Herb Butter Chicken Meal Prep

by Beth - Budget Bytes
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Oooh, I’ve got a great meal prep this week! Well, any time pasta is in my meal prep I’m a little happier. This week I revisited one of my oldest recipes, Tuscan White Bean Pasta, and created a new quick Herb Butter Chicken to go along with it. This Herb Butter Meal Prep is one of those meals where your coworkers will be Oooh-ing, Ahhh-ing, and asking you what you’re eating. 

I kept things pretty simple with just two recipes this week, but if you want to add more vegetables you can either add more spinach and tomatoes to your pasta, or perhaps steam some green beans to serve on the side. You can always use a special high fiber or whole grain pasta to make things even more healthy. And, if you don’t like chicken thighs, I have brief instructions for using breasts instead in the blog post for that recipe. 👍

For more information about meal prepping, how it works, and why I do it, check out Meal Prep 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Prepping and Portioning Meals, or check out my entire Budget-Friendly Meal Prep Archive.

Herb Butter Chicken Meal Prep

Four round glass meal prep containers with Herb Butter Chicken and Tuscan White Bean Pasta

This Meal Prep Includes:

Herb Butter Chicken Thighs: $5.88

Tuscan White Bean Pasta: $6.45

Total Cost: $12.33

Cost per meal: $2.79

Leftovers: 1 chicken thigh, $1.18

Meal Prep Grocery List

Glass meal prep containers lined up with Herb Butter Chicken and tuscan white bean pasta


    • Each of these recipes require a bit of attention, so I wouldn’t suggest cooking them simultaneously. I cooked the pasta dish first, portioned it out into my containers, and then popped them in the fridge to begin chilling while I cooked the chicken.
    • There is only one lonely piece of chicken leftover this time and that’s only because the pack of chicken thighs I bought had five. You could certainly do this with just four to avoid leftovers.
    • A little squeeze of lemon over top of this just before eating would also be amazing.
    • While my divided meal prep containers are great, the simple single-compartment Pyrex containers are quickly becoming my favorite. These are a 4-cup Pyrex round container.

Single container of Herb Butter Chicken Meal Prep being eaten

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    1. This is just showing how I combined other recipes that are already on the blog. Each recipe is linked every time they are mentioned, just click through to get the recipes. :)

  1. It’s my favorite meal prep staple! The only change I make is extra Italian Seasoning. Microwaves up well, and is easily good enough to serve to friends.

    Would love to have more meal preps as perfect as this one!

  2. I’m a college student living in an apartment for the first time and I’ve been struggling to find easy/affordable recipes to make for myself. I did this meal prep and WOW, it is delicious and so nice to have on hand throughout the week! Not going to lie, I had a little trouble cooking the chicken thighs (my first time making chicken thighs ever!) but they still came out delicious. Beth, you have a new fan!! I will definitely be making more of your recipes in the future.

  3. I finally made this. Family loved it! Everything came out great. I followed each recipe almost to a T, adding a little white Chardonnay to the chicken broth (didn’t hurt!) and mushrooms to the fettuccine. Next time I will make with the Bowtie pasta.

  4. Hello! New to your website, and was suggested over here by reddit. Do all your recipes come under a certain calorie count? I was just wondering how cautious I should be when deciding on these recipes. They all look wonderful. 

    1. No, while I do prefer healthier meals, I have a little bit of something from all spectrums, including comfort food. I don’t have nutritional information, unfortunately.

  5. When doing this as a meal prep, do you delay sprinkling the Parmesan until getting ready to actually eat?

    1. I think it would work either way. :) Honestly, I’d just add it as I was packing them all up and the Parm will melt as you reheat, but if you don’t want the Parm to melt you can add it to each after you reheat.

  6. This has to be one of my faves of your wonderful meal prep features. And what to do with that leftover chicken? Looks like an instant “cook’s treat” to me but since my chicken thigh package had 6, I increased the other ingredients slightly and served those 2 for supper for me and DH with salad, green beans, and new potatoes.

    I’m a little weird about enjoying food at room temp or cold instead of needing things always heated, and this one looks like a terrific pasta salad meal for which I don’t need to line up in front of the microwave. I did pack a large lemon wedge with mine, and tossed in a teaspoon of capers, sort of in the chicken piccata vein–had I not had capers in the fridge, I might have added a few chopped kalamata olives

  7. I made this last night and could not stop eating it. So so so good. Bravo! Awesome space too!