Spiced Apple Cocktail

As previously mentioned, I had a wonderful pumpkin carving party last weekend to start October off the right way. Last October I happened upon an apple flavored liquor called Washington Apple Burst Made by DeKuyper and fashioned this cocktail around it. It was a big hit at the last pumpkin carving party so I bought the supplies again this year. The great thing about this cocktail is that it is great hot or cold (It was made cold for my party since it’s still well into the 80 degree weather here). For a party of 10-15 people this recipe should allow about two cocktails per person.

Spiced Apple Cocktail

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Total Recipe cost: $27.97
Servings Per Recipe: 25
Cost per serving: $1.12 (6 oz. cocktail)
Prep time: 5 min. Cook time: 0 min. Total: 5 min.

1 gal apple cider or unfiltered apple juice $6.99
750 mL bottle Dekuypers Washington Apple Burst $9.99
750 mL bottle Cinnamon Schnapps (DeKuypers Hot Damn 100) $10.99
TOTAL $27.97

Compare at 25 cocktails, $5.99 each: $149.75 (not counting tips!)


STEP 1: Fill a tumbler 2/3 with ice cubes.

STEP 2: Pour 1 oz. of Washington Apple Burst and 1/2 oz. Hot Damn 100 over the ice.

STEP 3: Top off with 4 oz. cider or unfiltered juice. I found no need to stir the concoction.


STEP 1: In a large pitcher, mix 6 cups juice or cider, 1.5 (12 oz.) cups Washington Apple Burst and 6 oz. Hot Damn 100. Stir well and refrigerate.

STEP 2: Pour individual servings over a tumbler full of ice.

spiced apple liquor

NOTE: You can use any cinnamon schnapps in place of the hot damn but I chose to buy Hot Damn 100 which has a higher alcohol content. It was only $1 more for a 750 mL bottle and the effect goes a lot further!

For garnishes, you can put a cinnamon stick in each drink or cut small apple wedges to stick on the rim of the glass. Be creative!

The bottom line is that mixing drinks at home is insanely cheaper than going to a bar and once you start to build up your bar, the possibilities are endless!!