Lemon Pepper Zucchini

$1.98 recipe / $0.50 serving
Lemon Pepper Zucchini - BudgetBytes.com

Today's recipe isn't anything amazingly creative, but that's kind of the point. I think sometimes it's easy to over think side dishes. Side dishes should be simple so they don't compete with the carefully crafted main dish, and they certainly shouldn't take more time or effort than the main. So, to go along with this week's Spanish ... [Read More]

Spanish Chickpeas and Rice

$7.39 recipe / $1.84 serving
Spanish Chickpeas and Rice - BudgetBytes.com

I'll openly admit that I've tried to make paella on more than one occasion and failed miserably. It's probably a combination of not having the right paella pan or not using the correct method, but I can never get it to turn out quite right. That being said, I still love the concept of cooking rice with a bunch of other super flavorful ... [Read More]

5 Favorite Bulk Bin Buys


One of my favorite places to save a dollar on food is the bulk bin section of my grocery store. Not all stores offer bulk goods, but it's a a great feature when they do. I always feel like a kid in a candy store when browsing the bulk goods. So many colors, textures, and flavors; I want to try them all! Why do I love the bulk bins? ... [Read More]

Chili Lime Cantaloupe

$1.35 recipe / $0.34 serving
Chili Lime Cantaloupe - BudgetBytes.com

Shopping for produce can be a bit tricky in the United States. Some items are priced by the pound while others are priced per item, and if you happen to confuse the two, you can wind up paying an arm and a leg. So when I saw cantaloupe at the store with a big "$2" sign, I had to do a double take. $2 per pound would have been a pricy ... [Read More]

Thai Peanut Chicken

$5.17 recipe / $1.29 serving
Thai Peanut Chicken - BudgetBytes.com

While I was scrolling through Pinterest last week I saw a photo of Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce and my mouth started to water. I knew that's what I had to cook next. But when I got to the grocery store I spotted a sale on chicken drumsticks for a shocking $0.59/lb. You bet I snatched those up. Instead of dipping the cooked chicken in ... [Read More]

Apple Cherry Baked Oatmeal

$4.32 recipe / $0.72 serving
Apple Cherry Baked Oatmeal - BudgetBytes.com

It's been a long time since I've made baked oatmeal, but when I came down with a "summer cold" this weekend, the thought of a warm comforting baked oatmeal sounded perfect. If you've never had one of my baked oatmeals before, they're similar to bread pudding, but made with oats instead of a loaf of bread. They're soft, a little sweet, and ... [Read More]

Easy Spinach Ricotta Pasta

$3.16 recipe / $0.79 serving
Easy Spinach Ricotta Pasta - BudgetBytes.com

I looove ricotta cheese. It's flavor is light and fresh flavor, making it great for warm weather dishes. I've tried making my own fresh ricotta in the past, but I haven't yet been able to achieve the texture or flavor that I like. So, when I saw ricotta on sale at the store, I jumped at the chance to make this recipe for Spinach Ricotta ... [Read More]

Sweet n’ Spicy Chicken Bowls

$6.05 recipe / $1.51 serving
Sweet n Spicy Chicken Bowls - BudgetBytes.com

I've wanted to make a BBQ Chicken "bowl" meal for a couple weeks now. I love bowl meals because they are easy to prepare, hold up well in the fridge, and offer a great variety of flavors and textures. But I recently started doing Jacqueline Smith's Go Sugar Free course (affiliate link) and traditional BBQ sauce, which is laden with ... [Read More]

Curried Potato with Poached Egg Meal

$9.33 meal / $2.33 serving
Curried Potato with Poached Egg Meal - BudgetBytes.com

Whew! It's been a crazy busy week and the one day I had available to cook, the recipe I tested was kind of a flop. So, we'll have to wait 'till Monday for fresh recipes, but in the mean time I forgot to post the meal summary for the Curried Potatoes with Poached Egg Meal! Below you'll find the breakdown of what it cost me to make this one ... [Read More]

Homemade Crepes

$1.24 recipe / $0.18 per crepe
Homemade Crepes - BudgetBytes.com

Crepes, crepes, everywhere crepes! That was pretty much the theme of my trip to Europe. Crepes were everywhere in every city. Just about every culture has their own version of flat bread (tortillas, naan, pita) and crepes definitely fit into that category. While they're more like a pancake than a traditional yeast bread, they can ... [Read More]

Minty Pea Salad

$3.94 recipe / $0.99 serving
Minty Pea Salad - BudgetBytes.com

Ooooh we're gettin' fancy over here! This week I splurged on a fresh herb other than my usual parsley or cilantro (the cheap ones) so I could make this fabulous Minty Pea Salad. I paid a hefty $1.99 for a clamshell of mint, but I know it would be well used and very appreciated. While it's common for mint to be used in sweet dishes, it ... [Read More]

Curried Potatoes with Poached Eggs

$5.39 recipe / $1.35 serving
Curried Potatoes with Poached Eggs - BudgetBytes.com

Jet lag from my vacation has been hitting me hard, but I found the time in between naps yesterday to make it to the grocery and cook up a good meal to last me through the end of the week. I've had this idea for Curried Potatoes with Poached Eggs kicking around in the back of my head for a couple months now, so I decided it was the perfect ... [Read More]