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by Beth - Budget Bytes
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I had so much fun curating gift guides the last two years, that I’ve been waiting all year to do it again! As with previous years, the 2016 gift guide is full of fun, food related (and often times science-y) gift ideas that I think are really cool. Most of them are fun, cute, or funny because that’s just the type of thing I enjoy when it comes to gifts, so if you have someone on your list that is a little goofy, you might find something useful here!

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase upon my recommendation the seller thanks me with a small percentage of the sale. I was not paid by any person or company to include the items on this list. 

Budget Bytes 2016 Gift Guide

Here are all of my picks for the 2016 holiday gift season! 2016 Gift Guide - BudgetBytes.com

Top Row: The Mac + Cheese Cookbook | Oil & Vinegar Flasks | American Cake | Death Before Decaf Phone Case

Middle Row: Thank You Lunch Bag | Sally’s Baking Addiction | Mason Jar Herb Garden | Pepperoni Pizza Pouch | Pizza Never Lies Pouch | Rub Away Bar | The Science of Good Cooking | Meal Planning Magnets

Bottom Row: Donut Mug | Culinary Reactions | Coffee, Create, Sleep Mug | Put An Egg On It

Links, descriptions, and my opinions on the items in this year’s gift guide below…

Kitchen Gadgets and Tools

Thank You Insulated Lunch Bag – I’m a huge fan of replacing disposable items with reusables, and this lunch bag design is super fun. And the price is reasonable!

Science Flask Oil & Vinegar Dispensers – As a previous laboratory worker, I love it when kitchen and lab ware mix. These Oil and Vinegar flasks are too cute. They also make salt and pepper dispensers, if you’re not an oil & vinegar type person.

Rub Away Bar – You know how when someone has bad breath and you tell them on the sly by offering to share your gum? Gifting this Rub Away Bar is kind of the same thing but different, LOL. I’ll be honest, I have no idea if it works, but if rubbing this piece of metal can remove hand odors like it says it does, I think any cook could use one!


Culinary Reactions – Hi, it’s the scientist in me again. Half the fun of cooking is watching the science happen. This cookbook explains, in scientific terms, how and why recipes work. It’s very much like a textbook I had in college, except probably way more fun to read. ;)

The Science of Good Cooking – America’s Test Kitchen is kind of the go-to source for all things science in the kitchen, so this is an even deeper dive into the subject, for all you die-hard science or food geeks (like me!).

American Cake – If you saw my blog post for the Applesauce Cake recipe from in this book, then you know that I L-O-V-E this book. It is full of gorgeous photos and fascinating history about our country and the desserts that represent the times. This one is for the history buffs and cake lovers!

Sally’s Baking Addiction: Irrresistible Cookies, Cupcakes, and Desserts for Your Sweet-Tooth Fix – Whew, that’s a mouthful! But a tasty mouthful. This book might get you in trouble. #sorry Sally is one of my favorite food bloggers and she just re-released this book in paperback with eight new recipes added!

The Mac + Cheese Cookbook – Everything you ever needed to know about mac & cheese. And who wouldn’t want to know everything about mac & cheese?? If anything else, get this one to just drool over the photos. #cheeeeese

Fun Stuff

Mason Jar Herb Garden Gift Set – The perfect size for small apartments! These little jars will fit on windowsill so you can (hopefully) have free, fresh herbs to cook with. YAY!

Meal Planning Magnets – These fun little magnets are a great way to make a visual meal plan and maybe get the kids involved! You can pick from images on the list, or custom order magnets with photos of your favorite recipes. The store owner is also giving my readers a 10% discount on orders in December with the discount code “budgetbytes”.

Put An Egg On It – If you have an egg lover on your list, you gotta check out these t-shirts I made. Well, t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, and aprons! There are a variety of colors, fabrics, and t-shirt styles to choose from!

And here are a few things from Society6.com, a site that I LOVE! It’s full of amazing creative work and it supports independent artists. #win Most of the items on this site can be printed on a variety of products, so browse around!

Coffee, Create, & Sleep Mug – This is my life.

Pizza Never Lies Pouch – So you can show the delivery guy just how dedicated you are when you pull out your cash.

Pepperoni Pizza Pouch – Or if your pizza love goes beyond obsession. You can also get this as a comforter for your bed or a pair of leggings. Just sayin’.

Death Before Decaf – I have this on a t-shirt. So true, so true. (Also cute as a wall print)

Donut Travel Mug – And this is just cute. :)

And if you want something more practical, here are some kitchen items that I own and think any home cook would love:
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  1. I went and looked at “The Science of Good Cooking” book and was really impressed. I purchased it for my wife (but really it’s as much for me! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. I have the rub-away bar. It totally works! If you have a stainless steel sink you can also just rub your hands on that for the same effect.

  3. I have a Rub Away Bar and can verify that it works!! Totally removes the smell of fresh chopped garlic and onion from your hands. I squirt a little dish soap on it and wash my hands as with a bar of soap after chopping garlic or onion.

  4. We actually have the Rub Away bar. We registered for it when we got married 10 years ago. It works! And it’s pretty cute!

  5. Those oil + vinegar flasks are adorable!! I’d love to get Sally’s cookbook! <3 + I need that mason jar herb garden!

  6. Hi Beth!

    This is great but especially the practical kitchen items listed at the end; I enjoy and trust your recipes very much so I’m happy to have some recommendations on cookware from the cook herself.

  7. I’m sure the rub-away bar will work, but you don’t need it. Just rub your fingers/hands against the sink. It works! I no longer have onion hands!

    1. Incredible! I had no idea! Ha! I guess the bar would work if you don’t have a metal sink or faucet.

    2. I find that the tines of a stainless steel fork works for getting that stubborn garlic smell from under my fingernails. Otherwise I just rub my hands on the sink, as others have suggested

  8. Thanks so much for the great post! I love that coffee mug– it’s the cutest