garden tomato soup

$5.95 recipe / $0.74 serving
Garden Tomato Soup

One of my goals this summer was to make tomato soup from scratch... and by scratch I mean whole tomatoes, not canned. Tomato soup made from fresh tomatoes is a completely different beast from soup made from canned tomatoes, neither being inferior to the other. I love each for their own attributes but had never made one from scratch and ... [Read More]

peach almond crisp

$3.37 recipe / $0.42 serving
Peach Almond Crisp

This time of year it's hard not to take advantage of all of the fresh produce available at such low prices. One item that I get very excited about is peaches. They are in season for such a short amount of time and they might as well be a completely different fruit than out of season peaches because their flavor doesn't even compare. I ... [Read More]

Spicy Sweet Carrot Salad

$3.86 recipe / $0.64 serving
Spicy Sweet Carrot Salad

Whew, with all of this pizza I've been eating, my body is just begging for some veggies. You know your diet is a little out of whack when you'd rather have a salad than a slice of pizza. I saw this Carrot Salad on Kalyn's Kitchen a couple of weeks ago and just knew that I had to make it. Of course, I made a few changes based on what I ... [Read More]

breakfast pizza

$3.24 recipe / $0.81 serving
Breakfast Pizza

I've been experimenting with sauce and dough this past week which means that I eventually had to make some actual pizzas. I decided on two recipes, breakfast pizza being the first. If you've never heard of breakfast pizza, you may be thinking to yourself "ewww, egg on pizza?" but don't knock it 'till you try it, folks. When I worked in ... [Read More]

Pizza Sauce

$1.81 recipe / $0.60 per pizza
Pizza Sauce

I can't very well go on an obsessive pizza spree if I don't make my own sauce, right? Right. Well, not only is pizza sauce super easy to make but it's also less expensive than the store brand (what, you're not surprised?). I like slightly chunky pizza sauce so I used diced tomatoes in mine but if you like a smoother sauce, pick up some ... [Read More]

pizza dough

$0.37 recipe / $0.09 serving
Pizza Dough

After much contemplating, I decided to make pizza as the first Budget Bytes meal in my new home. I know it sounds cheesy, but pizza really is my favorite food. It has endless possibilities and usually includes my favorite things: bread, tomatoes and cheese. I've made a few pizzas for Budget Bytes already but I used pre-made pizza dough ... [Read More]

tuscan pasta dinner

$18.20 / serves 6
Tuscan Pasta Dinner

Alright! I'm back online so I can finally post the complete meal breakdown for last week's Tuscan White Bean Pasta meal, as promised. This meal is comprised of four dishes and can be "mix and matched" to fit your taste or budget. If you're vegetarian or just want to cut the cost, you can nix the grilled chicken (while still having a ... [Read More]

Tuscan White Bean Pasta

$5.67 recipe / $0.95 serving
Tuscan White Bean Pasta

This is definitely my type of recipe. It's quick, uses a lot of fresh ingredients, is filling and flavorful! This pasta packs protein (white beans and parmesan), veggies (tomatoes and spinach) and carbohydrates (pasta), making it a great one-dish meal. You can serve it up as is (vegetarian) or add some sliced grilled chicken for the ... [Read More]

chicken enchilada dinner

$13.33 meal / serves 6+
Chicken Enchilada Dinner

Here is the complete meal that I prepared for myself last week. It's a classic Mexican-style restaurant dinner: enchiladas, beans and rice. Of course the Budget bytes version is about $1.50 per serving as opposed to the $7.99 that you'd pay at the restaurant... I'm just sayin... The Chicken Enchilada recipe makes 10 enchiladas. ... [Read More]

Quick Seasoned Black Beans

$1.74 recipe / $0.29 serving
Black Beans

Okay, this is the last segment in my "I'm too busy to really cook because I'm trying to pack up my life and move... while in the middle of the semester... while fighting a cold" series. But I'm not complaining, I'm making do. Sometimes the riptide of life sweeps your feet out from under you and there is no choice but to go along for the ... [Read More]

chicken enchiladas

$9.67 recipe / $0.97 each
Chicken Enchiladas

Last week I tried to make something quick and easy but I got in way over my head. This week I made sure to choose something simple (and delicious, of course). This recipe uses more canned goods than I would usually use but everyone is allowed to take a short cut now and then, right? I sure think so. Anyway, these enchiladas are warm, ... [Read More]

eggplant parmesan

$7.83 recipe / $0.87 serving
Eggplant Parmesan

So, I'm about to pack up all of my things and move to a new apartment in a new city. I thought I'd just cook up something simple and classic this weekend to cut down on extra work amidst all of the moving chaos. Well, the eggplant parmesan ended up being a little bit more involved than I had bargained for but the end result was so ... [Read More]