Save Recipes with Ziplist!

Over the past few years many people have asked if I could add a feature that would allow them to save their favorite Budget Bytes recipes so they could easily access them later. With my recent move to WordPress, I can make features like that happen.

BUT, instead of fumbling around trying to build my own feature, I decided to go with a reliable service that has been used by thousands of hungry people around the web – Ziplist.

What is Ziplist?

Ziplist is a fantastic web based service that allows you to save your favorite recipes, build menus, make shopping lists, and find grocery deals in your area (read more here). Pretty cool, right? Plus they have mobile apps for both iPhone and Android, so you can take Ziplist with you to the grocery store. The best part is that once you create your free account with Ziplist, you can use it for not onlyΒ my blog, but a myriad of other blogs and recipe sites around the web (see partner list here). Huzzah!

ZiplistYou can access Ziplist from two places while browsing Budget Bytes. First, you can click on the “Recipe Box” link on the top right of the page:

Recipe Box

If you don’t already have an account with Ziplist, you’ll be prompted to create one at that point. Through the recipe box link, you’ll be able to access all of your saved recipes, menus, shopping lists, and a variety of other features that Ziplist offers.

In each recipe card, right next to the Print button, you’ll see a new “Save” button:

Save Recipe

Again, if you don’t have an account with Ziplist, clicking on this button will prompt you to create one. Once you have an account, this button will automatically save the recipe and ingredients in your Recipe Box. How cool (and fast and easy) is that?!

Anyway, take a minute or two explore Ziplist. I think it will make your life a LOT easier!


P.S. Any current Ziplist users want to share their experience for those thinking about signing up? Go ahead and leave a comment!