Around the Web

Here are a few of my favorite sites from around the web. Some are full of fantastic information, some are beautiful to look at, and some are just fun!


Food Blogs

Non-Blog Food Sites

Other Fun Stuff

  • Stitch Fix – My guilty pleasure. Because shopping—ain’t nobody got time for that! (referral link)
  • Desire to Inspire – I’m obsessed with houses. Maybe someday I’ll have one. Until then, I daydream here.
  • Food Blogger Pro – Everything you need to know about blogging in one place. Why did I not discover this site until my 5th year of blogging? So much stress and agony could have been avoided. (affiliate link)
  • Hyperbole and a Half – Hours and hours and hours of laughter. Best drawings ever.
  • Advanced Style – This makes me happy about growing old. I can only hope to be half as stylish, classy, and confident as these ladies when I “grow up”.
  • And Then We Saved – Learning to live and love life without the extras.
  • Duo Lingo – Free and FUN language programs! Free knowledge is good.