Melon Mint Feta Salad -

Melon, Mint & Feta Salad

I have been waiting all summer long to make this salad and never got around to it until now. Melons are selling at a great price and summer is almost over so now is...

Grilled Pesto Chicken -

Grilled Pesto Chicken

This is something I learned from Chef Jamie (Jamie if you’re out there, hey!!). Of course, we used expensive sun dried tomatoes and fresh made pesto but I had to improvise. The dish is...

Lemon Parsley Pasta -

Lemon Parsley Pasta

I found this recipe on Recipe Zaar and it looked like the perfect side dish to the pesto chicken I wanted to make. Actually, it looked like it would be the perfect side dish...

Picnic Potato Salad -

Picnic Potato Salad

This recipe is a hybrid recipe from both Whole Foods Market and Epicurious. I like this version of potato salad because it tastes much lighter due to the use of sour cream in the...



Here are some of my most frequently asked questions… because checking here might be faster than waiting for an email response ;)

Prices and Portions

Prices and Portions

Not everyone will have the same prices orΒ recipe cost as meβ€”that would be impossible. Grocery prices vary quite a bit from region to region, store to store, and even day to day. The point...

What is Budget Bytes?

What is Budget Bytes?

There are two things that I will readily admit to: I am broke and I love to eat. I’m not “cheap” because I do appreciate quality; I just like to be able to have...