How to Cook Chicken Breast in a Pan

What You Need:

–Seasoning of choice –Boneless, skinless chicken breasts  –Cooking oil –Butter (optional)


Begin by seasoning the chicken breast liberally on each side. 

Season Chicken


Add a tablespoon or so of your favorite cooking oil to a large skillet. Heat the skillet over medium-low (or medium heat for thin cut breasts).

Add Oil to Pan


Cook Chicken

Once hot, swirl the oil in the skillet to coat the surface, then add the chicken breasts. Let the chicken breasts cook for 8 minutes (5 minutes for thin breasts). Flip once and cook until well browned on the second side and cooked through.


Add butter to the skillet, allow it to melt, then flip the chicken a couple of times to coat. The butter will help dissolve some of the flavor off the bottom of the skillet to further coat the chicken.

Add Butter 


Transfer the cooked chicken to a clean cutting board and allow it to rest for five minutes before slicing and serving.

Slice and Serve

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