BBQ Pork Sandwiches

$7.61 recipe / $1.52 each

Alright, well, this is the last of the slow cooked pork recipes. After eating open faced sandwiches, burritos and quesadillas all week, I kinda feel like I’ve eaten the whole pig. Anyway, this recipes is perhaps the easiest of them all but still the one that I was most excited to eat. After mixing half of my pulled pork with taco seasoning for the burritos, I mixed the other half with BBQ sauce for these scrumptious sandwiches. Finding a good BBQ sauce is definitely the key here and I have to give a shout out to Cattleman’s (I never do endorsements like this…) because they have some crazy good sauce and it was only $1.56 for an 18oz. bottle! Usually the cheap stuff just takes like sugar sauce but this was deep and tangy… a total surprise!

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
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Total Recipe cost: $7.61
Servings Per Recipe: 5
Cost per serving: $1.52
Prep time: 5 min. Cook time: 0 min. Total: 5 min.

5 sturdy buns $2.08
15 oz. or 1 lb. pulled pork $3.73
10 oz. BBQ sauce $1.17
1/2 of 16oz. jar dill pickle slices $0.63
TOTAL $7.61

STEP 1: Mix together the BBQ sauce and pulled pork. Depending on how saucy you like it, you will need between 1/2 a 18 oz. bottle (I used 1/2 bottle) and full bottle. I calculated for about 3/4 of a bottle or 1/4 cup per sandwich.

STEP 2: If your meat is not heated, simply microwave the portion that you are using at the moment. Stack your delicious meat on the bun with a few pickle slices and go to town!

NOTE: This is a great item to keep in the freezer. Since I had already been eating pork all week, I froze this entire recipe. I always freeze my bread products anyway (because they thaw really fast and last at least a month instead of only a week) so I tossed all of the buns into a big freezer bag. Then, I divided the BBQ pork into individual serving sized sandwich bags and put all of those in a freezer bag and labeled it. Then yesterday, when I wanted to bring a BBQ pork sandwich for lunch, I grabbed a bun, a bag of BBQ beef, threw a couple pickle slices in another sandwich bag and brought them to work. When it was time for lunch the bun had thawed and I was able to slice it in half. I popped the BBQ pork in the microwave (I brought a microwave safe dish) and in about 1 minute it was ready to go! Now I can have a BBQ pulled pork sandwich anytime I want!

Also, I calculated this recipe for 5 sandwiches even though my pack of buns came with 6 (for $2.50). I did this because I thought 3 oz. of meat was perfect for this size sandwich and I wanted to use about 1 lb. of meat (5 sandwiches at 3oz. each is 1 oz. shy of a pound). If you are truly using half of the pulled pork, then you might have a little more than a pound and will probably be able to make 6 sandwiches. If you do only make 5, just keep that extra bun frozen and use it for a sandwich later. Bread products freeze really really well.


  1. Una pregunta, por favor– are those dill pickle slices or the sweet bread and butter pickles you’ve got on there?

    (love this site, it’s GLORIOUS)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Place on buns toasted under your broiler, but watch them so they don’t burn. Love bbq in the cold of winter. Add a potato salad as a side and lemonade and it feels like summer!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a great recipe. Now I can finally quench my appetite for a delicious barbecue sandwich!

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