honey ginger broiled grapefruit

As soon as I cut this grapefruit open, I realized how much I LOVE grapefruit. It’s been too long, dear grapefruit. Sweet, tart, fragrant grapefruit…

You probably need to be a grapefruit person to like this recipe, and a ginger person for that matter. Grapefruit can be somewhat bitter, which turns some people off and attracts others. I like the tart/bitter flavor so much that I usually don’t put any sugar on them at all, but when paired with spicy ginger, a little extra sweetness didn’t hurt. The result is a warm, juicy, sweet, slightly spicy, and super fragrant breakfast treat.

I have to thank Amelia for sending me this link to Broiled Grapefruit with Ginger from Girl Cooks World. I’ve wanted to try broiled grapefruit for quite some time, but I wanted to do something more than just plain grapefruit. Adding ginger is exactly what I was looking for. I swapped honey for the brown sugar because I love honey and ginger together and I felt it would be a little less sticky sweet. Brown sugar will definitely give you a more classic, brown, caramelized topping than honey, so keep that in mind.

One more note: cooking times for this will vary quite a bit depending on how hot your broiler is, how close you place the rack to the broiler, and the size of your grapefruit. Broiling happens fast, so just check the grapefruit every couple of minutes until it’s cooked to your liking.

Honey Ginger Broiled Grapefruit

Honey Ginger Grapefruit

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honey ginger broiled grapefruit

Honey ginger broiled grapefruit is a simple way to jazz up a simple grapefruit.

Total Cost $2.27 recipe / $0.57 serving
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 4


  • 2 large grapefruit $2.00
  • 4 tsp honey $0.15
  • 1 inch fresh ginger $0.12


  1. Wash the outside of your grapefruit. Slice each grapefruit in half and place on a baking sheet lined with either parchment paper or foil.
  2. Peel a knob of ginger and then, using a small holed cheese grater, grate it onto the open surface of the grapefruit. Drizzle about one teaspoon of honey over the surface of each grapefruit half.
  3. Adjust the rack on your broiler so that the tops of the grapefruit will be 3-4 inches from the heat source. Preheat the broiler, place topped grapefruit in the oven, and broil until golden brown (5-10 minutes). Check the grapefruit every couple of minutes to avoid burning. Broilers are hot and they cook quickly!

Recipe Notes

Adapted from Girl Cooks World: Broiled Grapefruit with Ginger and Brown Sugar

Honey Ginger Broiled Grapefruit

Step By Step Photos

fresh ginger and grapefruit
Grapefruit can be very expensive, so you might want to bookmark this recipe for when they’re in season. They’ll be less expensive and taste better too! You only need a small piece of ginger. A little goes a long way in this recipe. I only used one of those small “arms” on the ginger in the picture.

top grapefruit
Cut the grapefruit open and place on baking sheet lined with either parchment paper or foil. Peel the ginger (using a vegetable peeler or scrape with a spoon) and then grate it right onto the surface of the grapefruit using a small holed cheese grater. Lastly, drizzle about a teaspoon of honey over top of each grapefruit. If you want a sweeter grapefruit, use brown sugar instead.

Broiling is a mystery to a lot of people, but you can think of it like indoor, upside down grilling. It’s basically placing strong heat very close to food to achieve browning. With a grill, the heat is below the food. With a broiler, the heat is above the food. Most electric ovens have a heat element on the roof of the oven that is used for broiling. My gas oven has a drawer under the oven’s main compartment so that food can be placed under (and close) to the flame.

broiled grapefruit
Adjust your oven rack so that the top of the grapefruit will be 3-4 inches from the heat source. Broil for 5-10 minutes or until the tops are golden brown. Brown sugar will definitely create more of a brown, caramelized color than honey. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but my grapefruit was slightly golden brown. Most importantly, it was warm, juicy, and perfectly sweet.

Honey Ginger Broiled Grapefruit
It was so delicious, in fact, that I had a hard time finishing the photos before eating one!

This simple, quick, slightly fancy breakfast is perfect to impress guests. I keep thinking how awesome this would taste with some vanilla yogurt!