Super Quick Tomato Soup

$2.40 recipe / $0.40 serving

Last summer I made some tomato soup from scratch with fresh tomatoes and it was delightful but I’ve been meaning to make a quick version with canned tomatoes ever since. I definitely needed something quick and satisfying today so I whipped up a pot.

The recipe below is skeleton recipe that can be taken in about a million different directions. Here are a few ideas:

  • Low carb: skip the brown sugar and bread crumbs and add 1/4 cup of half and half instead.
  • Smoked Paprika: add a dash of this super versatile spice for a smokey, earthy flavor.
  • Spinach: Stir in a handful of fresh baby spinach for extra flavor, fiber and nutrients.
  • Sour Cream: Stir a spoonful of light sour cream or plain yogurt into your bowl for extra creaminess
  • Fresh Herbs: If you have access to fresh basil, slice it thin and stir it in for a punch of flavor.
  • Vegetarian: Use vegetable base or broth in place of the chicken base.

And I’m sure there are many many more possibilities! Of course, it’s great by itself too. A few goldfish crackers or a grilled cheese and you’ve got a great, simple lunch.

Super Quick Tomato Soup

souper quick tomato soup

super quick tomato soup
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Total Cost: $2.40
Cost Per Serving: $0.40
Serves: 6
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil $0.22
  • ½ med onion $0.16
  • 1 clove garlic $0.07
  • 1 (28 oz) can crushed tomatoes w/ basil $1.48
  • 1 Tbsp chicken base $0.30
  • 3 cups water $0.00
  • ¼ cup plain bread crumbs $0.08
  • ½ Tbps brown sugar $0.02
  • to taste fresh cracked black pepper $0.05
  • a pinch red pepper flakes (optional) $0.02
  1. Dice the onion and mince the garlic. Cook in a medium pot over medium heat with olive oil until the onion is transparent (about two minutes).
  2. Add the can of tomatoes, the chicken base and water. Stir to combine. Season with freshly cracked black pepper, brown sugar and red pepper flakes. If you’d like to add other herbs (fresh basil, bay leaf, oregano), do so at this time.
  3. Stir in the bread crumbs. Allow the soup to simmer over medium heat for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Taste and adjust salt and pepper to your liking.
  4. At this point, you can either serve the soup as is (slightly chunky) or puree with an immersion blender. If you decide to puree in a regular blender, be very very careful. Blending hot liquids can be dangerous. The soup pictured here has not been blended at all and, as you can see, is still fairly smooth.


super quick tomato soup

Step By Step Photos

onions garlicStart by dicing the onion and mincing the garlic. I used minced garlic from a jar (which made the recipe even faster) because I’m trying to use it up. Plus, garlic in a jar tends to have a nice mellow flavor. If you use jarred garlic, use about 1/2 Tbsp.

cooked onionsCook the onions and garlic over medium heat until the onions are softened and transparent. This should take only about two minutes.

tomatoes chicken baseAdd the can of tomatoes, chicken base and water. If you’d rather use chicken stock or broth, use three cups in place of the chicken base and water.

SeasonSeason the soup. Add the brown sugar (this balances the tomato acids), freshly ground black pepper and a pinch of red pepper flakes. You can also add other herbs or spices that you like (basil, smoked paprika, bay leaf…).

tomato soup bread crumbsLastly, stir in the bread crumbs. Bread crumbs give the soup body so that it’s not just runny, watery tomatoes. If you blend or puree the soup at the end, the bread crumbs will pretty much dissolve in. Otherwise you might be able to see the bread crumbs but there won’t be enough to really give any sort of flavor.

Eat plain with a grilled cheese or garnish with whatever looks good! I stirred in some fresh spinach and added a few pieces of shaved parmesan. YUM.

super quick tomato soupsuper

Fast, easy comfort food. You can’t beat that.


  1. sarah says:

    I make this all of the time! I am actually making it right now :) My favorite way to eat it is to put a slice of deli cheese (cheddar or american or pepper jack) on the bottom of the bowl then ladle the hot soup over top. It’s like a grilled cheese IN the bowl :)

  2. Tashia says:

    My store didn’t have any crushed tomatoes with the basil in stock. If I wanted to use dried, how much would I add to the 28 oz can of tomatoes. Love your site and your book :)

  3. Sarah says:

    Made this last night for dinner and BF loved it! Leftovers were even better today :)

  4. Yvonne says:

    Just made this for lunch today and it was lovely
    This recipe is a keeper!
    Putting breadcrumbs in it what a fantastic idea
    Thanks for the recipe

  5. Haven’t had tomato soup in years and years, probably because I never really liked it. This looked so easy and I had all the ingredients and I needed something to serve with tuna salad sandwiches. It’s easy and really good.
    Thanks for all your recipes.

  6. Sasha says:

    I made this the other day and it turned out great! Thanks for the recipe!

  7. Hannah says:

    I made this for lunch today. It was the best homemade tomato soup I’ve ever had. I made it pretty much as per the recipe – I only had plain crushed tomatoes so I tossed in a handful of diced fresh basil. My non-tomato soup loving husband went back for seconds. Thank you!

  8. Quick, easy, and yummy! Thanks!

  9. I’m trying this one out tonight for dinner – but I just wanted to drop you a note and say your printing function is the best I’ve EVER seen!

    I found your blog through pintrest last week, and then spent about 2 hours drooling over all your recipes. I’ve printed several out to try in the next few weeks. Thanks for all your hard work!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I made this on Thursday and it was awesome, quick and easy. I did not think that you can make such good soup from canned tomatoes. I doubled the recipe to make sure I had plenty of leftovers. I had different bowls of it with different toppings, such as sour cream, feta cheese, and blue corn chips. Thanks, for yet another great recipe posting.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’m making this now for the 3rd time! I’m a senior in college and this recipe is a no-brainer! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Just made this tonight and it was AMAZING. We made some small modifications just because – fire-roasted tomatoes instead of basil, coconut oil/butter instead of olive oil for sauteeing, we added smoked paprika like you suggested, and a bit of milk for creaminess. Then my husband served it over brown rice noodles. Thank you SO MUCH for saving us from either ordering delivery or starving!

  13. this looks great. thanks! :)

  14. I never tire of tomato soup recipe. Always incredibly satisfying!! Hope you have a great weekend.


  15. Excellent point, Tintin! Thanks!

  16. Man, makes me wish I liked tomatoes more! Maybe I’ll be brave and try it nonetheless. FWIW, a food mill is another option for those who don’t have an immersion blender–they’re easy to use and nearly silent, since they’re hand-powered. I use mine for hot foods all the time and have yet to come to injury, and I’m someone who manages to injure herself in the kitchen pretty easily. (My roommate doesn’t let me use the grater anymore, because my hands always end up bleeding.) They’re great for soups, sauces, mashed potatoes, all sorts of stuff.

  17. Oh yum!! Love that you added goldfish!

  18. Rachel says:

    Man, I made your fresh tomato soup like three times last summer and it was amazing every time. That’s what I want right now, it’s cold and rainy today.


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