About Me

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What can I say?

I’m not a professional chef (although I’ve worked in several commercial kitchens).

I’m not a super-mommy homemaker (mad props to all of you out there, it’s hard enough just taking care of myself).

I’m not a financial expert (I just happen to be obsessed with numbers).

I like to cook because it’s the perfect combination of my two favorite subjects: art and science.

When I’m not cooking and blogging, I work as a microbiologist in a hospital laboratory.  Yes, deadly pathogens by day, delicious food by night.  They’re more similar than you might expect!

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  1. Paul Brugh says:

    I love your website. It is awesome. I wish you would expand the vegan part a little bit, only because it is the most sustainable. I personally am not a vegan. Great work!

  2. Hello, I just discovered your site and hope it has lots of easy recipes that I can follow and maybe share some with my friends. Thank you

  3. chrissy says:

    Hi! My hubby introduced us to your site and we have one of your books too-Budget Bytes!
    We LOVE LOVE your recipes and the site is such an amazing go TO!
    Please help me today with one thing-head is scrambled today with three boys and I would like to start the slow cooker taco chicken bowls, OOPS just realized I’m out of black beans, how to pinto beans hold up in this? Don’t want to run to store as Im already at 1030….
    thanks BETH!!!!!!

  4. John L says:

    Stumbled across the site awhile back. Everything I have fixed at home, every recipe (and that’s quite a few) has been a home run and the budget angle makes it a grand slam.

  5. Tracy says:

    Just found your website today and have been clicking around for about an hour seeing things I would like to try. I have one question for you when you put the prices for the herbs are you going by supermarket prices? I found quite awhile ago that going to a health food store that carries bulk spices and getting them there for a lot cheaper than the grocery store. I have spice bottles that are over 20 years old that I just keep refilling, plus it lets me try new seasonings without having to spend $5 or more for a bottle of something I may not like.

    • I have to use a general (and generous) estimation for the herb and spice prices. Since the bottles don’t have serving sizes and servings per container like other foods, I’d have to weigh out every 1/2 tsp or however much I’m using and try to divide that into the total weight listed on the container. Since dried herbs weigh almost nothing, it would probably be hard to find a kitchen scale that can even detect the weight of a pinch of this or that. :) So, I just use a flat 10 cents per teaspoon for herbs and spices. For the first couple of years I used 5 cents per tsp, but prices have gone up so I went up on my generalization. :)

  6. Finally someone who gets it – I love that you break out the math with the recipes. I drive my husband crazy with my spreadsheet shopping lists; maybe I’m not the only one using excel for my lists/menus after all (hard to stay on budget with real food) Now I have the challenge of picking which recipes to add to my spreadsheet for the week. ~ and you get extra points since you have such a cool name :)

  7. Deni says:

    So far everything I’ve tried from your site has turned out wonderfully. Somehow you managed to create recipes that I can afford and that both my husband and I love. That roasted pork loin is definitely going to become a regular meal in our rotation.
    I love that you include lots of pictures so I know what each step is supposed to look like. That helps so much.

    Thanks for all your amazing recipes!

  8. Robin says:

    Here’s what makes you different (as if you need me to tell you, lol)…
    Your recipes are simple, everyday meals. Everyone can make them.
    Everything seems so adaptable (vegetarian, carnivores, allergies, etc.).
    You don’t seem to get offended when others ‘change’ your recipe (to their preference or what they have on hand)…in fact, just the opposite. You appear to enjoy the changes, learning from others.
    You provide feedback and encouragement. I cannot stress how important this is! This alone makes you stand out from others.
    And of course the step by step pictures. This is so important for us visual learners and novice home cooks.

    If you become ‘famous’ (Food Network???), please don’t lose those unique qualities!

    I’m a fan…good luck to you.

  9. Josh Loebig says:


    I absolutely love your blog. I’ve always been interested in cooking, and your site has helped me build up so much knowledge over my college years.

    For one of my last electives, I’m doing a College Student version of your blog with a few more tweaks (adding wine, local groceries, weekly ingredient features, etc.).

    Any tips? Big fan!

    • Awesome!! I would start with a survey, maybe, of fellow college students. Ask them what barriers or hurdles they experience when trying to plan meals and cook at home. I love that you’re going to include wine! I’ve wanted to do that for quite some time, but never felt knowledgable enough to do so. :) Send me the link when you get it up and running!

      • Josh says:

        I’ll share the site as soon as it’s finished! I love the idea of a survey, that just seems right.

        I’m forced to be a bit knowledgeable since I’ve been waiting tables for six years now, and I would look like some kind of fool if I couldn’t make some decent wine recommendations.

        For a good intro, though, check out Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book! It’s a bit dense but oh so helpful. A few of my customers got it for me.

        Your tutorials are so helpful! Thanks for everything so far!

  10. Amelia says:

    I would like to thank you for the 5 meals (so far!) that my husband and I have tried – they have become new favorites in our tummies and in our wallets! We are both teachers, so we don’t make much, and we have a daughter and eventually another -so I am always looking for inexpensive meals that are family favorites, comfort foods, and easy enough that I can also entertain my toddler! Thank you,


  11. Fatima P. says:

    I would like to express my deep appreciate for what you’ve created. During a time of financial struggle, I scoured the internet and our library for cheap meals, I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t geared towards college students, vegetarian options where non-existent. It made a tough situation worse. Finding such delicious and inexpensive recipes here time and time again, gave me back my confidence in the kitchen. Dinner was no longer a reminder of our struggle but something to look forward to. Thank You.

  12. Robert M. says:

    Your site is a godsend for a struggling student! while i can’t try out all of your recipes (shellfish allergy), the ones that i can eat are great! I specially love the fact you show images of the cooking process. I never learned how to cook, so the step by step instructions really help me keep up.

  13. Megan says:

    Hi Beth,
    I just found you and I have to say, I LOVE your recipies! As a working mother of two, you make it so easy to plan out meals to either cook in advanced or throw together very quickly on a week night. I am obsessed with your pasta/stock recipies. So delicious!! Trying the sausage spinache pasta tonight. Thank so much for sharing!!!

  14. Paulabear says:

    Dearest Beth,

    I just wanted to say that you have saved my life. Literally. I have been living on my own with very little money for groceries. I literally eat rice and beans about 5 days out of the week. I discovered your website about a year and a half ago and since then I come on here every week to see what new thing I can make/ afford. Without you, I would be eating Ramen everyday and probably be suffering from death. You have inspired me to try and cook every week ( I make a huge dish and save it for breakfast lunch and dinner everyday). You’re awesome, Beth. Keep it up!


  15. Gary T - Arcadia CA says:

    Sriracha ! If you are ever near Irwindale, CA you have to tour the factory. No “romance” to the manufacture of the stuff. Discovered it years ago on a lunch truck.

  16. Karen says:

    I just love your site!!! Can’t wait to try making the pizzas. I’ve been wanting to try to make my own for awhile and your pics really make the directions easy to follow. I’ll let you know how it goes!!!

  17. Kathy says:

    Just found your blog, and have been happily pinning away for the last hour! I LOVE your recipes..basic ingredients and nothing too tedious! And your posts are hilarious too :)

  18. Noelia Montford says:

    Delightfully delicious website!!!! Thank YOU for sharing!!!!

  19. Your site has been a favorite and mainstay in my life for some time. So very helpful and much appreciated.

  20. Shaun says:

    Just found your site and got to admit there is a ton of stuff I want to try. It is always great to find a food website where everything isn’t either overly fancy or expensive. Will probably have to change some things though since I’m not in America.

  21. Emmett says:

    Hi your ginger salmon is really good! I think that your recipes are great hope you keep making good recipes!

  22. carole says:

    The English Muffin Bread is awesome! I may have been the one to give it to Alanna, so it has come full circle, and I love it. I usually bake mine in a round casserole dish — unusual shape for bread. Right out of the oven is best.

  23. Lisa says:

    Any way to kill the facebook/twitter/etc. pop ups that blot out the recipe names when you position over the photos?

    • I just got rid of that plugin because it was interfering for a lot of people. So, it shouldn’t be an issue anymore. :) Thanks for the feedback!

  24. Sara says:

    Just stumbled on your blog and I love it! Like the simplicity of your recipes and the print option worked great (I now have a stack of almost 50 of your recipes sitting on my printer). Thanks for the great recipes, will be bookmarking your blog!

  25. Karen says:

    OMG, your recipe for Taco Chicken Bowls blew me away. So fantastic. I am sharing that recipe like crazy, and now I cannot wait to make more of your recipes. Thank you!!!!!!!


  26. Lisa says:

    I love this blog! Not only are the recipes affordable, but most are pretty healthy, too. I am a busy mother of 2 and my kids love the recipes. I need to save as much as possible with my son playing in travel basketball and these inexpensive and easy meals are a life saver. Thank you :)

  27. Rinna says:

    Let me just say that as someone who has to feed a family of 6 on a VERY tight budget, your blog has literally saved my life! Your recipes are AMAZING and so cheap…and they don’t take 8 hours to prepare. I will be using SEVERAL of these bad boys. Thanks SO much for sharing <3

  28. Melissa says:

    HI Beth,

    I’ve been pilfering recipes from your blog ever since I tried the Sesame Chicken recipe for my INCREDIBLY PICKY children… they LOVED it!! You’ve made me a believer since day 1 and I look at your site every day for recipes to make for my family. You are the best and I appreciate you and everything you do – and make!

  29. Soups are where it’s at! Thank you so much for sharing your recipes Beth! If You ever think about doing a wild game section or want to chat pathogens let me know!

  30. David says:

    Thank you for your website. Now I am cooking, eating healthy, saving money, having fun cooking, becoming rather excessive with chicken bullion, cooking, leveraging onions into things that maybe don’t need them (lets not get started on potatoes), and really just enjoying the whole culinary thing. Got some spices, feeling some freedom, and making it happen.

    You rank right underneath wikipedia for me in terms of usefulness. Thank you.

  31. Hi Beth,

    I’m a very busy mother of two teenagers and I can’t tell you how much I love your site. I came upon it a couple of weeks ago when I googled black bean soup. Your simple and real food recipes are really amazing. No obscure and expensive ingredients to find and no complicated directions. Simply a joy to read and cook with!

    Thank you, Beth. You ROCK!

  32. Kathleen says:

    Hi, I have started using the recipes in earnest in the last month and have lost over five pounds, feel better, have saved money, and my life feels simpler. The recipes have low amounts of meat, cheese and cream and I am exercising portion control. For the first time in a long time, I feel empowered about my diet and I enjoy reading all the comments for extra tips. I am also taking your tips, Beth and bought some chicken on sale last week and froze it (after marinading it and grilling it!) We all need to eat to live and I feel like this website is made for eaters, as opposed to foodies. I often browse it just for ideas. The pictures are great and it all feels do-able. Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you so much, Kathleen!! Your experience couldn’t have made me any happier! :)

    • Eric Buchannan says:

      Congrats on a great 2014 are you still doing the hospital thing or have you replaced your income and can do what you want full time?

      • I have replaced my income (yay! finally!), but I still work a few days per month in the lab just to keep my skills up and keep that as a fall back career. :) Plus, bacteria are just fun!

  33. Melissa Cosby says:

    Hi Beth!
    I really appreciate your website because it has recipes that are really, truly homemade! Your chicken and dumplings recipe is the first one I found that didn’t have a “can of cream of chicken soup” on the list of ingredients. I live overseas where standard American canned goods aren’t available, so I really need universal ingredients… Water, celery, carrots… Perfect! Thank you VERY much.

  34. Snezha says:

    Beth, you rock!

    In the last month after using your blog and your cookbook recipes i have saved enough money to pay for my next uni course (i am so happy!=))! and i am losing weight and eating healthy. Since your recipes are so balanced and delicious, i don’t crave crappy food anymore.

    I am so, so greatful for the work you do!! You are a gem! Keep it up!

  35. Beth —

    I’ve been using your blog for a couple of years now. I am *not* on a tight budget, but I frequently plan my weekly meals exclusively from your site, and here’s why: real food, dependable recipes, engaging writing, and sometimes the only thing I need to go buy is produce. (cuz I stock my freezer with meat from Costco — probably makes some people cringe because of the whole sustainability thing. Sorry.)

    I just wanted to express my appreciation for what you do. I’m sure you hear it all the time because you are awesome.

    Also, just read your “how to start a website” post. I’ve been dabbling for a long time, and sometimes I need inspiration to get back in the game. Thanks for that and for your blogging faithfulness!

  36. Jessica says:

    I’ve made a bunch of your recipes already, and they have all been delicious! I have to say I am addicted to this website! I also found it funny that you’re a microbiologist, because I’m also a microbiologist, but at a pharmaceutical company.

  37. jakki says:

    i dont even know how i stumbled across your page but i am ever so grateful! im a single mom and ive decided to stay home with my daughter because daycare is way overpriced where i live. cooking is my passion, its my hobby, ive been in the restaurant scene since i was a kid and i cant picture myself anywhere else. i started cooking meals for my roomate to save him from forking out hundreds a month on fast food not to mention the toll it was taking on his health. it eventually caught on and now i have a little business going! im trying to be creative and healthy all the while cost effective. your site is a god send, not only are you helping me with pricing but its so easy to navigate around the site and the recipes are so delicious and simple! THANK YOU! i hope one day i can do something like this :)

  38. My wife just found your “Slow Cooker Rosemary Garlic Beef Stew” on Facebook and we’re looking forward to try it. As teachers, by the time we get home from school it’s late, we’re tired and don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen in order to have a great meal. Thanks for all your great Crockpot (Slow Cooker) recipes!

  39. Jicky says:

    You are my new favorite chef/recipe source. I so appreciate finding simple recipes for great food that I can afford to make. Not only are the ingredients affordable, but the recipes also do not require hours standing in the kitchen.
    Love, love, love this site,
    Thank you so much!

  40. Sebastian Heiser says:

    Hi Beth!
    I’m very new to cooking and so far your website has been my gospel (the creamy spinach pasta recipe is my favorite). Alas, I am still very callow. I recently made your ‘pasta with eggplant sauce’ recipe and it was very good and I was looking forward to tasting the anchovie flavor. Unfortunately, I put in way too much red pepper flakes, because I like my food pretty spicy, so the flavor got lost (Did I mention that I’m new to cooking?). I want to maintain that level of spice but I still want to taste the anchovie; how would you recommend I alter the recipe? I probably put in anywhere between 1 and 2 tsp of red pepper flakes if you need reference.
    Thanks! You’re Awesome!

    • I think just adding more anchovy should do it! The amount listed in the recipe is low enough to intentionally not taste like anchovy, so I bet if you just double it the anchovy flavor will be nice and strong. :)

  41. Hughley Jazscheens says:

    Saw your article on About.com about “How to Order Eggs.” You missed my favorite — basted. (Sunny side up, but frying butter is gently spooned over the top to cook pink the film over the yolk and the top of the white without overcooking.)

    Also, as a microbiologist, you might consider investigating the recent research on the gut microbiome and FMT. Replenishing the thousands of beneficial microbe varieties we’ve inadvertently wiped out by antibiotics and triclosan could be a cheap, overnight CURE for dozens of incurable auto-immune diseases. Start with c. diff. (97% full cure success rate), Crohn’s, celiac, IBD/IBS, bee-sting allergy, asthma, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, muscular dystrophy, diabetes, morbid obesity, depression, schizophrenia, fibromyalgia, ALS, multiple sclerosis, chronic infections and more. This could turn the entire medical community on its head.

  42. Alex says:

    Get me one of those rooster sauce t-shirts please. I love it!

    PS: The Garlic Pretzel is awesome!

  43. Cheryl says:

    Unlike anything else I’ve tried online, this is the first website where whatever recipe I do follow turns out great, so much so I feel like I can maybe cook after all and for that I thank you. I love you. Marry me?

  44. Susan says:

    I know that your blog gas been linked with Ziplist. Now that Ziplist will no longer exist starting December 9, 2014, will you link with another source? I love the ability to add ingredients from your recipes to a digital shopping list and being able to save recipes. I know I can just write down what I need and come here to see the recipes. I was just curious if there was a plan.

    Keep up the good work. I love reading your posts and really appreciate what you are doing.

    • Yep, I’m waiting to hear from Easy Recipes Plus (the plugin that I use for the recipe cards) to see who they’re going to integrate for the “save recipe” button. Most likely it will be BigOven.com.

      • Susan says:

        ZipList is moving everyone or everything over the Epicurious. I shifted over to that just because there wasn’t much other choice. I’ve also had it all sent to me via email. I just don’t want to lose anything.

        Thanks for the reply.

  45. Bettine says:

    my 15 year old son sent me a link to your black bean quesadillas. I made them last night with mexe chips and they were out of this world good!

    Tonight I made your cold noodle hoisin salad. I added bean sprouts, lime, Chinese tofu, shredded carrot and used angel hair pasta. It was so damn delicious and we have loads of leftovers! I’ve just promoted you on my fb page. Plan to make many more of your delicious recipes. Thank you!

  46. Christine says:

    I just promoted you on my personal Facebook page. But I feel like I should do more. Like buy you flowers & send you chocolates.

    Your recipes inspire me to actually cook real food, rather than call Domino’s. Thank you!

    • Hahaha, aww, thank you Christine!! :)

      • Anna says:

        hahaa… well I think the same thing Beth.. although I just found your website somehow…. I just bought the ingredients for Summer Veg Pasta Salad.. and cant wait to try it.. so many good recipes I am going crazy to try.. LOL… thank you, thank you !
        And the photography is awesome, thank you also for showing steps.. I love to see that.. Loving you and all you do from Texas !

  47. Jamie says:

    I love browsing the recipes and I can’t wait to try them. Plus, there are so many recipes on here that are either naturally gluten free or easily convertible. Since I’m a Celiac I am always look for good recipes!
    Thank you!!

  48. Jenna says:

    My bf and I having been seriously loving on your recipes and blog entries – the SNAP challenge was AWESOME. Kep it up, and if you ever want to have a pot luck in NOLA, let us know – IG @libscorp1023 and @lucky_sal

  49. Alesha says:

    I recently came across your blog through a friend of mine and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I just got a new place and the rents a little steeper than I had before.. This is going to help me out tremendously since I’m living paycheck to paycheck. And it all looks freakin’ delicious. Mad props.

  50. I’m a musician out of Nashville that spends the better part of the year on the road. There’s lots to love about touring, but the best part of getting home is putting road food to shame and making all sorts of home cooked meals. These guides are so good they’re enough to make an honest musician homesick…

  51. Matt says:

    Just found a link to your blog on Reddit. Super excited to try out some of these recipes!

  52. Mike says:

    Great food, hot chef. Give me more please.

  53. Just stumbled across this Website and I am already all about this. Delicious-looking food with cost as a consideration as well. Awesome.

  54. Tim B. says:

    I am completely IN LOVE with this blog, and I can’t wait to try out so many of these recipes! My girlfriend and I live in an area where the cost of living is pretty atrocious, so it feels impossible at times to cook anything half decent on a tight budget. I tried one of the recipes though, it was incredible, and much cheaper than just buying random crap at the store, haha. Thank you so much!

  55. Jeannie Pennison says:

    I stumbled across your blog on Pinterest and noticed you’re a fellow Louisianian when you pictured meat from Rouses. This gets me even more interested in this blog because us locals know that no other state cooks like we do. I absolutely love the way you break down the price and show step by step pictures. So important to those like me who can’t boil an egg….I bookmarked “the perfect egg” link. I shared your blog on Facebook so my college aged daughter can get ideas as well. Can’t wait to look through more of your recipes..yaaay!

  56. James says:

    What a great blog here! Tasty, easy food, tons of good advice, beautiful photos. You sound really busy! Keep doing science, and keep doing this!

  57. I love your page so much. It’s literally changed my life. I have always enjoyed cooking but times can be tough and finding nutritious and delicious meals for a good price can be a chore. Well not anymore. My wife and daughter love what I’ve made so far. I can’t thank you enough for your passion, attention to detail, and willingness to help others. I’m sharing your blog with everyone I know!

  58. Ted Wham says:

    Hi Beth,

    Just found this website (it was included as an article in the curation app Zite). The Slow Cooker Apple Pumpkin Pudding caught my eye and drew me in — I’ll be making it tomorrow to surprise my wife who has been out of town for a week. The rest of the content caught my eye and I have proceeded to clip no fewer than 10 recipes to Paprika, my iOS recipe app. The cost information doesn’t draw me in, it’s the combination of flavors and creativity (OK, the detailed photos help, too!) An example would be the Chicken & Pineapple Quesadillas which adds a new and fresh twist to an old standby.

    Kudos to you for having such a great outlet for your creative instincts. Many of us on the ‘net will be better off because of it!


  59. Evan C. says:

    Beth (which is also my mom’s name!),
    Your website has been revolutionary for me. I’m just starting graduate school, and your quick, inexpensive, and EASY recipes have been exactly what I’ve been looking for in a food blog! You’re descriptions are always to the point and fun (unlike some who like to give long accounts of the day they discovered garbanzo beans). I’m really glad someone recommended me to your blog. I tell all my friends (including my mom who is a soon-to-be fan).

    My boyfriend has Coupon Mom. I have Budget Bytes. And I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

  60. Taylor says:

    Hi Beth!

    I just stumbled upon your blog and made the Italian Wonderpot recipe. It was great! I’ve just moved to Barcelona and am slowly but surely detoxing from the stress of living and working in Los Angeles. Part of that detox includes learning how to cook and as I’m only just starting to make money out here, that means cooking on a budget! I love your spunky attitude and I will definitely be coming back to try more of your recipes. Thank you for spending the time you do on putting this blog together! Bon profit :)

  61. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    I switched to a combination of plant-based diet & anti-inflammatory diet just a week ago due to my chronic IBS. I am a FT art student & a FT store manager so I rarely have time to plan out my meals. I felt overwhelmed because I wasn’t sure I’d have the time or energy to devote to my new lifestyle. After looking at a lot of other sites for recipes, I stumbled upon yours and was SO THANKFUL! I quickly browsed through the vegetarian selections and grabbed 4 recipes that share some of the same ingredients, compiled a shopping list, and was out the door within 30 minutes! I look forward to cooking the meals and exploring your site more! I took the time to write this comment because I am so thankful!

  62. Betsy says:

    I want to thank you for the time and effort you spend on this blog! I just found your site thanks to pintrest, I saw and tried your italian wonderpot recipe today. It is GREAT!

    I’ve taken some time to look over your blog and I’ll be sending it to friends and family. I can’t wait to try more recipes.

    I grew up in a home where everything was homemade. It was always the same things, or something so out in left field I would not eat it (like cows tongue). My husband’s family would always try to pass off bad food (I’m speaking going bad as in rotten) as food. Needless to say my husband is very reluctant to try things. I do like to cook but sometimes it seems it is not “worth the effort.”


    We have a daughter who dances and needs good nutritious meals, that can go with her to class. Heathy eating is so importain for any athlete. She tried the italian wonderpot and thought it was wonderful! i look forward to going throught your blog with her, to pick out her top picks to try.

    Thank you once again!


  63. Stacy V. says:

    Learning so much on here especially the Slow cooker recipes. My Mom never tried to work with this appliance and was a stove top/oven home cook. Very skilled with following recipes.
    I’m the Rebel who owns 4 slow cookers and always trying to make these appliances work for me. The baked beans recipe is calling my name as us the split pea recipes but I have so many places to still explore on Budget Bytes.
    I’m single/divorced, no kids and a Travel Nurse so I’m working all over the Country and then home to make my fav recipes when I’m home and enjoy my home kitchen.
    This year I’ll be home for 3 months working in 3 Counties so I’ll want to cook and freeze lots of recipes you have. I’m really excited to try out old FAVS with a twist, cook it, freeze it and make life uncomplicated and better than ever!
    You have such a talent in writing down the recipe and then adding suggestions. Also I thank every one of your posters for their spin and suggestions because it can enhance a dish or caution you so you don’t make a meal and waste it because it scorched or was too salty or spicy.
    I’m from Miami,Florida originally. We don’t cook hot or real spicy and I can adjust a recipe to my own taste.

  64. Tidi says:

    I just wanted to pop in a little note to let you know that I’ve been using your site regularly for over a year now, and your recipes quite simply ROCK! As does your layout, pictures, printable recipes, ways to share/like, and all the rest–it’s just all so well put together. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

    (I can’t even count how many times we’ve made your wilted kale & lentil salad. That sh*t is the BOMB! Freakin’ Yuummilicious!)

  65. Kirby says:

    Wow. This is the first time I’ve been inspired by a budget cooking blog, rather than depressed. I didn’t even know that soft boiling an egg was an option! Keep up the great work!

  66. Bietka says:

    Hey! I really love your blog<3 I'm in a similar situation as you were, when you were a student and couldn't spend much money on food. Thanks for creating this website:D

  67. Theresa H says:

    Love your posts and the pictures are so helpful! Thank you for sharing….keep it coming !

  68. Derrick says:

    Thank you so much for this blog!!! I’m in my second year of college and I have been looking all over the internet for good recipes to start making, and your website is a jackpot!
    Can’t wait to try all of these delicious looking recipes! :) Mad props to you!

  69. Mandi Gormas says:

    Thank you so much for this blog! Some of your recipes are now my regular go-to meals. The budget aspect is so helpful!

  70. Caitlin says:

    Just want to drop a note of thanks for your blog. I have had a couple of your recipes “pinned” for some time now but (after the shocking results of figuring out how much I spend on food monthy) I have been making a serious effort to cut back. I really appreciate you helping make it easier for me to maintain the meal quality I’ve become used to. Enjoying your culinary creations so far and looking forward to trying out more :-)

  71. Hi Beth!

    I work on the digital marketing and social platforms for Mahatma and Carolina Rice, and I was wondering if we could give you a free sample of Mahatma (or Carolina… depending on where you live) Rice and you could blog about our product? We recently promoted your Thai Peanut Rice Pilaf post and I loved the recipe you created with it… so delicious!

    Anyways, I just wanted to reach out and start the conversation. Thank you for your consideration!

  72. jotaro kujo says:

    Ur the hottest girl ever

  73. Tiffany Miller says:

    I was recently gifted a package of gnocchi and I have no idea what to do with it. Any ideas/advice?

    • Just use it any way that you’d use pasta.:) I love it simple with some red sauce, but you can also sauté it in a skillet to get the edges a little crispy, then add butter, parmesan, and herbs.

    • Lore says:

      My kids love gnocchis!! I normally cook them in water after they are cooked I cover them with a meat sauce on a pirex. At the end I put parmesan and mozarella cheese on top and put it in oven until is gets golden brown.

      • Luna says:

        put them in boiling and salted water and take them out as soon as they reach the surface (they will take 2-3 minutes). then you can dress them however you like, but my absolute favorites are melted butter and sage leaves, or a sauce made with melted butter, blue cheese, parmisan, cream and a pinch of salt.

  74. Judy says:

    Thank you for share your recipes. They looked very yummy! I will try and let U know :)
    Regards !

  75. Justin W. says:

    I have to say, I recently stumbled upon your website, and I’m extremely impressed with all the work you’ve done here and can’t wait to try a few recipes out!

  76. Amber says:

    Just found your site a couple of weeks ago as I’m make a concerted effort to actually cook full meals at home every week. I just tried your spicy hoisin noodle salad, something I never would of tried before, and I loved it. I had to cut back on the Siracha (something I’ve never tried before either), but I loved it!

  77. Kate C. says:

    Thank you so much!! It is so great to be able to eat deliciously on a budget. Thanks for all your hard work, dedication and generosity, your creative recipes are phenomenal! Props to you, I am a Louisiana girl also, but live in Phoenix now. Its so great to have some creole vegetarian options. Thanks again!

  78. Nelson Krogue says:

    I think I’m in love with you!…. also nice blog.

  79. Kaylee says:

    Your blog is brilliant!:) Beautiful photos of the meals, easy to follow recipes, and all on a budget!! I can’t wait to start cooking!

  80. Catarina says:

    I came across your site on instagram and love it!! I love the step by step pictures, easy to follow directions and easy to find ingredients.
    I already tried 5 recipes and they were all amazing.
    I just ordered your book on amazon.
    You have a new fan :)

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    Love your site. Just got your book and lovin’ that too :)

    Thanks for encouraging all of us.

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    I have just recently discovered your site and am THRILLED with what I’ve tried so far. I think I’ve bookmarked about 20 recipes so far, can’t wait to try them all. I made the honey wheat bread and the sauteed corn and tomatoes and both turned out delicious. I LOVE to cook and as a single working mom, I’m always on a budget. You rock :D

  83. Beidi says:

    Beth, your site has changed my life! I moved into an apartment this June and recently started my 1st “real” job. These recipes are not only cheap, delicious, but startlingly simple. Your directions are great and I have yet to make a recipe that didn’t turn out well! I always have a delicious, nutritious dinner and plenty left for lunch too. I think 90% of the meals I’ve made this summer were from this site – I particularly like the Sriracha meatballs and the kale pasta! Thanks so much – you’re the best!

  84. Elyse says:

    I recently discovered your blog and have just been overwhelmed by the sheer number of recipes on here that I’ve looked at and said “I’d actually make that!” Usually blogs contain lots of pretty recipes I like reading about but would never make. I also love the focus on good, interesting and budget friendly. Anyway I decided to comment because I work in a micro lab too. This is where I write something about mind connections blah blah blah.

  85. Amanda Claydon says:


    All your food tastes SO good, and I love being able to say “I made this meal for only so-and-so amount!” Even my 2 year old approves.

    Thank you so much for this has really helped me make dinner in not only a time crunch, but a budget crunch. You rock!

  86. Courtney says:

    Hi Beth! I had NO idea you lived in Nola. It’s my favorite city in the country. It would be cool if you did a post about your favorite spots or Creole cooking etc. Anyway, love the blog and look forward to seeing your future recipes.

    • Haha, I hate to disappoint, but I’m not that into traditional southern or Creole food! (I wasn’t raised here). The food scene here is really changing with new styles and fusion between cultures. It’s great! I just wish I didn’t always have so much food at home so I could go out and experience it more! :)

  87. I’m all about bold and flavorful recipes and after perusing a lot of your posts, I have to tell you it’s refreshing to see the use of many spices and fresh herbs in a lot of your dishes, you’re not scared to bust out that cumin! Well, now that I think about it, why would you be?- handling deadly pathogens and all. What’s a little cumin gonna do?! ;)
    Thanks for sharing your love of food in such a creative, fun and also BUDGET conscious way! That’ll make my hubby happy ;) Great blog!!

  88. kathryn lacey says:

    Interesting and delightful recipes. However, I do not know where you shop, but in a small town up in the Adirondacks of NY with only one grocery store, food is very expensive and not very fresh. A local farmers’ market is available in the summer – very expensive. I need to travel a minimum of 1/2 hour to get to an organic food store. I used to garden, but at 91, I can no longer do that. I do garden herbs and some vegs in pots – so that saves a bit of money and gives me some garden fresh veggies in summer. I cook for a family including a vegan, a gluten free, and a picky eater (92). Enjoy your site.

  89. Just found your sure and love it!!! Am using 2 recipes tonite. We eat paleo but there are so many wonderful recipes on here that it will be easy to use straight out or with very little adaptations Thank you thank you for such a great site. Will definitely get the book !

  90. Rachel M says:

    I absolutely adore your blog and wanted to thank you for making it. I must admit one of my favorite part is the fact that it is not a super mommy blog. I’m a working adult and I need to eat too!

    There are the occasional recipes that take a long time to create but most of them are easy to do after a day of work and healthy to boot!

    I also love your descriptions, they reflect on the quality of food rather than whether a kid ate it. I remember eating dog treats when I was small, I have some doubts on the culinary expertise of a child.

    It gets tedious reading mommy blogs, those ladies are amazing and have so much patience, but I’m not looking for ways to trick someone into eating more vegetables. So, thank you again for what you do here, you are absolutely amazing and a pleasure to read.

  91. Polly says:

    Beth, thanks for sharing your secrets. I love this website. Whenever i am stuck for ideas on what to cook, i just come here and use a recipe. My husband never complains.

    Ive also shared this link with several family and friends.

  92. Robert Spinetti says:

    Thank you so much for this site Beth! I recently transitioned to a vegetarian diet not only to save money but also to eat healthier, and your blog has helped ease the change one hundred fold. Your site has given me so many ideas not only for vegetarian recipes but also for how to cook on a budget and still eat healthy, varied dishes. Mad props to you! Keep doing your thing!

  93. Aarron Krammer says:

    I’m trying anchovies in my tomato sauce tonight. I hope it doesn’t taste fishy. I like fish but don’t like fishy.

    BTW – You should put more photos of yourself on your site. You are very attractive and celebrity chefs have been elevated to rock star status these days. Just an idea ;o

  94. Laura says:

    Thank gawd for this site. My husband stumbled on it a few months ago, and it is now our go-to recipe source. You’ve hit that healthy-tasty-simple -inexpensive niche so, so well. I used to spend hours trying to translate recipes into our timeline and our budget. I think you’ve saved me days of wasted time. That’s some good karma heading your way. Props!!

  95. Jennifer says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have tried 2 recipes so far and have plans for many more over the next few weeks. Yummy! You make this seem so easy and love that we typically have the majority of ingredients in the house. Thank you!

  96. Hi Beth,

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the super recipes! I really like your cooking style (very similar to mine) and the approachable recipes you create. I love that the list of ingredients is always brief and basically all the ingredients are readily available in my super-market. I have been calculating out my recipes just like you do, for years! It’s like a game for me. So fun that you do the same thing.
    I’ve been in a cooking rut lately, but after stumbling upon your site I’ve been inspired to try a bunch of new things.

    Thank you so much!

    – Kit

    P.S. your food photos are great :o)

  97. Jennifer says:

    Your site is amazing! I have gotten my mother-in-law hooked as well. My husband has many favourites that he asks for on a regular basis… the most recent is the Honey Balsamic Chicken Tenders. I was never taught how to cook growing up… but your site has changed me!

    Keep it up! :)

    – Jen

    PS – I think you mean May 2014, not 2015 for the article in the Edmonton Journal.

  98. Delaney says:

    Your. Enchilada. Sauce. Oh Em Gee. That is all. I will never use another recipe or a can of sauce again. I’m addicted to enchiladas that use that sauce…and I might be guilty of eating spoonfuls of the sauce while I’m cooking.

    Thanks for your recipes and for sharing your cooking expertise with the browsing public!

  99. Lindsey says:

    Hello Beth, I truly love your site. I was wondering if your looking for new recipes I would be interested in yogurt, picante sauce, and ketchup. They sound fun ;) I also already make my own mayo and maple syrup they are super easy you should try them ;)

  100. Just found this through your sweet potato enchiladas. Boyf is obsessed with normal enchiladas and I’m fed up of them! Going to be reading your recipes all night. Great fine in my eyes as our general lives seem similar; I’m a neuro researcher by day, money obsesser by night!

  101. Zane K. says:

    Hi Beth!

    I came across your website by total accident and just started browsing through it. Before I knew it, I had spent an hour reading your recipes and looking at the helpful photos.

    I have made a few of your recipes already (and plan to make more) and I am totally blown away by how flavorful yet simple to make your food is. The fact that it’s also budget friendly is like a cherry on top! I like to cook a lot and I spend quite a bit of $$$ on groceries. Your website is a (wallet :)) lifesaver!

    I also really appreciate your use of whole foods, lots of fresh ingredients and experimenting with global flavors. I myself am a big fan of Mexican, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, so a lot of your recipes are exactly what I crave most days.

    Thank you so much for having this blog and congratulations on your new book! The positive reviews speak for themselves.

    Stay great and continue with your passion of cooking!

    Thank you!

  102. Jenn says:


    I found your site purely by accident, but I’m absolutely in love with it already. I live by the same principles, though I’m an accounting specialist by day. I have myself and my boyfriend, and 3 cats (2 of which are special needs) and I struggle with weight loss, as does he. Finding a site that is healthy food while not costing an arm and a leg? PRICELESS.

    We’ve already bookmarked many recipes to try (He loves chorizo so much, I make my own to save money, so we’ve already planned to try all those recipes)

    I find your concept inspiring, that budget cooking can be healthy – full stomach, and full wallet, and I just had to say as much. Thank you so much and looking forward to joyfully letting you know how much I love the recipes I try.

    PS, chai and pumpkin? I’m never looking at another site again!!!!

    Peace in the kitchen!

  103. I just found this website, and it’s the reason I went to bed late last night and starving, haha! These recipes are amazing and great for my food budget! I’m a fan. Thanks for all you do, Beth!

  104. Louise says:

    Beth, I LOVE your recipes! I also live in nola, and was wondering if you’re planning on doing any book signings in the area. I’m planning to gift this book for sure.

  105. Kerry says:


    I found your recipe for the Italian Wonderpot on Pinterest and made it the next day. It was so good, I texted half of my colleagues and posted personal pictures of my meal on Facebook. A colleague of mine quickly began browsing your website and made the Chunky Veggie and Lentil soup for the Super Bowl. It was amazing and I plan on making it for dinner tomorrow. I can’t stop sharing your site with friends and family. My boyfriend is a huge fan of Asian noodles and I recommended your (dirt cheap) Dragon noodles. There is something for everyone! Keep up your work, because I will definitely be following along!!!!

  106. Michelle says:

    Love your site. So glad it came up in my search for a recipe. Loved the banana bread oatmeal. Super easy and filling. Keep up the great work!

  107. I just found you through your feature on The Kitchn. I love your blog and I just pinned a ton of your recipes to various Pinterest boards. You inspire me to keep writing. Keep up the great work!

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  109. I am so glad I found your site! Your recipes are not only frugal, they are quick and easy. I love the step by step directions and photos. What a great site! You rock!

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    I just found your site and I’m really excited about trying these. Generally I’m a fan of Food52 and other similar sites, but the price tag is really a killer. We have two small children and we’re trying to pay down 140K of student loan debt. We also try to eat healthy. Thanks for the inspiration!

  111. Annie says:

    Hi Beth! I’m so glad I found your site! Your chicken recipes are full of flavors and easy to follow. Thanks for making me “look” like a darn good cook! Cheers!

  112. Haley says:

    Beth, your site and your food is unbelievable. My boyfriend and I are saving up big time for a new place (we live in the Bay Area) and you give me hope to save money and still enjoy cooking great food!

  113. Just discovered your fantastic site! I cant wait to start cooking. We are about to go travelling for a year (on a budget), so I am hoping to utilise your website all the time! Thanks, Belinda

  114. Julie says:

    You had me at Artichoke Stuffing. I’d like to try that, the Sesame Chicken, and the Taco Bowls. Your photos are lovely and your recipes are not too scary. So happy I found you. I’ll write again after I’ve tried some.

  115. Jana Tate says:

    After following so many people and finding only a small percentage of their recipes being flavorful, inexpensive, healthy and loved by my family – your website was an answer to prayer. Having 5 somewhat picky guys to feed, I can say we are batting 100% with your recipes. I literally can’t believe it. We are currently following you exclusively. I can’t stop till I try them all.
    I love the variety, excellent pix with instructions, your comments and so much flavor!! Cooking healthy, flavor fully, frugally, and acceptable for kids is a tall order and you have filled it!!!! You’ve made cooking fun again for me!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  116. THIS is what a blog is meant to be! Absolutely love your theme, the clean layout, and the recipes of course. :) Keep them coming!!!

  117. Danny says:

    I think you just saved my life!

  118. Jenny says:

    Hi Beth,

    I am new to your blog and first off like to thank you for this wonderful site and your step by step photo guide. Words can get really confusing for me, I swear I should of been tested for dyslexia or something of the sort when I was young, so having your pictures to help guide me through is godsend.

    I had only know of one other person beside my dad with the love of sriracha, I think you might be the third person now. Although you bought it into a new light of possibilities of what you can do and make with it. You are truly a genius! I think the Rooster brand sriracha needs to make you an official spoke person for there company. :)


  119. Catherine says:

    Looking for a peach salsa and discovered this amazing blog!! Your recipes are so easy to follow and so beautifully illustrated – what a pro! I can’t to further explore, and plan to make the crustless quiche for my folks tomorrow night – we have a great weekend Farmer’s Market on Saturdays – tomorrow may be the last hurrah so I’m loading up on all the fresh veggies, including spinach – my fave!! thanks for your efforts.

  120. What up girl!

  121. Jordan says:

    OMG. I just came across your website! I just graduated from college, but wish I had found this website while I was living the struggling-student-life!! These recipes look so delicious. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into sharing your recipes with others.


  122. Denny says:

    I don’t know how I found you but lucky me!! I so appreciate the beautiful photos and amazing recipes. Thanks for the inspiration! Cook on!


  123. Shelley says:

    Hi Beth, just wanted to let you know that this is the ONLY website I’ve ever been on that makes me look forward to cooking dinner (and lunch, and breakfast…). Thanks for all the fantastic and inexpensive recipes!

  124. I have been visiting your site for quite a while now, but only recently read your bio. I’m a frugal foodie that is a number cruncher for a laboratory! Love your recipes and your generous use of Sriracha! Your veggie/non-veggie flexibility and suggestions are also great!

  125. Tori Miller says:

    I have been using Rooster sauce for 30 plus years in every thing, and avocados are food from the gods. Never forget fresh cilantro. Your site is a new discovery . Nice!

  126. Michele says:

    Hi Beth,

    Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I LOVE your recipes and website. I can always come here for inspiration, especially for dishes that are vegetarian or vegan. I love that you use whole foods whenever possible, not processed ones, and that everything that I’ve tried has been excellent. Way to go! Great job!
    A big fan,

  127. Hi Beth,

    I’m writing on behalf of the Cooking Club. We’re planning to link to your recipe for Zucchini Pizza Boats in an upcoming Editors’ Pick on our website and would like permission to feature your photo.

    We will also pin your recipe on our Editors’ Pick Recipes Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/cookingclub/editors-pick/

    Please let me know as soon as possible if we have permission. We will send you a link to the website when your recipe gets featured.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

    Many thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you!


    Kelli Billstein
    Senior Editor, Cooking Club Magazine

    • Yes, that is fine as long as the reader has to click through to the original post to access the complete recipe. Thank you!

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