strawberry champagne jello shots

What, haven’t you heard? Jello shots are all sophisticated and stuff now. Don’t believe me? Check out all of the insanely gorgeous gelatinous creations over at the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen!

Anyway, I know Valentines Day is all about chocolate, but I’m just not a huge chocolate person. So, I decided to make something a little more fun as a Valentines day feature. Personally, I’d probably just go for the bottle of champagne by itself, but if you’re having a V-day party or something along those lines, these little wiggles would be perfect!

You can also make straight up champagne flavor (without the strawberry) by using all plain Knox gelatin instead of the strawberry flavored Jello. One box of Jello is equal to about two packs of the Knox gelatin. So, substitute accordingly. I used a little extra gelatin (3 envelopes instead of two) because I like my jelly a little more firm (insert joke here).

So, happy Valentines Day, everyone! And if you’re by yourself this year, just have a few of these and everything will be allllllright!

Strawberry Champagne Jello Shots

Strawberry Champagne Jello Shots

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Strawberry Champagne Jello Shots

Strawberry champagne jello shots are a fun way to have a drink and dessert all in one "shot"!

Total Cost $10.93 recipe / $0.91 serving
Prep Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours
Servings 12


  • 1 bottle 750 mL pink champagne $8.99
  • 1 3 oz. box strawberry jello $0.83
  • 3 envelopes Knox gelatin $1.11


  1. Place the Jello mix and plain gelatin in a bowl and stir to mix. Pour in 1 cup of boiling water and stir until the gelatin has dissolved.
  2. Slowly pour in 3 cups of chilled champagne. Stir gently. Allow the bubbles to pop until the surface is almost bubble free. Pour the Jello mix into an 8×8 (or close in size) glass dish. Cover and chill until firm (about 4 hours or over night).
  3. Once the Jello has completely set, use a sharp knife to cut into 24 squares. Serve chilled!


strawberry champagne jello shots

Step By Step Photos

This is all you need to make these little naughty treats! Barefoot makes a pretty inexpensive champagne, as does Yellow Tail. I used pink champagne because it’s a little sweeter than say, a Brut.

boiling water
Combine the Jello mix and plain gelatin in a bowl. Pour in one cup of boiling water.

dissolve gelatin
Stir until the gelatin is dissolved. You may need to occasionally scrape down the edges because some will get up on the sides and solidify.

measure champagne
Measure out three cups of champagne… this will be almost the entire bottle with just enough for you to have a small glass while you make the recipe! Learn from my mistake: if you pour it down the side of the measuring cup instead of straight into the center, it will foam up less.

add champagne to jello
Carefully pour the champagne into the dissolved Jello mixture. Again, don’t do as I did and pour straight into the center. Pour down the side of the bowl to minimize bubbles. You’ll still get some and they’ll tend to last longer due to the gelatin, but they’ll eventually pop.

begin to pop
I guess you can’t really tell from the picture but they will begin to pop rapidly…

champagne jello mix
Until they’re pretty much all gone (about 5 minutes or so).

pour into square dish
Pour it into a small square casserole dish (about 8×8 inches… I think mine is 8×9). Cover and refrigerate until firm. If you used chilled champagne, I think it should be firmed up after about four hours, but this will ultimately depend on the temperature of your refrigerator. I suggest just letting it go over night just to be safe.

cut jello
Once it has firmed up, cut it into 24 squares.

enjoy responsibly
Enjoy responsibly ;)

strawberry champagne jello shots