Pineapple Black Bean Salad

$6.97 recipe / $1.16 serving
Pineapple Black Bean Salad -

It's been sooo dark and dreary here lately. I've been putting off cooking because there just isn't enough light to get pretty pictures, but at some point I've got to eat! So, I threw together this salad after work one day, despite the dark skies. Something happens to me every winter about this time. I get tired of the super cooked down ... [Read More]

Budget Bytes Gift Guide 2014

Sriracha 2 Go

This is kind of like Oprah's "Favorite Things", but the Budget Bytes edition. These are all things that I have and love or things that I wish I had and am sure I would love. Some of these gifts were chosen because they'd be great for people who love to cook on a budget (oh, hai!) and some of these items are just plain cool or fun. They ... [Read More]

Sweet Potato Tortilla Soup

$4.11 recipe / $0.69 serving
Sweet Potato Tortilla Soup -

Earlier this week I got an email from a reader, Katie, telling me about how she used my homemade red enchilada sauce in her favorite tortilla soup recipe and how amazing it was. That whole idea sounded so divine that I had to make some myself! So, if you're a fan of my Easy Red Enchilada Sauce, you'll probably like this soup. It's like a ... [Read More]

Spicy Pork Pad Thai

$6.99 recipe / $1.75 serving
Spicy Pork Pad Thai -

I splurged and got Thai take out recently (I know, I know...) and I am ashamed to admit that I could have eaten for a whole week off of what that one meal cost (a meal for two). While it was insanely delicious, I couldn't stop thinking, "How can I make this... how can I make this... I need to make this..." as I gobbled it up. ... [Read More]

Bye Bye Ziplist…

If you've been taking advantage of the "Save" button to save Budget Bytes recipes and build shopping lists with Ziplist, I'm sure received the sad news that Ziplist is discontinuing services as of December 10th. There have been a lot of questions about what to replace Ziplist with and, fortunately, there are many options. Here are just a ... [Read More]

Chocolate Cayenne Crinkles

$2.95 recipe / $0.15 cookie
Chocolate Cayenne Crinkles -

It's Christmas cookie time! Every year I make at least one type of Christmas cookie. It's a fun tradition and they make an easy, super inexpensive gift (who doesn't like cookies?!). This year I made these awesome Chocolate Cayenne Crinkles that have all the spicy cocoa flavor of my favorite Aztec Cocoa in a light, chewy cookie. I saw ... [Read More]

Roasted Vegetable Baked Ziti

$11.93 recipe / $1.99 serving
Roasted Vegetable Baked Ziti -

A couple days ago I was craving lasagna. Then I was crazing vegetable lasagna. Then I realized I was too lazy to deal with carefully layering lasagna noodles and all the other goodies to actually make lasagna, so I settled for a deconstructed version, or a Roasted Vegetable Baked Ziti. I'm quite pleased with this decision. ... [Read More]

Leftover Stuffin’ Muffins

Leftover Stuffin Muffins -

Soooo, are you sick of turkey and stuffing yet? I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday, but I also hope that none of those tasty leftovers end up in the trash. Don't forget that a lot of those yummy goods can be frozen OR turned into new yummy goods! Like these Leftover Stuffin' Muffins. ... [Read More]

Crunchy Cranberry Sauce

$4.60 recipe / $0.58 serving
Crunchy Cranberry Sauce -

Last week my sister was like, "Hey, are you coming here next week for Thanksgiving or what?" and I was all like, "Next week?! What do you mean, there's at least another month before Thanksgiving..." So, if you're wondering why I haven't posted any Thanksgiving goodies, that's why. I'm off in la-la-land. But, while perusing the web ... [Read More]

Stock Your Kitchen: Pantry Staples

Herbs and Spices

It's been a busy week and I haven't had time to cook (thank goodness for frozen portions of Chicken Noodle Soup and Moroccan Lentil and Vegetable Stew!), so I thought it was a good time to update the Budget Bytes list of Pantry Staples. I made a list five years ago when I first started the blog, but I've learned so much since then that ... [Read More]

Spicy Italian Flat Bread

$3.82 recipe / $0.96 serving
Spicy Italian Flat Bread -

I'm calling this one "flat bread" just so I can pretend that I don't eat pizza every other day. But really, who am I fooling? It's a sauceless pizza. The last issue of Bon Appétit that I got had an incredible looking artichoke pizza on the cover and it's been sitting on my coffee table staring me down night and day ever since. So, I ... [Read More]

Moroccan Lentil and Vegetable Stew

$7.43 recipe / $0.93 serving
Moroccan Lentil and Vegetable Stew -

I get a lot of emails from readers with recipe suggestions and I love them all, but don't get the opportunity to make many of them. Every once in a while, though, an email comes through with a recipe that happens to be exactly what I'm in the mood for eating that week. That's what happened when I got an email from Rachel with a link to ... [Read More]