple of notches. Ill post a comment as to the recipe after we get to try this tonight.

  106. such a simple thing – beans and veg in a slow cooker, but OMG fabulous. we threw in a little ham from the freezer, and dotted it with a little tobasco to serve….. warm and hearty and delish. Thanks, Beth!

  107. Kimberly says:

    I soaked my beans before fully reading your lovely step by step instructions…should I make any final adjustments (time to cook, low vs high, etc…)

    Thanks in advance!
    Can’t wait to see how this turns out! :)

    • They’ll probably be soft in half the time, but check them to make sure. Some people have difficulty getting the beans to soften up due to the mineral levels in their water, so it varies. If worse comes to worse, overcooking them will not be an issue because you want them to mash up anyway. :)

  108. spencer says:

    do yo soak them first????

  109. This soup rocked our world. So quick and easy. So budget friendly. And unbelievably tasty even to those in my family who don’t always like beans. I don’t have a crock, so I brought it all to a boil on the stove top in my dutch oven, then cooked in the oven at about 320F for about 4 hours. It was awesome topped with some ham cubes too.

    And to the cooks who’ve struggled with the beans not softening: I had this happen to me for years, failed baked beans, failed pots of beans, failed bean soups. I finally learned that it was because of the high mineral content in my well water. I now cook dry beans with either purchased water (a small cost, I know) or stock. In this case I used 5 cups chicken stock and 2 cups water and the beans cooked up fine. I cut back the salt just a little to compensate for the stock and I even add the salt at the start and the beans still come out perfectly soft.

    Thanks for a super new recipe added to our fall soup rotation!

    • So it IS the minerals! That was the only theory I could come up with, but wasn’t sure. Thanks for sharing your fix!!

  110. MacKenzie says:

    So…I think I must have done something wrong! I did half the recipe (all the ingredients including water…maybe that was my mistake?) because my crock pot is only 3.5 quarts. I cooked it on low for 10 hours (the time I was gone at work). I just got home and the beans are crunchy! I am wondering what I could have done! Majorly sad right now :(

    • I think it might have something to do with the mineral content of your water. I’ve had a few people who have just not been able to get their beans to soften in the slow cooker and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. The mineral thing is all I can come up with. :(

      • Aliza says:

        I know this was a while ago but wanted to comment on the water issue-

        I live in a place where the tap water is “hard water”. I stopped using dried beans because they never, ever got soft when I cooked them. I came across a blog post recently from someone that lives in the same country as I do- and she said that she recently discovered that, like you said, the beans don’t get soft here because of the water. She said that using filtered water will solve the problem. I hope so… I decided to try it, I put this soup up this morning before I left to work, will see how it looks when I get home!

    • Caroline says:

      Thinking of making this soup, it sounds great. I’m wondering if I could double the recipe as I have a 7 qt crock pot. or would that be a big mistake?

      • My pot is either a 5 or 7 quart, I’m not exactly sure. If a doubled batch does fit in a 7 quart it will be tight.

  111. Lynne says:

    I made this soup because is it healthy and economical. But it didn’t appeal to my taste buds at all. It turned into a flavourless slime. No one in the family was interested in it. I love your site, and will continue to recreate your recipes in my kitchen…just not this one.

  112. I was searching a good vegetarian white bean soup and found this one. Made if for the first time this morning and had it for dinner this evening. Amazing! It’s that best white bean soup I ever had. The fact that it’s ridiculously easy to make and very affordable is a plus. And now that I’ve discovered your site, I can’t wait to try more of your recipes.

  113. Melanie says:

    This recipe was so cheap, easy, and flavorful! I will definitely be making again.

  114. Katie says:

    I just finished eating only half of my bowl (it was just that filling!), and I can definitely say that I will be making this again and again. It was delicious! I will have to make it on a day when I will be out of the house, however, because I spent the last two hours watching the timer, waiting for the soup to be done, because my home smelled so divine :) I added half a pound of ham with great results. Thank you for another great recipe!

  115. Sally says:

    This is pretty much how I make bean soup. The only difference is that I cook it in the slow cooker for 4 hours on high. Either way, it’s delicious.

  116. Sounds a lot like your spinach and navy bean soup – which I LOVED. Making this one next!
    How long do carrots and celery keep in the freezer?

  117. Carly says:

    I’ve loved every recipe I’ve tried on this site, and I’ve tried a lot, but couldn’t get my family to eat this one. We found it very bland with the bean taste overpowering. After reading the comments though I’m wondering if I did something different (although I followed the recipe). Hmmm, maybe if I did Chicken broth instead of water?

  118. This looks delish. I just add a few things to my shopping list to make this soup on Saturday. I know this is already a very frugal recipe, but have you ever though of getting your dried beans from the Dollar Store? I don’t buy any other food items their except dried beans and maybe salt but you get a pound for $1. Making this recipe .69 cheaper.

  119. Laura says:

    I am so sad that this was an epic fail for me. I have never cooked dry beans before, but followed directions exactly. Now, after8 hours on low & the last 2 on high, beans are still not soft. Any ideas? We do live over 6,000 feet- maybe the altitude?

    • A few people have had this problem and I can’t seem to pinpoint what’s causing it. I suspect it has something to do with the mineral content of the water in your area… but that’s just kind of a stab in the dark. I can’t think of anything else. :(

  120. Angel says:

    The smell in my house while this was cooking was AMAZING. Very easy recipe to make and really well received. I was so anxious to serve this, I forgot to add the salt at the end, but each of us was able to salt to taste. Thank you!!!!

  121. Robyn says:

    This is in the crock now and I am so excited for dinner, which will be accompanied by your no-knead focaccia bread which is going to be baked this afternoon.

    I made this exactly as stated except I found I am out of thyme and used marjoram instead.

  122. Jugglenaut says:

    This is great. Loving the slow cooker stuff.

  123. Andrea says:

    I just ate this for dinner- so delicious! It was great to have dinner ready right when I got home. I added some shredded parmesan cheese and ate two helpings!

    Next time I might add a little white wine into the soup.

  124. Kelly says:

    This was delicious and CHEAP! I get carrots & celery from the bulk bin, so no waste. I also had to add about 2 teaspoons of salt at the end (and added a tiny bit of powdered chicken stock/flavoring, just because I like it). Thanks!!

  125. Great instructions! I like a lil humour when i’m experimenting with a new recipe and you’re awsome for adding that photo of its initial appearance after the 8 hour cook, ; )
    Going to try this on wed!

  126. Amanda says:

    How would this turn out if I cooked this for 4 hours on high? I don’t cook with dry beans very often! :)

  127. Sydney says:

    I’m making this today except I’m adding a little beer, and by “a little” I mean an entire bottle. I make baked white beans with beer and they’re delicious, so I thought it would add a little something extra. This makes the recipe slightly less thrifty, though.

  128. The idea that salting the beans makes them tough is a myth; the salt actually softens the skins, preventing blowouts, and seasons the beans all the way to the center. Adding ACID early in cooking (tomatoes or the like) will toughen the skins.

  129. Heather says:

    This recipe looks great! One question: would great northern beans be an okay substitution for the navy beans? Thanks!

  130. KatieLu says:

    Just tasted this and what can I say…delicious! Budget friendly and goes a long way. We’ve had several unexpected guests at our house today and this has been in the slow cooker. I just love everyone’s faces as they walk in and smell it! Beth, thanks for saving my cooking “life!” My husband is extra grateful, too:) Keep up the amazing recipes.

  131. kammie says:

    Hooray! This looks delicious and perfect to cook on a work day! Getting the ingredients this weekend.

    PS: I think it would be a great candidate for some yummy shredded cheese on top. Maybe mozzarella or cheddar.

  132. Jessica says:

    The boyfriend and I loved it (and that’s saying something, cause he’s ridiculously picky). I subbed chicken stock (go go Better than Bouillon) and added some chicken sausage right at the end cause he wanted some extra meatiness, and I added in just a touch of chipotle pepper for smokiness, since I only had hungarian paprika. One minor freak out – I realized after buying my (like $4 worth of) ingredients that I only had a 3.5 quart slow cooker, but halving the recipe totally worked for two people, and made it even cheaper! I love you, I love your site, and I love this soup. Thanks so much for sharing!

  133. GoodrRay says:

    I’ve never made bean soup! Only stews.
    I’ll try with this one, looks delicious, and I love soup!! I often put some red lentils in to make a Good stock, or a few cooked beans, but have never tried it bean-based. And we have no slow-cooker. They are hard to find here in switzerland.

  134. Lauren says:

    About how many servings does this make?

  135. derek says:

    Have this in the slow cooker now. I only had mixed soup beans so I used those. Also substituted homemade chicken stock for the water and added two Turkey legs from last Thanksgiving. can’t wait to try it!

  136. It was a bit bland. We added
    more garlic, cayenne, celery seed, and some prosciutto that I had handy. I think you need to start over with a ham hock – which I wouldn’t know about, except for you.

  137. Huge success! I followed the recipe to a tee and it was the perfect consistency, with tons of flavor (which I usually find lacking in bean soups…). Just for fun I may experiment at some point swapping out the oil and salt with a ham bone the next time I have one (I think it would be really good with that slightly smoky flavor you get from the smoked paprika), but really it is phenomenal as is.

  138. Sarah says:

    I would love a good beer cheese soup recipe!

  139. Fantastic recipe!! This one is a keeper! The soup turned out heavenly. Change nothing! Your home will smell incredible too-bonus :) thanks Beth!

  140. Cathy says:

    This looks divine! I will make it on the first cold and rainy day this autumn. Thank you for the recipe : )

  141. Kielbasa! Sliced and added to the soup. Would make a WONDERFUL non-vegan bean soup.

  142. rusti says:

    my mom tried this recipe today and it was delicious!!! I love the spices in it!

  143. Sarvin says:

    Looks yum yum just one question
    The color of soup in slow cooker and in bowl is little bit diffrent its because of light or what else ?

    • The more I stirred, the more the veggies broke down and blended into the thickness. The carrots made it a little more yellow/orange. Also, the lighting in the final photos was a bit darker – I don’t get great light in my kitchen in the afternoon :)

  144. janmaus says:

    Looks amazingly like the any bean soup that I’ve been making for decades with minor differences–I like to saute the onions with about 3 thick slices of bacon, diced. I use the equal amounts of onion/celery/carrot, and, when my vegetarian daughter is home, do precisely Beth’s version, even using the same herbs. Great job, Beth!! It took me years to come up with my signature bean soup! Any beans are good for this from black eyed peas to pintos to limas. I do like to use fresh herbs, often a single one instead of a blend–sometimes thyme, sometimes rosemary–which happens to be one of my very favorite herbs. When using fresh herbs, double the quantity and use them in the last half hour. Mixed Italian or Provencal blends are both terrific if you need to use dried.

  145. rebecca says:

    hi! if i were making this on the stove top, how long/at what heat setting would i cook it?


    • Well, you’d have to cook it for hours to get the beans to fully cook. Even if you presoak them over night it will probably take at least an hour. It’s been such a long time since I’ve made beans on the stove top as opposed to the slow cooker that I honestly don’t remember how long they take to cook! :)

      • Carrie says:

        My crock has been broken for some time now so I’ve been using my 5 qt. cast iron pot. I put it in the oven at 225-250 for the same time as the crock pot and it works great. I know this probably consumes more energy than a crock pot, but hey, until i get a replacement…..
        Also, I’ve been using a vegitable base which helps to add to the flavor without adding meat.

  146. Kimberly Hedges says:

    I’ve got this soup going at my house right now and it smells like heaven!

  147. This soup looks so good & easy! Beans in soup form are one of the best meals ever. My favorite part is that they can take any flavor you can throw at them. Barbecue sauce? Yes. Lots of garlic and rosemary? Yes. tomato and roasted pepper? Yes. ALL YES ALL THE TIME. :)

  148. Sasha says:

    This recipe sounds super delicious. I don’t normally like celery, but I don’t want to completely remove the crunch. Is there something else that would be a good substitute?

    • Actually, the celery has no crunch in this at all because everything is cooked down until it’s soft (that’s what makes it thicken up). So, if you leave them out, you won’t miss any crunch, but it will definitely cut back on the flavor. I can’t think of anything that might compare to the celery, flavor wise. Maybe just try adding some other extra vegetables – potatoes, bell pepper, etc.

    • Amber says:

      I’m not a fan of celery either so I add celery seed so you get the flavor of it but not have to suffer through eating it. :)

    • Laura C says:

      What I do with soups like this, since I really dislike cooked celery and carrots is take the immersion blender too it once it’s cooked and I take out the bay leaves. I’m happy with the flavor of them in it, but if there are chunks of them in my soup, I’ll eat around them. :)

  149. Oh this is perfectly timed. It has just turned a bit chilly and i have all the ingredients for this. I never thought of mashing the beans to thicken the soup. Great idea.

  150. susanne says:

    love bean soup in the slow cooker! so rich and flavorful, and healthy, and cheap. and a great way to use up the last whatnots in the crisper–one lonely potato? chop it and throw it in. hmm, those green beans look a bit limp–into the soup. etc. when i have the extra 10 minutes, i’ll saute the veg in the olive oil before adding them to the cooker. extra delish, with no extra ingredients.

  151. Would Pinto beans work just as well?

    • They would work – I make pinto beans in my slow cooker a lot, I just tend to use more southwest flavors, like jalapeno and cumin :) They would definitely lend a different flavor to this particular recipe, though.

  152. Michelle says:

    What spice could I use in place of rosemary? I never use it and it seems like a waste to buy it for one recipe.

  153. Veronica says:

    How long do I cook it if ny beans are already cooked?
    Looks delicious!

    • Just until the veggies soften up enough that they mix into the mashed beans. I wouldn’t bother using the slow cooker, in that case. Just do it on the stove top and let it simmer until the veggies are soft.

      • Kathy says:

        I always do the quick soak method, and cook my beans until al’dente’. Then sauté’ my carrots, celery, onions and garlic in a little olive oil until just tender. Throw it all in the crock with home canned tomatoes, chicken base and a little tomato base plus some herbs that were mentioned. Add a smoked ham hock or smoked pork bones to it and Yummy! I like the addition you added as far as the paprika, will add this now as I am cooking it in the crock now! Just want to say that cooking beans before hand won’t make them break down to much. I cook on low for about 5 hrs. Mash a little at end and if to thin, add a slurry (cornstarch and cold water) to thicken it up!

  154. Megs says:

    If you set it for ten hours on the slow cooker do you think the beans would break down too much? Or do you just set for 8 and hope the warm setting will be fine?

    • I actually wanted the beans to break down so that they mashed up and turned into a thick soup (kind of as if they were pureed), so I don’t think letting it go longer would hurt anything.

  155. Kimberly Hedges says:

    YES! A healthy soup that’s crazy easy! I can’t wait to make this, thank you!

    • Caroline says:

      Meg , could you please let me know what size Crock pot you are using for this recipe. Am anxious to get started on this and want to see if I can double the recipe . I have a 7 qt cr. pot ! Thanks

  156. Katie says:

    After your absolutely glorious success with the chicken and pumpkin soup (which I am eating some leftovers of right now) you can bet I will be making this soup asap! Looks fantastic!

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