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Salad Recipes

Sesame ginger dressing being poured over the crunchy cabbage salad

100 easy, delicious, budget-friendly salad recipes that will add color, texture, and nutrients to your meals. From vegetable salads, to pasta salads, and tuna salads, we’ve got the best salad recipes your your needs! Don’t forget to check out our homemade dressing recipes, as well! (pictured: Crunchy Cabbage Salad with Sesame Dressing)

This classic Southern Style Potato Salad uses both mustard and mayonnaise for a super flavorful dressing that is both tangy and creamy. BudgetBytes.com

Southern Style Potato Salad

People take their potato salad very seriously here in the south. I learned that quickly after moving to southern Louisiana from northern Michigan (I know, right?). I was never a fan of potato salad...