Curried Tofu Salad Meal Prep

by Beth - Budget Bytes
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ICYMI, the Curried Tofu Salad that I made earlier this week is my new absolute favorite. It’s SO fast and easy, incredibly filling yet light, super flavorful, and best of all, very inexpensive. I honestly can’t get enough of it. So of course I made a meal prep out of it! This Curried Tofu Salad Meal Prep is actually a variation of a curried chicken salad meal prep box that I bought at a local grocery store recently (yes, even I break down and splurge once in a while, but those splurges always inspire me to make a homemade version). For my version, I switched out the tofu salad for the chicken salad to make it a bit more affordable and balance out the high cost of the nuts and cranberries. :)

For more information about meal prepping, how it works, and why I do it, check out Meal Prep 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Prepping and Portioning Meals, or check out my entire Budget-Friendly Meal Prep Archive.

Curried Tofu Salad Meal Prep

Three Curried Tofu Salad Meal Prep containers with dried cranberries and cashews on the sides

This Meal Prep Includes:

1 batch Curried Tofu Salad: $3.47

2 oz. mixed greens: $2.00

32 crackers: $0.35

1/2 cup cashews: $0.87

1/4 cup dried cranberries: $0.35

Total Cost: $7.45

Cost Per Meal: $1.87

Leftovers: cashews, dried cranberries, and crackers, all of which are shelf stable. I used about a half container of mixed greens, so you’ll likely have some of that leftover. Use the extra greens to stuff into sandwiches, wraps, or make a side salad for dinner.

The meal prep containers shown in the photos can be found in my Amazon Shop.

One Curried Tofu Salad Meal Prep container being eaten


  • I find that mixed greens that are purchased in the plastic tub, as opposed to a bag, last FAR longer than any other type of salad green. I have literally had them keep for 3 weeks in my refrigerator without wilting. I don’t know if it’s because they have better air-flow or what, but I highly suggest getting this type of green for your meal prep.
  • Using a divided container will also help the greens stay good because it will keep them away from the moisture of the tofu salad. If you do not or can not get divided containers, simply pack the tofu salad in a separate container from the rest to keep everything else dry.
  • If you can’t find cashews for a decent price, almonds make a great substitute and are often less expensive.
  • To change it up, try getting a seasoned roasted nut!

Three Curried Tofu Salad Meal Prep containers in a row

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    1. It’s 844 calories for the entire batch of tofu salad, so you’d just divide that into how many servings you want to make it. If you do 5 lunches it will be 168 calories per serving. The rest of the stuff is hard to say because every brand of crackers, nuts, etc is different, so just check those labels and add that on. :)

  1. Made this for my lunches for a 5 day week. Was delicious. I did add a few seasonings to give it a little extra zip.

  2. i made the curry tofu salad which was FANTASTIC and i am thinking of making some boxes like this, but i really don’t like nuts or to put this type of salad on greens. (I’m so picky, i know) so i was just wondering if you or any other followers have suggestions of other things to include along with the crackers?

    1. I’d probably serve it in a pita, like a sandwich, with a granny smith apple on the side. :)

  3. I tried to find this info in your post and maybe I missed it but how many days worth of meals is this prep for? Thanks!

  4. I have been buying the mixed salad greens in the tub too… They definitely look fresh longer, but I find that after a week, they have an odor to them and sometimes I end up throwing them out. Do you notice this too? I am excited to try this recipe this week.

  5. Even better are the times when I’ve made a tofu salad ahead of time, like this curried tofu salad. The flavors meld and deepen with time as it sinks into the blocks of tofu.

  6. This is a very in-the-weeds question, but – I try not to buy food containers that I can’t buy replacement lids for. I love the divided containers but do you know if it’s easy to get replacement lids for them? I’ve quit buying pyrex containers because of the lid issue – plastic is always the first to go! Thanks.

    1. Unfortunately I’m not sure. You may be able to contact the seller through Amazon to ask.