Bye Bye Ziplist…

If you’ve been taking advantage of the “Save” button to save Budget Bytes recipes and build shopping lists with Ziplist, I’m sure received the sad news that Ziplist is discontinuing services as of December 10th. There have been a lot of questions about what to replace Ziplist with and, fortunately, there are many options. Here are just a few…

Pinterest is a great way to save recipes, create visual “pin boards” of all the recipes you love, and share them with your friends. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer the option of building shopping lists or making menu plans.

Epicurious offers many of the same features as Ziplist, such as saving recipes, uploading your own recipes, creating shopping lists, and syncing with their mobile app so you can access your recipes on the go. This is the service suggested by Ziplist as their replacement (they’re owned by the same parent company) and they offer instructions for how to transfer your Ziplist data to an Epicurious account. Easy!

Big Oven is another free service that offers features like saving recipes, making shopping lists, creating menu plans, adjusting serving sizes, and syncing with a mobile app. Check out their full list of features and how it compares to Ziplist here. The plugin I use to make recipe cards on my site has chosen to integrate with Big Oven, so the “Save” button on my recipe cards will connect to Big Oven instead of Ziplist, starting Monday (I’ll give you a couple days to prepare before I switch it).

What Else?

Even if you’re undecided about which service to use, be sure to save your Ziplist data before December 10th. Find the Ziplist provided instructions on how to save your data here.

I will also be removing the “Recipe Box” link (which connected to Ziplist) from the Budget Bytes main menu bar on Monday.

Not a Ziplist User?

Great! You have nothing to worry about! ;D

If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. I’ll do my best to answer, or at least point you towards the appropriate help contact for the service in question.