Thanksgiving Roundup 2013

It’s almost turkey day! I won’t be cooking a huge spread myself, but I wanted to compile a list of my favorite Thanksgiving options from years past. Hopefully this list will help you get some ideas!

Turkey & Stuffing Casserole

Turkey Stuffing CasseroleI’ve cooked a whole bird before, but this “casserole” style method of cooking turkey pieces on top of homemade stuffing takes the cake. It’s so much easier, you’ll never got back to a whole bird.


Basic Cranberry Sauce

This simple cranberry sauce only requires three ingredients but has enough flavor to add excitement to your holiday meal. BudgetBytes.comThis cranberry sauce was one of the first recipes I ever posted, so there are no step by step photos. BUT, don’t worry, it’s so easy that you probably won’t even need them! 


Red Wine Cranberry Sauce

Red Wine Cranberry SauceWant a fancier cranberry sauce? Well, if you happen to have a bottle of red wine that you’re sipping on while cooking on Thanksgiving, go ahead and make this ultra flavorful red wine version of cranberry sauce.


Nature’s Candy

Nature's CandyI didn’t make this for Thanksgiving originally, but I think it would make a great addition to the holiday table. After all, what’s more Thanksgiving-like than sweet potatoes and apples? So good.


Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Pecans

Front view of the casserole dish full of Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Pecans with pine cones on the sideThese are another great roasted sweet potato option. They’re a lot less work than regular sweet potato casserole, but you still get that classic sugary sweet taste.


Date & Gorgonzola Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Date & Gorgonzola Stuffed Sweet PotatoI made these the other day and still can’t stop thinking about them. If one potato is too big for your holiday servings, simply cut the baked potato in half lengthwise and top each half of the potato with the goodies.


Chunky Mashed Potatoes

Chunky Mashed PotatoesNeed a good, basic mashed potato recipe? This one is my fav. I love ’em chunky and infused with garlic and green onions!


Corn & Cheddar Pudding

Corn & Cheddar PuddingThis super rich and creamy corn pudding has Thanksgiving written all over it. It’s warm, comforting, and just waiting to nestle up along side the green beans and turkey on your plate.


Holiday Wild Rice Dressing

Holiday Wild Rice DressingIt’s all the flavors of fall in one side dish: butternut squash, cranberries, sage, and walnuts. I could make a meal of this by its self.

Apple Dijon Kale Salad

This Apple Dijon Kale Salad is tangy, sweet, and crunchy with Granny Smith apples, walnuts, raisins, and a homemade Dijon vinaigrette. BudgetBytes.comYou might want to add a little green to the Thanksgiving meal and this Apple Dijon Kale Salad would be awesome. Apples and walnuts keep with the autumn theme, but kale will give you your big dose of greens.


Mushroom & Herb Gravy

This one quick, easy, and insanely flavorful Mushroom Herb Gravy will satisfy both meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Step by step photos. BudgetBytes.comDon’t forget the gravy! And don’t forget your vegetarian friends! This awesome mushroom herb gravy is vegetarian friendly so that all of your guests can enjoy some gravy goodness.


Marinated Mushrooms

Marinated MushroomsSpeaking of mushrooms, these tasty little shrooms are a great appetizer to have hanging around for your guests while everyone is waiting to eat!


Focaccia Rolls

Focaccia RollsYou’ll definitely want some homemade bread for the meal, and these focaccia rolls are super easy and super impressive. Start the dough the day before and you’ll not spend even one minute kneading.


Rosemary Pepper Drop Biscuits

A basket full of freshly baked Rosemary Pepper Drop BiscuitsWant something even easier? All these drop biscuits require is mixing up the dough, then dropping dollops of it onto a baking sheet. Super easy and delicious.


Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Pumpkin Bread Pudding closeFinish off the meal with some pumpkin bread pudding! This is a “lighter” version of bread pudding that doesn’t go over board with the butter, eggs, or sugar. But hey, you just ate an enormous, delicious meal, right? …if you must, eat it cold for breakfast the next day!

What is your favorite?