Asparagus Breakfast Wraps

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by Beth - Budget Bytes
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IT’S ASPARAGUS SEASON! I’m not even joking when I say that I wait ALL year long for asparagus season to come around. I love their flavor and texture but because they cost around $4/lb. most of the year, I only get to indulge when they’re in season. This week, to my delight, I bought a bunch of asparagus for $1.50/lb.! YES!

My favorite way to eat them is just steamed/simmered with a touch of butter, salt, pepper and garlic. I prepared the asparagus for the breakfast wraps the same way. One bunch of asparagus should be plenty for six wraps, each with four asparagus inside. If your asparagus are super skinny, you can probably fit more in per wrap. Since I only eat one wrap per day (that’s not to say I *couldn’t* eat more…), I refrigerated the rest of the asparagus and then just gave a few of them a quick nuke before building my wrap the next day. Still delicious.

The wraps also include an egg, swiss cheese and sliced tomatoes. I cooked the egg over-easy so the yolk would act as a sauce. I thought swiss would make a nice match for the asparagus but some salty/sharp cheddar would also be delicious. There is wiggle room in this recipe… experiment and tell me what you come up with!

Asparagus Breakfast Wrap

Asparagus Breakfast Wrap

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Asparagus Breakfast Wraps

5 from 3 votes
Asparagus for breakfast? Sure, why not! Wrap the tender asparagus in a tortilla with an egg, melted cheese, and fresh tomato and you're all set.
Servings 6
Prep 10 minutes
Cook 15 minutes
Total 25 minutes


  • 1 lb bunch asparagus ($1.65)
  • 6 small size fajita flour tortillas ($0.53)
  • 6 large eggs ($0.72)
  • 4.5 oz swiss cheese ($0.92)
  • 3 medium roma tomatoes ($0.75)
  • 1 tsp butter ($0.02)
  • to taste salt and pepper ($0.05)
  • to taste garlic powder ($0.05)
  • brief spray non-stick spray ($0.05)


  • Rinse the asparagus and trim 1″ to 1.5″ off of the bottom to remove the hard fibrous ends. The woody fibers in the bottom will not soften with cooking and are not pleasant to eat.
  • Place the washed and trimmed asparagus in a large skillet with about 1 cup of water (enough water so that the asparagus are half submerged when laying flat. See photos below). Bring the water up to a boil over medium/high heat. Simmer the asparagus until they are tender but not mushy and are still bright green (about 5-10 minutes). Use a fork to test their tenderness. If you have a lid for your skillet, use it to trap the steam and they will cook faster.
  • Pour off any excess water from the asparagus and season with 1 tsp of butter, a dash of salt, pepper and garlic powder. I just use a very light sprinkling of each, about a 1/4 tsp. Gently stir the asparagus to distribute the seasoning.
  • While the asparagus are cooking, cook the egg to your liking (I fry to over-easy in a skillet with non-stick spray). Salt and pepper the egg if preferred.
  • Build the wrap by placing four asparagus in the center of the tortilla, then topping with .75 oz. of swiss, the cooked egg and 1/2 of a roma tomato, sliced. Fold both sides of the tortilla in toward the center, one side overlapping the other. Place the folded wrap back into the hot skillet where you cooked the egg, placing the folded side down. Cook the wrap until the tortilla is browned and crispy on both sides. This will also seal the wrap closed. Either serve whole or cut into two.

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Serving: 1ServingCalories: 289.23kcalCarbohydrates: 21.62gProtein: 16.8gFat: 15.23gSodium: 495.08mgFiber: 3.17g
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Step By Step Photos

fresh asparagus
Trim the woody, fibrous ends off of the asparagus and rinse them under cold water.

asparagus in skillet
Place the asparagus in a skillet with enough water so that they are about half submerged (about one cup).

simmer asparagus
Simmer the asparagus until they are bright green and tender. If you have a lid for your skillet, this will cut down on the cooking time. Also, move them around a bit as they simmer to make sure they all get heat and steam.

season asparagus
Pour off any excess water and season the asparagus with butter, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Use all of your strength to not eat the entire batch at this point. I “accidentally” at half of them. Oops, guess I’ll only be having three breakfast wraps this week…

build asparagus wrap 1
Begin your wrap by placing your asparagus in the center. You will be folding the sides in like a burrito so all of your ingredients will go in the center.

swiss cheese
Next comes the swiss. I put it between the asparagus and the egg because they are both hot and will help melt the cheese.

add egg and tomato
Then add the egg that you cooked while the asparagus were simmering and half of a sliced roma (the other half should stay nice until the next morning if wrapped and kept in the refrigerator). Wrap both sides of the tortilla in and return it to the skillet to get brown and crispy. Put the folded side down first so it will seal shut.

Asparagus Breakfast Wrap

See those oranges? I bought an 8 lb. bag for $3.50… That’s $0.44 per pound. SCORE!

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  1. Really delicious and way more filling than I thought they would be! I love recipes that incorporate veggies into breakfast time. I think my fajita wraps were a little small, so I couldn’t fry it at the end, but it still tasted delicious either way.