Thanksgiving Leftovers Tortilla Wrap

What You Need:

Large Tortilla Thanksgiving Leftovers (turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce) Cheese


Cut a large tortilla from the center out to the edge (as if you were cutting it in half, but only cut halfway across).

Cut Tortilla


Gather your Thanksgiving leftovers to use in the wrap. I used leftover turkey, leftover stuffing, leftover cranberry sauce, and a few slices of brie. I used about a quarter cup of each. 

Gather Leftovers


Place the tortilla in a large skillet and turn the heat on to medium. Spread the cranberry sauce over one quarter of the tortilla, add the chopped turkey in the quadrant next to the cranberry sauce, the brie in the next quadrant, and then the stuffing in the last quadrant.

Fill Tortilla


Fold one quadrant of the tortilla (next to the cut) over the second quadrant.

Fold #1


Then fold both of those over the third quadrant.

Fold #2


Then fold it one more time over the fourth quadrant.

Fold #3


Then let the folded tortilla wrap cook for a few minutes on each side until it is brown and crispy.

Cook Until Crispy

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