Parmesan & Pepper Kale Pasta

$5.93 recipe / $1.48 serving
Parmesan & Pepper Kale Pasta -

When in doubt, pasta + Parmesan + vegetable = a really good meal. For this version of that quick dinner classic, I added some mushrooms for extra umami, garlic because you gotta have garlic, and a heap of freshly cracked pepper (because I saw some parmesan & black pepper popcorn at the store it made my mouth water). I've already eaten ... [Read More]

Curry Roasted Carrots

$1.62 recipe / $0.81 serving
Curry Roasted Carrots -

If you've been a follower of this blog for a while, you may already know that I'm obsessed with roasted vegetables. Oven roasting vegetables makes their flavor sweeter and deeper, transforming them into something really quite special. If you (or a loved one) dislikes vegetables because of their slightly bitter flavor, roasting may be the ... [Read More]


$3.45 recipe / $0.58 serving
Mujaddara -

I discovered Mujaddara probably about ten years ago at this little Lebanese lunch spot in Baton Rouge, called Serop's Express. I didn't know what the brown crumbly mixture was, but I ordered on a whim and I was instantly in love. The soft grain-like mixture was earthy, flavorful, and had an intoxicating blend of seasoning. I immediately ... [Read More]

Broccoli Cheddar Casserole

$6.56 recipe / $1.09 serving
Broccoli Cheddar Casserole -

I've been craving Broccoli Cheddar Casserole for quite some time, and I finally got around to making it for lunch today. Yay! This awesome homemade version contains NO "cream of" soups and, thanks to pre-cooked rice, doesn't take much effort to pull together. Wait, what? You don't have any pre-cooked rice on hand? Maybe it's time to ... [Read More]

Homemade Freezer Garlic Bread

$2.76 recipe / $0.17 per slice
Freeze Garlic Bread

The other day when I was roaming around the internet, I stumbled upon this recipe for Garlic Texas Toast, from, that you keep in your freezer just like the premade kind that you'd buy from the grocery store. It was such a "Duh! Why didn't I think of that?!" moment. I've made my own garlic bread in the past and ... [Read More]

No Sugar Added Banana Nut Granola

$5.45 recipe / $0.45 serving
Banana Nut Granola -

I'm a sucker for crunchy homemade granola, but I always wish there was a way to make it without loading in the oil and sugar. Well, when I made a batch of Pumpkin Spice Granola last fall, I accidentally discovered that fruit purée can act as a binder in a similar way to the oil and sugar in traditional granolas. Sooooo, it was time for me ... [Read More]

Fudge Brownie Pots (for two)

$1.04 recipe / $0.52 serving
Chocolate Brownie Pots -

I made some awesome Black Bean Chili the other day and what goes great with chili? Chocolate! In the spirit of not wanting to "accidentally" eat an entire pan of brownies, I decided to make two little single serving brownies instead. Sure, I could have made a Chocolate Mug Cake and killed the craving in about 60 seconds, but I wanted an ... [Read More]

Weeknight Black Bean Chili

$7.19 recipe / $1.20 serving
Black Bean Chili -

I'm so over the cold and dreary weather. How about you? With the arrival of this latest arctic blast, I felt myself craving a warm, rich bowl of chili, but I didn't want to spend all day in the icy cold kitchen making it. So, I made this super fast and simple Weeknight Black Bean Chili and crawled back under the cozy blankets as fast as ... [Read More]

No Knead English Muffin Bread

$0.71 recipe / $0.06 per slice
English Muffin Bread -

I haven't baked any bread in a long time, mostly because I don't eat bread very often lately. I do love to bake, though, so when I came across this recipe for No Knead English Muffin Bread on, I knew I had to make it, even if just for fun. If you're a bread person and eat it often, making your own bread can be a huge ... [Read More]


$9.10 recipe / $1.14 serving
Pastalaya -

Happy Mardi Gras!! It was an icy cold and grey morning here in New Orleans, so instead of going out and enjoying the parades, I decided to take it easy, stay warm, and cook up a big pot of Pastalaya. What is pastalaya? It's like jambalaya, but made with pasta instead of rice! You'll find this easy and filling dish at large gatherings, ... [Read More]

Caramelized Onion and Artichoke Flatbread

$4.95 recipe / $1.65 serving
Caramelized Onion and Artichoke Flat Bread -

Y'all know I'm obsessed with pizza right? Well I've actually really been into flatbreads lately. They're a little less heavy than pizza because they tend to have a thinner crust and they don't have a lot of sauce or cheese. But they are piled high with tons of flavorful toppings. For this flatbread I combined sweet caramelized onions with ... [Read More]

Pasta with Creamy Pumpkin Sauce

$2.20 recipe / $1.10 serving
Pasta with Creamy Pumpkin Sauce

Do you ever get tired of plain old red sauce? ...Yeah, no, I don't either. But if for some reason you did want to try something new, this quick and creamy pumpkin sauce is a great way to switch up your pasta routine. I had a partial can of pumpkin purée left over from another recipe this week, so I borrowed the flavors from this old ... [Read More]