Pineapple Pork Kebabs (no grill required)

$6.80 recipe / $0.68 kebab
Pineapple Pork Kebabs -

I love absolutely love that "licked by the flame" flavor that grilled food has. Unfortunately, I don't have a grill, so I'm left trying to recreate that flavor with my oven (that's okay, I don't really want to stand next to an open flame outside in the middle of a sweltering Louisiana summer anyway). That's where a broiler comes in ... [Read More]

Apple Cabbage Slaw

$3.80 recipe / $0.76 serving
Apple Cabbage Slaw -

I'm still on a vegetable binge, wanting to eat every vegetable in sight. More specifically, I want cold, crunchy, crispy vegetables. A light summer slaw sounded like the perfect fix. This awesome slaw plays with sweet-tart flavors like granny smith apple, raisins, and a simple Greek yogurt dressing. It's easy, fresh, and would be a great ... [Read More]

Plum Salad with Lemon Ginger Dressing

$4.79 recipe / $1.60 serving
Plum Salad with Lemon Ginger Dressing -

#FancyFriday Okay, so this salad is a little fancy pants, but after overdosing on pasta and pizza over the past week or so, I needed a salad BAD. Although it sounds a bit fancy, the salad is actually incredibly simple (just check out that short ingredient list!). My favorite thing about this salad is that it's a great way to use up ... [Read More]

One Pot Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

$7.54 recipe / $1.26 serving
One Pot Roasted Red Pepper Pasta -

This one goes out to all of you "one pot pasta" lovers out there... I know there are a lot of you! This One Pot Roasted Red Pepper Pasta combines roasted red peppers, fire roasted tomatoes, a hefty dose of garlic, sweet Vidalia onion, and dried basil for a smoky sweet pasta that practically cooks itself. Using vegetable broth in place ... [Read More]

Thin and Crispy Pizza Crust

$0.59 recipe / $0.30 per pizza
Thin and Crispy Pizza Crust -

I'm an equal opportunity pizza lover. I love fancy hand tossed pizza as much as I love a $3 frozen pizza. I love thick crust, thin crust, and everything in between. And I love trying to make them all at home. My love for thin crust has grown over the past few years and I've been on the hunt for a good thin and crispy pizza crust ... [Read More]

How to Freeze Tomato Paste

Prep Tomato Paste

Happy Friday! I'm sure you're busy getting your big Friday night plans together, so I wanted to leave you with this quick how-to (new recipe tomorrow). If you've followed Budget Bytes for a while, you already know that I always freeze my leftover tomato paste. Why? Because, despite coming in a super small can, I rarely use the whole thing ... [Read More]

Three Pepper Pasta with Crispy Pepperoni

$8.41 recipe / $1.40 serving
Three Pepper Pasta -

Need a new spin on your weeknight pasta? This three pepper pasta is kind of like pizza, but in pasta form. It has crispy pepperoni and a trio of colorful peppers for extra flavor, texture, and visual appeal. You could even make it even more pizza-like by adding some cheese (because we all know cheese makes everything better), but I ... [Read More]

Tomato and Corn Relish

$3.46 recipe / $0.58 serving
Tomato and Corn Relish -

I needed a light and fresh, summery side dish to go with my Slow Cooker Chicken Ropa Vieja this week. It's summer, so light and fresh is always good, but when you're serving a hot, cooked down main dish, you definitely need to off set that with something cold and fresh. This Tomato and Corn Relish is very simple, but in a good way. ... [Read More]

Slow Cooker Chicken Ropa Vieja

$7.89 recipe / $1.32 serving
Chicken Ropa Vieja -

It's hot outside, y'all. Too hot to turn on the oven and make my AC work overtime. So, today I let my slow cooker do all the work. I had Chicken Ropa Vieja for the first time recently and loved how it was both extremely flavorful and very uncomplicated. This delicious dish is basically just chicken stewed down with tomatoes, peppers, ... [Read More]

Spanish Chickpeas and Rice Meal

$9.37 meal / $2.34 serving
Spanish Chickpeas with Rice and Lemon Pepper Zucchini -

Ahh, I loved this meal. It was light but filling, which is exactly what I need in this extreme summer (pre-summer?) heat. The Spanish Chickpeas and Rice were so flavorful that it was the type of dish I could eat for four days in a row and still want more. That's what I aim for. ... [Read More]

Lemon Pepper Zucchini

$1.98 recipe / $0.50 serving
Lemon Pepper Zucchini -

Today's recipe isn't anything amazingly creative, but that's kind of the point. I think sometimes it's easy to over think side dishes. Side dishes should be simple so they don't compete with the carefully crafted main dish, and they certainly shouldn't take more time or effort than the main. So, to go along with this week's Spanish ... [Read More]

Spanish Chickpeas and Rice

$7.39 recipe / $1.84 serving
Spanish Chickpeas and Rice -

I'll openly admit that I've tried to make paella on more than one occasion and failed miserably. It's probably a combination of not having the right paella pan or not using the correct method, but I can never get it to turn out quite right. That being said, I still love the concept of cooking rice with a bunch of other super flavorful ... [Read More]