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by Beth - Budget Bytes
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Last week I shared with you my top picks for food-related Gifts Under $25, and now it’s time to expand that list a little bit for those who have a little more wiggle room in their budget. Gift-giving can be really stressful, so hopefully, this list will help take some of that pressure off during this super busy time of year. I sifted through hundreds of food, kitchen, and cooking-related items to find these super cool gifts for the food lover in your life. And even if these exact items don’t hit the mark, I hope this list gives you some inspiration so you can find the perfect gift this year.

Prices and availability of the items on this list may change. Everything listed below was under $25 at the time of publication.

Collage of gift ideas under $50.

The gift ideas in this round-up are all fun and interesting finds for food lovers, but if you’re more of a practical gift giver, check out our blog post about Kitchen Basics to find all of our picks for kitchen equipment, tools, and supplies that every kitchen needs.

Gift Ideas for Food Lovers Under $50

Set of three bamboo cutting boards.
Photo: Amazon

Bamboo Cutting Board Set – These bamboo cutting boards are absolutely gorgeous and any home cook would be happy to use and display them in their kitchen

Metallic glass decanter set with four glasses.
Photo: Amazon

Iridescent Decanter Set – I’m obsessed with how pretty this decanter set is and it comes in four different colors! I love the almost retro vibes of the amber set, but the other colors are beautiful as well. Even if you just drink water out of this it will feel ✨fancy✨.

Contents of a kit for making homemade hot sauce.
Photo: Amazon

Hot Sauce Making Kit – As a hot sauce lover, this kit looks REALLY fun! I can only imagine the creativity (and maybe obsession) that it would spark, leading to tons of homemade hot sauces even after the contents of the kit have been used.

Pour over glass coffee maker with metal filter.
Photo: Amazon

Pour Over Coffee Maker – We have a similar pour-over coffee maker in the Budget Bytes studio and I highly recommend it! Not only does it make great coffee and look pretty, but that metal filter has come in handy for many other purposes. Ha!

Chrome fondue set showing strawberries dipped in chocolate.
Photo: Amazon

Fondue Set – Give the gift of having an excuse to eat an entire meal dipped in melted cheese. Honestly, why did fondue ever go out of style?? Who doesn’t love food dipped in melted cheese or chocolate?!

America's Test Kitchen cooking school cookbook cover.
Photo: Amazon

The New Cooking School Cookbook – America’s Test Kitchen is the expert of experts when it comes to cooking techniques, so if you have a friend or family member who really wants to hone their kitchen skills, this is the definitive guide! (The non-advanced version of this book is also available here for under $25.)

Product image for a homemade bread baking kit with all contents.
Photo: Amazon

Sourdough Starter Kit – If you know someone who is just now getting into bread baking (or maybe trying again for a second time after the pandemic started), this sourdough starter kit is super cool. It has everything you need to make an Instagram-worthy loaf!

Fruit soft serve machine next to fresh fruit and a bowl of soft serve.
Photo: Amazon

Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Maker – Okay, this thing looks really cool. It turns any frozen fruit into a soft, scoopable frozen sorbet. Remember that “nice cream” trend from ten years ago? It’s like that except you don’t need a food processor and you can use any fruit. Perfect for the frozen treat lover!

Product image for a tea sampler set showing 12 types of loose leaf tea.
Photo: Amazon

Tea Sampler Set – Know someone who is starting to show an interest in tea? This sampler set of looseleaf tea is the perfect way to dip your toes into the vast world of tea. Pair it with a simple diffuser for a complete set!

Black gooseneck tea kettle with a cork handle.
Photo: Amazon

Gooseneck Kettle – Whether you’re buying for a coffee or tea drinker, this gooseneck tea kettle makes the brewing process an event. It’ll make you feel like you’re ordering coffee from a super pricey gourmet cafe, except YOU get to be the hipster barista! 😂

Product image for a charcuterie set including wooden board, bowls, forks, and cheese knives.
Photo: Amazon

Charcuterie Set – This one is for the entertainer in your life, or someone who just loves to have an extra special girl dinner on Friday night. ;) It’s got everything you need and I know it would get a lot of use in our house!

Cover image for The Food Lab book.
Photo: Amazon

The Food Lab – Science lovers unite! This book is perfect for people who like to take a really technical approach to cooking, or who love science just as much as cooking itself. Super cool, if you ask me!

Product image for a wooden and silicone kids cooking set.
Photo: Amazon

Kids Cooking Set – I shared a similar cooking set for kids in our gifts under $25 round-up, but this one is a little bit nicer and is definitely great for people who love to have everything be aesthetically pleasing. ;)

Product image for a homemade pizza set including paddle, stone, cutter, and booklet.
Photo: Amazon

Homemade Pizza Set – Okay, maybe this list is just turning into a list of things I want, but if you know someone who is as obsessed with pizza as I am, they’d probably like this set too.

Four packages of different flavored ramen noodle kits.
Photo: Amazon

Omsom Ramen Noodle Sampler – Know a noodle lover? This sampler set of different saucy noodles looks absolutely drool-worthy, and will probably help the receiver spend a little less on take out!

Want even more ideas? Find our full Gift Ideas under $50 list on our Amazon shop!

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