Plan to Eat’s One Pot October Challenge

Written by Beth - Budget Bytes

Hey guys! I have a really exciting event that I’ve been waiting forever to share with you! I’ve partnered with Plan to Eat to bring you the One Pot October Challenge—a one month meal plan full of easy one pot recipes, and an amazing giveaway. The team at Plan to Eat shares my goal of making home cooked meals easier and more convenient, so we can all save money, eat healthier, and spend more quality time with our loved ones. I’m hoping that this challenge will be that missing link that helps you go from just browsing recipes online to becoming a meal planning machine. ;)

October One Pot Challenge


What is Plan to Eat?

If you’ve never heard of Plan to Eat, it’s a website that I often recommend to people who ask me if there is a way to save their favorite Budget Bytes recipes and make grocery lists. I usually just point people straight to Plan to Eat because it allows to you to do that and so much more. Plan to Eat gives you a place to save all your favorite recipes from around the web, and non-digital sources like cookbooks, magazines, and recipe cards. Once you have some of your favorite recipes saved you can create meal plans by dragging and dropping recipes onto a calendar and then automatically create grocery lists by selecting the date ranges that you want to shop for. Plus, you can also connect socially with your friends to share recipes and more. And that’s just a few of the awesome features. See why I’m always suggesting it to people? 😂  Learn more about Plan to Eat here.

One Pot October Challenge

The folks at Plan to Eat and I have created the One Pot October Challenge, which is a full month of Budget Bytes recipes (five one-pot dinner recipes per week) that you can auto-load into your Plan to Eat calendar. Once you have your meal plan loaded, you can edit and adjust it to fit your needs (increase or decrease serving sizes, remove recipes you don’t like, repeat recipes you DO like, etc.). Grab your shopping list and go! In addition to this meal plan, we have a Facebook group dedicated to the challenge, and an amazing giveaway full of awesome high-quality kitchen tools and Budget Bytes and Plan to Eat goodies. Watch this short video to see how it works:

How Do I Join the Challenge?

If you don’t have a Plan to Eat account yet, sign up for a free 30 day trial and get the free One Pot October Challenge meal plan here. Once you sign up for the challenge, make sure to also enter the giveaway for a chance to win the bundle of awesome kitchen goodies (entry form below). You must join the One Pot October Challenge to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you already have a Plan to Eat account, you can still enter the challenge and the giveaway! press the “Join the fun” button on the banner in your account. To put your meal plan together, click on the Plan tab, then press the Friends button, and pull the menu down to “One Pot October” to see the challenge recipes.

What We’re Giving Away…

Everyone who joins gets a 30 day free trial of Plan to Eat’s incredible meal planning services plus a one month meal plan designed by moi, but you can also enter to win this prize pack (one winner):

Enter the giveaway here:

But remember, you must join the One Pot October Challenge to enter the giveaway!

Let’s Do This!

If you want to get organized before the chaos of the holiday season beings, join me for the Plan to Eat One Pot October Challenge! I hope to see you there! :)

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