Pesto Chicken and  Broccoli Salad

What You Need:

- Chopped Cooked Chicken -Broccoli -Red Onion

-Basil Pesto -Mayo -Lemon Juice -Black Pepper


You’ll want chopped cooked chicken for this recipe. The easiest option is to use store-bought rotisserie chicken. Or you can cook one chicken breast or two chicken thighs to use for this recipe.

Cook Chicken


To make the creamy pesto dressing, stir together basil pesto,  mayonnaise, and lemon juice.

Make Dressing


Chop broccoli into small bite-sized pieces. Making sure to chop the broccoli small enough is key to making this salad work. They should be small enough that a few pieces could fit onto a fork.

Chop Broccoli


Chop the chicken into small ¼-½ inch pieces (the cutting board pictured above is quite small, for reference)

Chop Chicken


Finely dice red onion. Place the broccoli, chicken, and onion in a bowl.

Chop and Combine


Pour the creamy pesto dressing over the ingredients in the bowl. Add freshly cracked pepper.

Add Dressing


Stir everything together, give it a taste, and add salt or pepper to taste.

Toss to Combine

Ready to Make it?