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Egg Recipes

A perfectly cooked soft boiled egg cut open to reveal the silky yolk.

(Pictured above: Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs)

50+ Delicious Egg Breakfast Recipes

An egg breakfast makes for a tasty and nutritious start to the day. Go beyond simple scrambling and frying and turn your breakfast into a masterpiece. From egg breakfast muffins to egg breakfast casseroles, you’ll find egg dishes that bring out the best in your day.

Easy Egg Breakfast Recipes

Make every day more delicious with egg breakfast ideas that break through the norm. Try something new like Southwest Tortilla Baked Eggs to make weekend breakfasts more amazing. Plan ahead for the week with Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Burritos you can heat and eat before charging into your day. These easy egg breakfast recipes help you take eggs to the next level!

Egg Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

Eggs really are one of the best breakfast ingredients. They allow you to create something simple, like the Perfect Soft Boiled Egg or something worthy of preparing for guests for an elegant brunch like Kale Swiss and Mushroom Strata. Even an egg sandwich will be a tasty and convenient when you need a portable egg breakfast to come along for the ride on your busy morning.

Sriracha Deviled Eggs - BudgetBytes.com

Sriracha Deviled Eggs

I have this sneaking suspicion that a week from now a lot of people will have a ton of hard boiled eggs on their hands and no idea what to do with them. While...

Green Chile Breakfast Quesadillas - BudgetBytes.com

Green Chile Breakfast Quesadillas

I’ve had a couple cans of green chiles in my pantry that need to be used up, so I decided to toss them into my favorite breakfast—a tortilla, egg, and cheese quesadilla. I also...

Zucchini and Corn Frittata - BudgetBytes.com

Zucchini and Corn Frittata

I love frittatas because they’re simple, filling, and have a bazillion different ingredient possibilities. They’re one of those great “sweep the kitchen” recipes that you can add just about any leftover to. And, although...

Baked Eggs with Spinach and Tomatoes

Baked Eggs with Spinach and Tomatoes

Have you ever noticed that the fewer ingredients a recipe has, the more elegant it seems? Lucky for me, that also usually means it’s pretty easy and, depending on the ingredients you choose, very inexpensive. This super...

Ham and Potato Frittata

Ham & Potato Frittata

Happy Fourth of July! I know most of you are out having burgers and beer (and I’m about to myself), but I had this Ham & Potato Frittata recipe waiting in the queue, so...

Hummus Breakfast Mug

Hummus Breakfast Mug

Okay… some of you are going to think this is the grossest thing you’ve ever seen, while others will think it’s the best idea ever. I’m in the second camp. This quick microwave hummus breakfast...

Southwest Scramble Skillet - Budget Bytes

Southwest Breakfast Scramble

Ahhh, it’s everything I love in one place: eggs, salsa, cheese, chips, and cilantro. Oh, and black beans, too! Just feed me this every day for the rest of my life and I’ll be...

Joe's Special

joe’s special (my way)

This recipe comes courtesy of my dear friend, Ashley. She was looking for something to cook for dinner one night and decided to type the ingredients she had on hand into google (I think...

Lemon Herb Egg Salad

Lemon Herb Egg Salad

As much as I love eggs, I never make egg salad. I guess it just always seemed a little too heavy, ooey, and gooey. This egg salad, on the other hand, is light, fresh,...

Kale & Chorizo Frittata

Kale & Chorizo Frittata

Inspired by this recipe that showed up in my mail box last week, I decided to pair two of my favorites, kale and chorizo, into one easy breakfast frittata! I also bought my first...

Avocado Breakfast Pita

avocado breakfast pita

I’ve got a quickie for y’all tonight. It’s not a super clever recipe, just my current favorite breakfast sandwich. You see, I pretty much only eat two things for breakfast: some sort of oatmeal,...

Grits n Greens

Grits ‘n Greens

If you’ve made a batch of Collard Greens and you just can’t get enough, here’s just one more way you can eat them. Plus, nothing makes you feel like a nutritional super star more...

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza

I’ve been experimenting with sauce and dough this past week which means that I eventually had to make some actual pizzas. I decided on two recipes, breakfast pizza being the first. If you’ve never...

Asparagus Breakfast Wrap

Asparagus Breakfast Wraps

IT’S ASPARAGUS SEASON! I’m not even joking when I say that I wait ALL year long for asparagus season to come around. I love their flavor and texture but because they cost around $4/lb....

a hand holding the cut quesadilla close to the camera

Chili Garlic Breakfast Quesadilla

I kid you not, I ate these Chili Garlic Breakfast Quesadillas for breakfast nearly every day for at least a whole year. At the time I was flat broke, commuting over an hour to school,...

Egg Florentine Quesadillas

Egg Florentine Quesadillas

Ever since making the creamed spinach, this has been my favorite breakfast. Wait, no, not my favorite breakfast… my favorite meal (because I can’t pretend that I haven’t made this for lunch and dinner...