spring rolls & quick peanut sauce

$9.15 recipe / $1.84 serving

Spring rolls are all about texture. The rice paper wrapper is so unique, almost skin like; a little sticky, quite stretchy and just really cool. Inside the stretchy wrapper you’ve got rice vermicelli, lettuce, other crunchy vegetables and usually some type of meat or seafood. So many textures, flavors and colors wrapped up in one little package. They’re so very cool.

You really can put anything in a spring roll: shrimp, tofu, pork, all veggies, whatever you want. I’m not super crazy about shrimp so I used krab (a mix of snow crab and pollock) and then added sliced mango, red bell pepper, cilantro, lettuce and bean threads. I meant to buy rice vermicelli but accidentally got bean threads instead. They look almost identical in the package but rice vermicelli needs to be boiled while bean threads only need to be soaked for about 10 minutes in warm water. The vermicelli is much softer but the bean threads still worked okay.

I also made a super quick, simplified peanut sauce for this recipe. I have made a peanut sauce from scratch in the past, but in this case I just wanted something quick and easy.

This recipe was definitely more difficult and costly than I had anticipated. That being said, it was still a really FUN project and I know a lot of you will be interested so I’m posting it anyway. The recipe also left me with a bunch of left over ingredients which I usually try to avoid (lots of left over wrappers, bean threads and lettuce). Luckily, most of it was dry goods that can sit safely in my pantry while I think about what other interesting fillings could be put in thescool wrappers. We’ll see… (feel free to suggest something in the comments!)

Spring Rolls & Quick Peanut Sauce

Spring Rolls

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spring rolls & quick peanut sauce
Prep time
Total time
Total Cost: $9.15
Cost Per Serving: $1.84
Serves: 5
  • 10 rice paper wrappers $0.66
  • ½ head red leaf lettuce $0.75
  • 2 oz. (1/2 pkg) bean threads $0.75
  • 1 med mango $1.09
  • 1 med red bell pepper $1.52
  • ½ bunch cilantro $0.35
  • 8 oz. pkg krab $2.99
  • ¼ cup smooth, natural peanut butter $0.33
  • ¼ cup hoisin sauce $0.60
  • ½ inch fresh ginger, grated $0.09
  • ¼ tsp sriracha sauce $0.02
  • ¼ cup + 2 Tbsp hot water $0.00
  1. Prepare the sauce by combining the hoisin sauce, peanut butter, sriracha and grated ginger. Add ¼ cup of hot water and whisk the ingredients together. Continue to add hot water until the sauce is the consistency you desire. I used ¼ cup plus two more tablespoons of hot water.
  2. Gather and prepare the filling ingredients. Slice the red bell pepper and mango, soak the bean threads, chop the lettuce and pull the cilantro leaves from the stems.
  3. When your fillings are ready to go, take one rice paper wrapper at a time and soak it in warm water for five seconds or until it is soft and limp like a wet paper towel. Lay the soft wrapper on a clean surface, place the fillings on top near one side and then roll the wrapper around them. Fold the left and right sides in as you roll to close up the ends. Here is an excellent video of how to roll them.
  4. Serve with the dipping sauce on the side!


spring roll

Step By Step Photos

sauce ingredientsBegin by making the sauce. This is a really pared down recipe for peanut sauce with only four ingredients.

sauce ingredients in bowlAdd the hoisin sauce, peanut butter, sriracha sauce and a little bit of grated ginger to a bowl.

add hot waterAdd 1/4 cup of hot water to the bowl and whisk the ingredients together. Add more hot water to achieve your desired consistency. I added 2 Tbsp more then it was perfect.

spring roll fillingsHere are the items that I used to fill my spring rolls: lettuce, cilantro, mango, red bell pepper, krab and bean threads.

prepare filling itemsPrepare the ingredients for filling. I thinly sliced the mango, bell pepper and lettuce. The bean threads were soaked in warm water for 10 minutes to soften.

rice paper wrappersThese are the rice paper wrappers that I used. This pack has about 30 wrappers in it and only cost $1.99 at Whole Foods.

instructionsHere is the back of the package. You can see how simple the instructions are.

dry rice paper wrapperWhen the rice paper is dry, it is brittle and transparent.

soaked rice paperAfter soaking the rice paper for five seconds, it gets soft like a wet paper towel and kind of sticky. Only soak and fill/roll one wrapper at a time.

fillingsLay the rice paper out as flat as possible (this part is a little tricky) and then pile your fillings on top toward one side.

roll upRoll up the spring roll, making sure to fold the sides in so that the ends of the roll are sealed. Again, here is a video showing how it’s done. My spring rolls were far from perfect looking but guess what? They still taste great! So, don’t worry if they’re rolled kinda messy.

spring rollsContinue filling and rolling until you run out of ingredients. I got ten spring rolls before I ran out of mango and krab.

serve spring rollsServe the spring rolls with the peanut sauce on the side. They’re like little salad pouches that are dipped in dressing!


  1. Meghan says:

    I made these with your egg drop soup tonight. Rolled cucumber, carrots, and avocado with the fake crab and dipped in sweet chili sauce. Yum!

  2. Christina S says:

    I make these all the time and they are tricky when you first start. Learning curve – for sure. I fill mine with a combination of: shredded cabbage and carrot, sometimes I stick one steamed green bean in each roll, lots of fresh mint and cilantro, matchstick (seedless) cucumber, bean sprouts and usually shrimp. The dipping sauce you posted here sounds great – I am going to try it out the next time I make these bad boys. I usually find that the prep time is so long (not complaining, it’s worth it) that I and up eating the first few I make straight away! lol

  3. Aaron says:

    How long would these last in the fridge? I plan on making a bunch on Sunday and taking them to work throughout the week. Thanks for the recipe!

    • These don’t have a very long shelf life. 2-3 days probably.

    • Amanda says:

      If you roll them all up at once, I would suggest using some parchment/wax paper to separate them before putting them in the fridge. They tend to stick together and become very hard to pull apart if they are stored touching each other.

  4. Sarah says:

    Has anyone tried to freeze these?

  5. Thanh says:

    Aren’t the bean thread noodles too hard and chewy? I think it should be soaked and then cooked a bit before eating.

  6. Amanda Wrege says:

    This was the most difficult thing I have made from your blog…. after wrapping my 10th I think i finally had the hang of it! I had some matchstick carrots in the fridge (from your kung pao chicken recipe – so much easier than cutting them up myself) so I added those too. Sadly, my family didn’t care for them, but I did. I love that they are as versatile as a little burrito. Anything can go in them!! Loved the use of the imitation crab meat. I decided to do this recipe because of the spring rolls I had at the Cheesecake Factory :)

  7. I saw a recipe on pinterest where they used BLT ingredients in a spring roll wrapper! Looked delish. =)

  8. Kate says:

    I wanted a no fuss peanut sauce stir fry, so I used the sauce from this and threw some things in a wok. Deliciousness!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Spring rolls are as versatile as burritos…you can put just about anything you want in them. If you have leftover grilled chicken or pork from another meal, that’d be great to put in the spring rolls and keep your costs down. My family always puts all the ingredients in the middle of the table, and we all assemble our own. It’s a LOT of fun to do it that way.

    You can always toss leftover ingredients into a bowl of the vermicelli noodles with either the peanut sauce or nuoc mam (fish sauce). And lots of sriracha! Also, for the peanut sauce, I recommend lime juice or vinegar, and a little bit of sugar to taste. But that’s my personal preference. I like it to have a bit of a kick…plus that’s how my mom always made it. By the way — I love your website! Anyone who takes a picture with Sriracha is okay in my book!!

  10. Aja B. says:

    I tried this with me kiddo and it was great! We always order these when we go to our fave resturant. only tip i have is invest in a bamboo mat it helps the rolling process go smoother. I had one from my sushi making adventure…lol..love this site

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi Beth! I’m so glad you posted this recipe your readers because these spring rolls are some of my most favourite foods ever! I like to add stir-fried veggies and meats in mine like lemongrass beef and shiitakes stir fried in oyster sauce and garlic. :-)

  12. Anonymous says:

    When I make these I like to put basil, shredded carrots, cucumbers, avocado, scallions, and sometimes either i cook tofu in sesame oil and honey, or maybe chicken. This is one of my absolute favorite things to make!

  13. Jessa says:

    @Diana: It’s good to know you can make them just as good with other things, and still love the taste of them! There are a few ingredients in this recipe my son can’t have; he’s got a LOT of food allergies, though I think with some adjustments (your beef, mushrooms, onions and asparagus suggestion sounds fabulous!) he should be able to eat them, too. My kids are very different from me, and are very picky eaters (I was always crazy to try new foods as a kid, and loved my veggies), but I’m anxious to get them to try new and intersting things.

    @Beth: Regarding the peanut sauce – the above-mentioned allergy-prone child is allergic to peanuts, too, but can have cashews, and loves them. Do you think this same sauce would work just as well, and be just as tasty, if I used cashews, instead?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I just made a batch of them tonight. My son was very impress that the dinner was entirely homemade (including the delicious sauce). He ate two with a big spoon of sauce and finished with a high five to the chef!

    I put tiny slice of cucumbers, big cooked shrimps sliced in two, and avocado instead of the mango.

    You can add what you want and have in your kitchen.


  15. these look so great! I might be having a sushi night soon and these would make a great appetizer!

  16. I love spring roll and I made these with rice paper roll, with different fillings of course. But you know, the rice paper becomes chewy .. what am i doing wrong ? May be i will follow this recipe to the T.

  17. I love spring rolls! These look sooo delicious! I can’t wait to try them out!

    Mary xx
    Delightful Bitefuls

  18. Anonymous says:

    I like making some with dessert in mind.. Usually some mango, strawberries and maybe some sort of melon, or whatever is on sale. Then with some mint and sometimes rosemary with the melon, wrap up the goodness!! :0)

  19. Wow, your rolls look unbelievably good! I was actually thinking about making a Thai peanut sauce with raw peanuts recently. Just curious, is there a reason you chose smooth peanut butter over chunky peanut butter besides personal preference?

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’ve made spring rolls similar to these, easy and delicious. A word of warning though – they don’t keep very well. After a couple of hours, any moisture in the ingredients will soak into the wrapper and make it soggy and gummy, and eventually it’ll start to break down the wrapper. Even in a fridge I wouldn’t keep them for more than a day. Eat them quickly (like that will be a problem)!

  21. Alana – thanks for the tip!! I can’t wait to try that… I want to make them pretty and prefect looking and I’m sure that will help.

    Lois – I can’t believe you just happen to have the ingredients on hand! hahahha, you must have a very well stocked kitchen :D

  22. YUM! I’ve got all the ingredients… Just need to make them. Thanks for the recipe!

  23. I love them with basil, mint, pork or chicken, carrot, cucumber…they are very versatile. Something that has helped me in my attempts at making spring rolls is to not soak them so long. Soak them until they *just* start to change texture, then lay them down and roll them. They’ll continue to absorb residual moisture as you assemble the filling, and by the time you go to roll, they should be pliable and soft, but not unmanageably so. Give that a shot next time :-)

  24. I am so excited about these! I love to get fresh spring rolls from my favorite Thai place and I can’t wait to make them myself.

  25. My family always fills our ‘goi cuon’ (spring rolls) with mushrooms, asparagus, grilled pork or beef, scallops, onions, cucumber, shrimp, tuna, oysters…you can put almost anything in spring rolls as long as the flavors fuse well together (does that make sense?). We always have vermicelli, cucumber, and lettuce as a “base” though. My fav combo would have to be grilled beef with asparagus, mushrooms, and onions. Delish! And when putting meats in spring rolls, it’s best to cook as you eat. We have one of those table top grill things that we use when making spring rolls. Just put some butter on it and throw on the meat and veggies as you eat. Marinating the meats is important, but I have no idea how my mom does it so I can’t tell you. =(

  26. Does this mean you’re making some pho to go with them next?? You wouldn’t just leave me all stranded w/just Vietnamese spring rolls and nothing to eat them with would you? :)

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