Spinach Artichoke Pasta

$7.29 recipe / $1.22 serving

You know how spinach artichoke dip is so good that sometimes you want to just order the appetizer as your meal and not share it with anybody? I hereby give you permission to. Well, as long as you make it yourself instead of spending $8 for one serving of it. And I guess you can share because you’ll have enough to feed six.

I started with my favorite spinach artichoke dip recipe, added some pasta to make it more meal-worthy and then made a few substitutions in the name of heart health.

The absolute best part about this recipe is that it literally came together in the time that it took me to boil the pasta. It seems like a lot of my recipes have been really time consuming lately so it was really refreshing to make something that was so quick and so delicious. It’s a WINNER!

Scroll down to the bottom of the post for ingredient substitutions and add-in ideas.

Spinach Artichoke Pasta

Spinach Artichoke Pasta

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spinach artichoke pasta
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Total Cost: $7.29
Cost Per Serving: $1.22
Serves: 6
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil $0.20
  • 4 cloves garlic $0.22
  • 4 oz. neufchatel cheese $0.85
  • ½ cup sour cream $0.45
  • ¼ cup white wine $0.45
  • ½ cup milk $0.12
  • ½ cup grated parmesan $0.47
  • 1 can (14 oz) quartered artichoke hearts $1.99
  • 1 pkg (10 oz) chopped spinach, thawed $1.00
  • 1 Tbsp hot sauce $0.05
  • 1 tsp red pepper flakes (optional) $0.05
  • to taste salt and pepper $0.05
  • 12 oz. pasta (any shape) $1.39
  1. Put a large pot of water on to boil with a lid. When it comes to a boil, cook the pasta according to package directions (boil for about 10 minutes or until al dente). Drain the pasta in a colander.
  2. While you are cooking the pasta, start making the sauce. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Mince the garlic and cook it in the oil until it is slightly tender (1-2 minutes).
  3. Add the neufchatel (cream cheese), sour cream and white wine. Stir until everything is evenly incorporated. Reduce the heat to medium/low.
  4. Add the milk and parmesan cheese. Stir it in until the parmesan has melted in and is evenly incorporated. Stir in the hot sauce and thawed/drained spinach.
  5. Drain the can of artichoke hearts. Roughly chop them and add to the sauce. Taste the sauce and season with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes if desired.
  6. Add the cooked and drained pasta and stir to coat. Serve warm.


Step By Step Photos

garlic oilStart by cooking some minced garlic in olive oil (if I had a nickel for every time I’ve started a recipe like this…)

add sour cream, neufchatel, wineAdd the neufchatel (or cream cheese), sour cream and white wine. Stir until it all melts together. Lower the heat slightly (medium/low) because we’re using a lot of dairy products and you don’t want them to “break” (that’s when the solids clump up and separate from the liquid).

add parmesan and milkAdd the milk and parmesan cheese and stir it until the parmesan has melted in.

hot sauceThrow in some hot sauce, taste it to see if you want more.

rough chop artichokesDrain the can of artichokes then roughly chop. This way, every bite gets a little artichoke instead of having 7 or 8 large chunks in the whole dish.

spinach and artichokeAdd the spinach, stir in. Then add the artichokes and stir in. In the picture I added them both at the same time but I would recommend adding the spinach first because it takes more stirring than the artichokes and you don’t want the artichokes breaking up too too much.

final tasteGive it a final taste and season with salt, pepper and more hot sauce or red pepper flakes.

add pastaAdd the cooked and drained pasta.

stir it upStir it up and serve it warm!


To make this dish less naughty than regular spinach artichoke dip, I substituted neufchatel cheese for cream cheese (1/3 less fat, folks!), nixed the mayonnaise and mozzarella and added in some milk instead. Besides, I needed this to be a bit more saucy than dip-like in order to coat the pasta. You could also sub low-fat sour cream for the regular if you want. I wouldn’t suggest using fat free sour cream or cheeses in this as they don’t do well texturally when melted or in sauces.

I used white wine in my sauce because it’s Friday night and I know I’ll finish the bottle. Plus, it was a cheap $6 bottle so 1/4 cup didn’t add significantly to the total cost. If you don’t want to use wine, you can sub chicken or vegetable broth instead. But let me tell you, the wine adds a fantastic, unique flavor element.

If you don’t want to use spicy hot sauce, I would substitute it with lemon juice. You need the acidic tang given by either the vinegar in the hot sauce or the lemon juice to brighten up the creamy sauce. I found that the hot sauce wasn’t spicy enough for me so I ended up adding red pepper flakes too.

Okay, one more thing. This is a vegetarian dish but some grilled chicken, crab or lobster meat would be EXCELLENT mixed in. Just sayin’.

Bon Appetit!


  1. Michelle Diaz says:

    I too was curious if anyone had ever tried freezing this? I was hoping to make several at once and freeze some for later.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Would fresh spinach work in this recipe? I have some I need to use up. How would you go about getting it to wilt?

    • Hi Elizabeth, Yes fresh spinach would be really awesome in this. :) Luckily, it wilts very fast and easily, so all you’ll need to do is stir it in a handful at a time (to prevent it from spilling out of the skillet) until it wilts. It should only take a few seconds in the hot cream sauce. So, after you make the sauce, just stir in the spinach until wilted and then continue to add the artichoke hearts and the rest of the recipe as written.

  3. Chelsea says:

    Not always the biggest fan of being able to really taste sour cream, but I liked it! And so did everyone else!

  4. Tiffany says:

    This was a fantastic recipe! The whole family liked it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Karen says:

    Another winner Beth!! Fantastic recipe. My 11-year-old rated it a 10 out of 10!!!!

  6. Mandy says:

    I tried this the other day and it was amazing! Have you tried adding any vegetables to it? If so what would did you try? Thanks!

  7. Lisa says:

    I really LOVED this. If you like spinach artichoke dip you will too. I didn’t have milk so I used vegetable broth and I didn’t use the hot sauce or peppers. It was super yummy.

  8. Has Anyone tried freezing this and then baking it with some cheese on top? I think it should work…

  9. Caitlin says:

    Making this tonight! I got one of the Philadelphia cooking creme things (Italian cheese & herb flavor) on a manager’s special deal for $1.50, so I’m using that in place of the cream cheese & sour cream. Hopefully it turns out delicious!

    PS- I love your blog SO much. Thank you for all the amazing recipes :)

  10. This was delicious! Although my grocery store was out of light sour cream AND neufchatel… whoops :D. I added sun dried tomatoes because I can get those in the bulk section of my produce market for $3.99/pound, and that really kicked the recipe up a notch.

    Your website has been so, so helpful to me as my husband and I are on a super tight budget in NYC. We are obsessed with the way you break down costs! So far we’ve tried three of your recipes and each one has been a hit. Thanks for being amazing!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! Could you please add nutrition information going forward?

  12. Elizabeth – I haven’t tried yogurt in this one, but most of the time it works pretty well! I say go for it!

  13. elizabeth says:

    I love your blog! Thank you for taking time out your day to share your lovely recipes. Question: May I use plain yogurt in place of the sour cream?

  14. I was thinking about making this when I saw your your recipe pinned on Pinterest Perfect timing. I have some spinach artichoke dip left over that I need to use up. I like your suggestion of thinning it with wine. I think I will also be adding chicken. I like the way you do the food costs. Pretty cool! I’ll be checking out some more of your recipes.

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