Spinach, Mushroom & Feta Crustless Quiche

$6.19 recipe / $1.03 serving

I’m a big fan of savory breakfasts and this one might be my new favorite. It has endless possibilities and is a cinch to make. …plus, it reheats well in the microwave for a quick dinner!

A quiche is basically an egg and milk custard filled with all sorts of other things (usually cheese and vegetables). Traditionally, quiches are baked into a pie crust but I felt that I had enough cheese in here to cover my fat ration for the day so I just skipped the crust. If you want your quiche in a crust, make this super simple 60 second pie crust.

To make this recipe extra economical, use vegetables that are in season and on sale for a low price. You can do bell peppers, squash, broccoli, anything. I had some mushrooms that I had planned to use for my slow cooker marinara, but forgot about, so I used them in this. I also had leftover feta, parmesan, and mozzarella, so in they went! Lastly, I bought a super inexpensive box of frozen spinach. I probably went overboard on the cheese but I had it on hand, so I had to use it up!

Spinach, Mushroom & Feta Crustless Quiche

Spinach Mushroom Crustless Quiche

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spinach, mushroom & feta crustless quiche
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Total Cost: $6.19
Cost Per Serving: $1.03
Serves: 6
  • 8 oz. fresh mushrooms $1.99
  • ½ tsp minced garlic $0.06
  • as needed non-stick spray $0.02
  • 1 (10 oz.) box frozen spinach $1.09
  • 4 large eggs $0.83
  • 1 cup milk $0.39
  • 2 oz. feta cheese $0.87
  • ¼ cup grated parmesan $0.39
  • ½ cup shredded mozzarella $0.50
  • to taste salt & pepper $0.05
  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. If your frozen spinach is not already thawed, thaw it in the microwave. Empty the box into a colander and let it drain while you begin to prepare the rest.
  2. Quickly rinse the mushrooms and slice them thinly. Place the sliced mushrooms in a skillet coated with non-stick spray, add the minced garlic, and sprinkle a little salt and pepper. Turn the heat on to medium-high and saute the mushrooms until they release all of their moisture and no more water remains on the bottom of the skillet (5-7 minutes).
  3. Spray a pie dish with non-stick spray. Squeeze the rest of the water out of the spinach and spread it out on the bottom of the pie dish. Next add the cooked mushrooms and crumbled feta.
  4. In a medium bowl whisk together the eggs until fairly smooth. Add the milk, parmesan, and another small sprinkle of pepper. Whisk to combine. (This step can be completed while the mushrooms are cooking) Pour this mixture into the pie dish over the spinach, mushrooms, and feta.
  5. Sprinkle the shredded mozzarella cheese over top. Place the pie dish on a baking sheet for easy transfer into the oven. Place the quiche into the preheated oven and bake until it is golden brown on top and the center is solid. Every oven is different but this should take between 45 minutes and an hour. Slice and serve!


spinach mushroom feta crustless quiche

Step By Step Photos

drain spinachThe key to preventing a soggy quiche is to reduce the moisture in your vegetables. This is why the spinach is squeezed dry and the mushrooms get cooked before adding to the quiche. I start by draining the spinach in a colander and then squeeze the rest of the moisture out before adding it to the dish.

fresh mushroomsNext, move onto the mushrooms. Sometimes pre-sliced mushrooms are the same price as whole, but not this time around…

slice mushroomsSo I washed and sliced my own. I usually cut them in half first (to get a flat surface) and then slice them.

cook mushroomsMushrooms are like sponges that are secretly holding a lot of water, so you need to saute them before adding them to your quiche. I just placed them in a skillet coated with non-stick spray (and a little garlic for flavor) and then sprinkled them with salt and pepper. Just a touch. The salt will help draw out the moisture.

cook mushroomsTurn the heat onto medium or medium high and saute them (cook while occasionally stirring) until the water cooks out. This picture is about half way through the process. You’ll notice that the bottom of the skillet is covered with water that has seeped out of the mushrooms. Just keep cooking past this point until most of that water has evaporated off and the bottom of the skillet is relatively dry. This should take about 5-7 minutes, depending on how hot your skillet is. You can prepare the custard (egg and milk mixture) while you’re waiting for the mushrooms to finish.

fill pie dishCoat the inside of a 9 inch pie dish with non-stick spray. Squeeze the rest of the water out of the spinach and place it in the bottom of the dish along with the cooked mushrooms and feta cheese… in no particular order.

whisk eggsTo make the custard, begin by whisking together four eggs until they are fairly smooth and uniform in texture.

add milk and parmesanNext whisk in the milk and parmesan cheese… and a little more pepper or any other herbs that you might like.

pour on custardPour the custard mixture over the vegetables in the pie dish. Oh, and the quiche is much easier to get in and out of the oven if it’s on a baking dish, so I put it on there before pouring in the liquidy custard mixture.

mozzarellaSprinkle on more cheese (mozzarella in this case) if you want… again, I probably went overboard on the cheese but boy, was it tasty ;)

bake quicheBake the quiche in a preheated 350 degree oven until it is golden brown on top and the center is no longer liquid. This will take anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour depending on your oven. Just start checking it at 45 minutes. You’ll notice as it cooks that it begins to puff up a bit. It will deflate once it comes out of the oven but the “puff” is a good way to tell which areas are cooked and which are still liquid.

spinach mushroom feta crustless quicheSlice and serve! (I prefer mine with a healthy dose of sriracha!)


  1. Sarah M. says:

    Ugh you are so cool! I love this recipe and I love that you’re a micro nerd like I am!

  2. Noona says:

    Just made this, it came out amazing thank you so much for sharing! I added garlic powder instead of the fresh, and put the mushrooms in raw, and it was perfect!

  3. Shaina says:

    I’ve made this a few times now for the baby I nanny (and her parents!). The first time she wasn’t a huge fan, so the second time I switched it up a little. The main change I made was to do it in muffin tins, it’s juuuuust enough to fill 12 and it makes it easy to portion out and bring for lunches! I also have been adding a bit of ricotta to the eggs, for added creamy-ness and protein; might even do cottage cheese next time. I also chop the mushrooms up more so they are easier for her to eat with only four teeth! Lastly I have played with the cheeses–the last batch I used cheddar on top instead of mozz, and this time I’ve put goat cheese in with the feta because I didn’t have enough feta. Kid loves cheese so I’m sure she’ll like it!

    • Kara says:

      Did you change the baking time or temperature when you made them in the muffin tin?

      • shaina says:

        Yes, I kept the temp the same but cut the time…It ended up being around 30 minutes, but I started checking at 15. Just kept going until the centers were firm and the cheese on top was browned.

  4. Cynthia says:

    When you put eggs in a dish, why call it a Veggie dish?

  5. Jennifer says:

    This looks delicious and I want to try it for our Christmas breakfast. Can I prepare it the night before and bake it in the morning?

  6. Just wanted to say that I love this dish and make it frequently. We sometimes add a little chopped bacon to the mushroom sauté which adds even more flavor. Thanks for this recipe!

  7. Sue T says:

    I love this dish. I make it with fresh spinach, which I wilt in the pan when the onions and mushrooms are done. I love a touch of lemon juice in this as well. Made it for myself, then made it for family overnight guests. They loved it, and I liked having my guests wake up to delightful smells in my kitchen and a warm breakfast. Thank you for posting this recipe.

  8. Emily M. says:

    Beth, You made my month when I found your recipe. When we were first married, we ate a lot of crustless quiche because neither one of us care for pastry crust. We found a recipe that just uses cooked potatoes, much like mashed without the butter and milk. We put a thin layer in the baking dish and layer from there. We’ve not had ANY issues with sogginess and we’ve made this 3-4 times this month already! I always have fresh spinach and goat cheese so this was my substitution and they both worked wonderfully but you’re correct in saying the “dryer, the better.” Thanks again for this wonderful go-to recipe. It is now our comfort meal. Looking forward to your continued posts. Emily

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