Double Chocolate Overnight Oats

What You Need:

-Old Fashioned Rolled Oats -Chia Seeds -Unsweetened Cocoa Powder -Brown Sugar

-Mini Chocolate Chips -Salt -Milk -Vanilla Extract


Add rolled oats to a bowl along with chia seeds (optional), cocoa powder, brown sugar, mini chocolate chips, and alt. Add milk (any type of milk you like) and vanilla extract.

Measure Ingredients


Stir the ingredients together to combine, then let the mixture sit for five minutes. The mixture will thicken slightly in that time making it easier to get an equal ratio of solid and liquid when you divide the mixture into containers.

Stir to Combine


Divide the mixture between four containers (about ¾ cup each). Close the containers and refrigerate overnight.

Divide into Containers


After soaking overnight, the mixture will be much thicker. Stir the oats just before eating to redistribute the cocoa powder throughout. Then enjoy that chocolatey goodness!

Stir and Enjoy!

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