Turkey Pinwheels

What You Need:

-Cream Cheese -Sharp Cheddar  Cheese -Pimento Stuffed  Olives -Olive Brine

-Garlic Powder -Black Pepper -Extra Large  Tortillas -Sliced Turkey -Spinach


In a small bowl, make the cream cheese spread by stirring together room-temperature cream cheese, finely-shredded cheddar cheese, finely-chopped pimento-stuffed olives, olive brine, garlic powder, and pepper until very well mixed.

Make Spread


This can be made ahead and kept refrigerated for at least a week. If coming from the fridge, you will want to re-soften this mixture at room temperature (for about 30 minutes) before trying to spread it on the tortillas in the following step.

Bring To Room Temperature


Lay each tortilla out flat on a clean work surface, and spread each tortilla with the savory cream cheese spread, covering it evenly from edge to edge. 

Spread Onto Tortilla


Arrange slices of turkey across the center of the tortilla, overlapping them slightly to make an even layer depending on the size and thickness of each slice.

Add Turkey


Add spinach leaves on top of the turkey, leaving about ¼” of the cream cheese spread exposed along the top and bottom edges of the tortilla so it will stick properly.

Add Spinach


Starting with the end closest to you, fold in the edge of the tortilla so it sticks, and then roll it all the way up, as tightly as possible, tucking and rearranging the fillings as you go — just to make sure you get a little bit of everything in every bite!

Roll Tortilla


Adjust the log so that the exposed seam is secured against the cutting board before slicing it. Slice the log into even portions (about 1” wide). Be as gentle as possible, so the pinwheels maintain their shape as much as possible and the filling doesn’t squish out. 

Slice Roll


Flip each pinwheel on its face, exposing the spiral, and transfer to a serving platter or air-tight container. 

 Flip Slices And Serve

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